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December 13, 2017 00:00

Wall lights - selection and installation

Lighting plays a very important role in the decoration of the premises.If they are chosen incorrectly, this can damage the integrity of the style in which the room is decorated.On the intricacies of matching wall lights and the nuances of their mounting explain further.


  • Features wall lights
  • Types of cartridges and tubes
  • Luminous flux
  • Material Diffuser
  • Styles wall lights
  • Installing wall lights
  • How to choose a lamp: Video

Features wall lights

of all the models of the most common wall lights and ceiling lamps are considered.In addition, you can also set Conductive systems and devices that plug into the wall surface.

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Plafonds are a type of light fixtures that attach to the back of the wall, without the possibility to regulate the luminous flux.Their main advantage is the compactness.Indeed, these lights can be hung up, even in the closest corner of the room without difficulty.Installed ceiling allow to get into the room diffused even light.Thanks to

their compactness they can be placed on the wall of a narrow corridor, in the lobby or in the bathroom.

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As for bras, it is considered a decorative wall lamp.Photos of this type of lighting can be seen below.Sconces are generally selected for living rooms, but do not be limited to this.

Generally, ceiling and wall lamps are fundamentally different lighting fixtures.Thus, in the lamp adjacent to the first wall and the second - are located at some distance from the surface.All models bra, usually mounted on a bracket-based.Some instruments provide for the adjustment of the head that allows you to direct the light flux in virtually any location.This is useful, for example, to read the text.For children Wall lamp demand will already be a little different.

can built pendant lights to mount on the wall.It is possible to realize during the construction of false walls, while bulk plating surface panels or during the installation of drywall partitions.luminaire head can be of two types: fixed and mobile.This is one of many, how they differ from lampshades.

There are so-called conductive system.With them, you can create a design that will look like a ceiling-wall lamp, having a smooth transition from the ceiling on the wall.

Types of cartridges and tubes


Most lamps and lampshades are available under the usual screw base.The most commonly used, E27 and E14, which employ as incandescent and halogen, fluorescent and some LEDs.Thus, the cartridges wall lights, which are available today, can be called a multifunction.In these cartridges may screw in any of the above bulbs with plinths.

type lamps largely affects the perception of light from the device.Today is quite common fixtures that are running specialized cartridges.For example, cartridges can be mounted pin type G, intended for halogen lamps.Only the white glow of lamps suitable not for all interiors.So when you buy should examine their markings.

are commercially available model bras, fitted with a mechanism to adjust the brightness of the light flux (integrated resistor).However, paired with only incandescent bulbs are mechanism.

required low voltage halogen lamps often have step-down transformer is integrated into the housing of the luminaire.Nevertheless, there are devices that do not have them.Then you will need to purchase it separately.Generally, wall lights buy today is not a problem.

When choosing an adjustable wall lamp must be remembered that only fluorescent lamps are operated with a rheostat to its maximum value.Which is why there is no sense in them to adjust the brightness.

Luminous flux

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The wall luminaires for uniform illumination of the lenses are installed completely closed.To direct the flow of light in one direction or another, you need only open the lens with the right hand.

often encountered in selling lamps without diffuser.For example, the classic model of the crystal in which light sources are incandescent lamps in the form of candles.Such lamps are usually installed base E14.For these light devices, it is desirable to choose low-power light bulbs, the bulb which has a matte finish.It will allow the flow of light does not dazzle the eye.

No matter what lamps are installed in the wall lights, they can perform many different functions.Assignment depends largely on how the light flux spreads.But when it is placed should know what he will be closer to the wall, the more noticeable it will be possible to texture defects.Therefore, instead of models with light direction is best to choose another type of wall lamp.The price of any of them is acceptable.

Material Diffuser


Today, light diffusers made from almost any material.The main thing is that it has the ability to transmit light.For example, it may be made of:

  • glass,
  • plastic,
  • tissue.

With the change of color of the lampshade, will change hue lighting in the room.Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention.Any of the material has its advantages and disadvantages.Glass strongly attracts dust, the fabric can be heated too, but for plastic easiest to care for.The choice of material, given its qualities, is particularly important in the selection of fixtures for the bathroom wall.

Styles wall lights


Wall lamp made of different materials and different manufacturers, depending on whether they belong to any style.Accepted provide four of them:

  • classic,
  • Art,
  • country,
  • ethno.

Classical models, which are made of crystal and Swarovsky crystals are usually produced by manufacturers from Spain and France.

lamps Wall lamps Art Nouveau mostly manufactured by European manufacturers.However, in the production of each such plant has a national specialty.For example, the German, Swiss and Austrian manufacturers often produce LED wall lights, embodying them in all the latest technology.Dutch and Italian masters are often invited to work together famous designers, which undoubtedly affects the appearance of their products.They often produce models in ethnic style.Manufacturers of America and England, specializing mainly in the production of lamps in a country style.

Installing wall lights

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  1. Installing wall light is very similar to the installation of the chandelier.This is especially true for wall and ceiling fixtures.Bases such devices are generally mounted on the insert, but in this case will be recessed into the wall.Today, there are models with a special plug.It is usually located at the base and allows you to connect it to a power outlet.With this design there is no need to fiddle with cables, which is particularly useful in the repair.After all, the device is quite simple to put on and removed.
  2. If the luminaire is installed on the frame walls, the cable can be carried out both above and below the wooden shelves.
  3. small-caps on the wall of a wire, it is desirable to lay on the surface, until you can remove the groove.That it did not stand out, you can paint it the same color, some colored wall.
  4. Before installing new fixtures should think about that before wiring was easy access.If you want to hang the device in the room, which is located above the first floor, it will be easier to connect devices to the top of the line lighting.Connections are made to the bottom of the bottom or top line.
  5. When a place to mount you decide, you should check whether the wall has any old cable.Otherwise, you can damage it when installing a new one.Check its availability is possible using a special detector flush.
  6. In some cases, it is necessary not just hang a new lamp, and add it to the old.Moreover, the network should be shared.In this case it is necessary to pave the cuttings from the new to the old appliance.Then it must be connected to the zero terminal of the switch.It is usually located in the ceiling junction box.Because it has already carried out a network for a new lamp.
  7. Before connecting the new wall lamp to an existing lighting wiring, you should check whether the stand then load it.So, the line should eat a maximum of 12 lighting devices, however, it is recommended to reduce the number to eight.If there is a likelihood of congestion, it is recommended to provide the power of devices installed on the main circuit through the wiring to the fuse.
  8. junction box allows you to connect more than two lighting devices to a single cable.The cores of the wires to be connected to three terminals inside the box.Then connect the drop cables.At the same time it is imperative to isolate the exposed parts.
  9. If the chandelier is replaced by a wall lamp, you can use the existing wiring.To do this:
  • disconnect and remove the ceiling rose;
  • drawn into the groove on the ceiling of a network cable and switch wire;
  • following the scheme of the ceiling outlet, connect them to a new distribution box equipped with four terminals;
  • now need to connect a cable is needed to supply the new lighting fixture.


for wall lights the most suitable installation height is considered to be 1.5 meters above the floor level.If the device is required to read, it is better to attach a little lower to the flow of light is not blinding.

In some cases, connect the lamp on the wall to the power line to make it easier than lighting line.This applies to the case where the outlet is located on the same wall.To do this:

  1. De-energize the room.
  2. Remove the outlet cover.
  3. Connect the wire with a cross section of 2.5 square.millimeters to the switch connector block with fuse 3 Ampere.
  4. With a cable with a section of 1 sq.millimeter plug luminaire.

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How to choose a lamp: Video