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December 13, 2017 00:00

Furniture facades with their hands

furniture, made independently, able to cause the admiration of the present.Now people understand that the production of the necessary things in everyday life in the home - is not just substantial savings of material resources and satisfying creative process, but also to obtain as a result of the unique characteristics of external and furniture design decision.


  • Materials for furniture fronts
  • What tools may be required
  • Features in sizing
  • Sawing elements and
  • assembly process of finalizing and finishing of facade elements
  • Features production of fronts from solid wood
  • Furniture facades with their own hands.Video


independently in the presence of certain skills and tools, you can make anything you want, even high-quality furniture fronts.To this element include all that is characterized as the front part of the furniture:

  • ends belonging to the drawers;
  • located in front of the panel;
  • door and so on.

According to today's professionals to make their own furniture fronts is

relatively difficult, the result might be achieved most positive.

Important!For a stylish and attractive appearance of the apartment or a country house, to raise its prestige, material to be used in the manufacture of furniture fronts, it is recommended to choose another before work.You must first carefully examine its shortcomings and advantages.

Materials for furniture fronts


It's no secret that any furniture without the high-quality, attractive and elaborate facade lose its basic aesthetics and functionality.For this reason, the production of these structural elements is given close attention.Wizards constantly coming up with more and more new materials, and later apply them to a wide production of furniture products.

Currently facades of furniture can be made from materials such as:

  • expensive woods;
  • MDF;
  • plastic;
  • quality toned flowed;
  • aluminum.

Each of these materials has its own advantages and negative qualities.Wood is very quickly and easily able to lose its aesthetic appearance from direct rays of the sun, but has a high service life.The standard glass is characterized by resistance to the conditions of the world, but at the same time very fragile.Many materials require mandatory training and processing, to ensure that it is very difficult under normal household conditions.For this reason, in the manufacture of high quality furniture facades is recommended to use wood.The material lends itself perfectly to various methods of decoration.

What tools may be required


for independent production of high-quality modern furniture fronts necessarily need to prepare the following equipment and tools:

  1. board, the thickness of which is equal to 18 mm, which is required to make the frame
  2. Plywood, which is equal to 6 mm, it is required to make an important element - a panel.In some cases, this material may be replaced by ordinary glass.
  3. Standard line.
  4. Roulette.
  5. Special pencil.
  6. Operated jigsaw electricity.
  7. Joiner's glue.
  8. quality saw blades.
  9. Brush for quality work with glue.
  10. cloth moistened with water.

Features in sizing


Before starting work related to the self-production of facades, it is recommended to perform the necessary calculations and measurements of the main openings of cabinets, and already based on them, count the size of the facade elements.For this purpose, the definition of the algorithm of actions:

  1. If facades are designed for conventional cabinet doors, their height is necessarily observed in the parameter by about 3 mm less than that of the opening.
  2. Indicators width of pillars and beams all planned can be anything, most importantly, that they are equal.
  3. width front of the door is carried out at a rate of less than 3 mm aperture.If the master planned two doors, this option will be calculated as follows: the total width divided by 2, and then from the resulting number is subtracted just 1.5 mm.
  4. During construction beams located on the front, the length is calculated as the difference between the width of the door and the double rack height.Then there was added a 20 mm.
  5. overall width of panels is required to do more than the width of the bar is 20 mm.
  6. As for the height of the element as a panel, it is determined as follows: the width of the future beams multiplied by two, then the result is subtracted from the height of the door and added to 20 mm.

Sawing elements and assembly process


After all the preliminary calculations, you need to start already in the process of cutting out the required elements, which are designed for the facade.Initially, it should be noted on the basis of the board or plastic of all future options located on these beams and pillars.Then, by means of an electric jigsaw are cut by two elements of columns.

To effectively secure the panels in these cells by pre-prepared discs cut special slots sized.The disc you want to configure so that the depth was 10 mm and the width is equal to 6 mm.

Important!Professionals recommend at the beginning of the disk used to carefully check on any unwanted items, then you can use the equipment already on the main blank.

Following the measurements need to cut special spikes on the bar.This will allow them to bond to the substrate in a single structure.These spikes are made through the use of conventional grooved disc.All items after sawing are subjected to a thorough polishing.

Only then can come to the assembly of furniture facade.The process should be implemented as follows:

  1. racks are placed on pre-prepared and inserted into a panel made propyl.
  2. top and bottom rungs are attached special, but care must be taken so that the spikes on the rungs of precisely placed in drilled holes.
  3. Cooked elements must necessarily be collected promptly.If one of the parts is not suitable for the groove is required through the use of special emery cloth to bring it to the required parameters.

Completion and finishing facade elements

order to give all the details of the aesthetic appearance, it is necessary to carry out its varnishing and painting.Such a revision should be carried out until all items become very tight.After that you want to miss the mark quality glue present thorns and cuts and fully assembled facade structure.If in the process of assembly seats in favor glue, it should immediately be removed.It is here useful to a little damp cloth.

4 varnished

collected design for some time should remain at rest until the glue is completely dry.Once the process is finished, all the places where the parts are connected, it should be a very high quality sand.Ready to paint the facade can be, if necessary, to paste special polymer film or produce it lacquering.

Features production of fronts from solid wood

very popular at the moment are the facades of furniture design, made of high-quality set.The popularity of this material is based on the long time of operation, as well as high-performance environmentally friendly.Structural elements of the furniture have an attractive and timeless appearance.


Important!It should be borne in mind that an array of high-quality wood is quite expensive basis, therefore requires the most careful to be treated in the process.

Despite the relatively high requirements, the process of self-fulfillment facades of high-quality solid wood is relatively easy.All you do is make a basic calculation for the above scheme, check all the options you want, and then cut it out of the desired size and cuts the elements themselves.Immediately thereafter carefully processed structural member antiseptic compositions and particularly varnish, which significantly increases the strength values ​​and wear resistance.

Furniture made of natural high-quality materials, perfect fit in the interior, executed in classic design style.Pieces of furniture from quality solid will look better in a fairly large rooms.

If desired, and the presence of certain skills and tools furniture fronts is quite possible to do it yourself.This process will not take a lot of time and physical strength, and as a result can be obtained in all respects unique and functional piece of furniture that will fit the needs and desires.Such elements furniture facades will be useful in a country house.You can make a reality of all ideas, and you can not be afraid to spoil the material.It is also an ideal opportunity to bring the design to be consistent with the overall design solution space.

Furniture facades with their own hands.Video