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December 13, 2017 00:01

Kitchen made ​​of wood with their hands

Kitchen sets, made of wood, are astonishingly varied forms, attractive appearance and, of course, price.If you want to cut down on equipping the kitchen facilities costs, you can try to make furniture, without the help of professionals.How to make the kitchen solid wood alone, tell on.


  • Choice of wood species
  • installation of kitchen units
    • Create
    • template tools work
    • boxes Manufacture
    • Installation loops
  • Manufacturing countertops for kitchen units
    • Materialskitchen
    • Tools for
    • frame and formwork
    • Setting headset
    • Finish Coating
  • Making dinner table
    • countertop kitchen
    • table legs
  • kitchen wood: video

Selection of wood species


Kitchen made of natural wood today are very much appreciated.So, there are about 40 species of wood.All of them can be divided into two groups:

  1. Solid wood.It includes rocks such as maple, dogwood, mountain ash, beech, walnut, apple, ash.Most are considered solid acacia, oak, yew, boxwood and pistachio tree.They are typically use
    d for creating load-bearing structures subjected to heavy load.For example, for making durable furniture carcass.
  2. Soft wood.Examples are cherry, willow, spruce, pine, poplar, juniper, aspen, alder, cedar, fir and chestnut.Such rocks are used to make a variety of decorative elements, facades and other furniture pieces that are not subject to heavy loads.

Which pieces of furniture can be made from different types of wood:

  1. begin with pine.It is, as already indicated, it refers to soft rocks.Typically, an array of her make small cabinets, fronts, shelves and various decorative details.From pine sometimes erect frame for upholstered furniture.Beech
  2. also relates to soft rocks strength but it is almost the same as oak.Its disadvantages should be ranked as the fact that it is able to absorb moisture from the air.Therefore, before using bars made of beech should be carefully treated with special protective structures.Furniture made from it should not be placed in areas with high humidity.
  3. From birch erect very beautiful furniture.From it makes chairs, dining tables, coffee tables carved.Products made of birch should not be used in places where the humidity varies.From this material quickly becomes unfit for use.
  4. oak often produce furniture.From its array of erecting large and bulky items.Thus, for example, are often found made of oak beds, bookcases and dressers.

installation of kitchen units

template Create


Kitchen furniture if desired, can be made with the help of available tools, special tools and materials.To avoid errors when cutting the panels, you can buy or make your own template, required for marking and drilling holes.To do this will need two school line length of 20 centimeters and a protractor.

Work procedure:

  1. Rulers are glued together with the letter T. The angle between them should be straight.
  2. then at the front of the intersection should first make a few marks and drill holes.They must be made at a distance of 8 (holes for mechanical and konfirmat evroshurupy), 16 (under the part thickness), 32 (a thickness of the two parts), 60, 70, 90 and 110 millimeters.Recent needed to mark the tents and to retreat from the edge of the part.
  3. Holes made a diameter of 2 millimeters.This is enough to them could enter sharpened pencil.

Despite the small cost of this simple template to perform its functions it will be no worse than the professional.

Tools for

Kitchen wood with their hands to make a snap.To do this, be sure to need:

  1. Screwdrivers.
  2. Drill.
  3. End mill.
  4. Hammer.
  5. Pencil.
  6. Shiloh.
  7. previously made template for marking.
  8. Furniture loops.

boxes Manufacture


Modern cabinets necessarily equipped with roller guides for drawers.Therefore, it is important to learn how to install them.And for that, first of all, you should definitely make all necessary calculations.Without it will not work correctly place boxes in the closet, and as a result, even with a beautiful and sturdy frame furniture will be defective.

Usually in the kitchen headsets wood set several sectional compartments which should be the same, so that any box can take the place of another.Given this, it should be remembered at the lower limit position and the upper drawer (drawers).The facade of the upper should overlap with a bunch podstoleshnitsey and lower facade usually closes the bottom.

The calculation should take into account that between the center line and the bottom rail must be 18 millimeters.Knowing the total thickness of the bottom and the cap, it is possible to calculate a constant value (the distance from the front edge to the bottom of the drawer).This is done by subtracting from the interval dimensions of the lower end face of the guide axis to the thickness of the plate used.


  • facade Plate Size - 16 mm.
  • screw head thickness - 2 mm (add another 2 mm to ensure that it fits into the hole, it turns 4 millimeters).
  • value of the segment between the center line and the bottom rail - 18 mm.
  • height fixing the guide: 18 + 4 = 22 mm.
  • segment size from the lower end of the front side to the guide axis: 22 + 16 = 38 mm.
  • distance from the front edge to the bottom of the drawer: 38-16 = 22 mm.

then need to calculate the height of the box sides.Note that any of them should not rest on the connecting bar.

If the calculation of the height of the facade received about 163 millimeters, for the normal operation of the sliding mechanism is quite enough boards in sizes 50-60 millimeters.

between the body sliding drawer and a linking bridge will distance equal to the diameter of the roller rail.To avoid swelling of the chipboard is recommended to add a half size.Thus, at 18 millimeter diameter rollers gap should be 18 + 9 = 27 mm.

To determine for each drawer compartment height dimensions needed to lay down the length of the facade and the size of the gap.This is followed to calculate the distance from the top edge of the facade up to the top of the drawer.To do this, add up the size of the bridge and the gap provided for it.

It is time to calculate the height of the rim for boxes.To do this, the facade of the size necessary to deduct the value of the lower and upper lapping.When the calculations consider the thickness of the fiberboard to the bottom of the drawer.

Installation loops


  1. From the end of the door to the center of the receiving hole distance can be from 65 to 130 millimeters.Number of loops depends on the size and weight of the door, but usually does not exceed five.From the corner to the center of the landing nest distance of about of about 22 millimeters.
  2. Using the awl should be at the center of the nest stake the hole for more comfortable working mills.Depending on the type of hinge, the groove depth may be from 12 to 13 millimeters.Only when drilling is necessary to take into account the thickness of the panel, so as not to squeeze out the front of the door.To facilitate the work when drilling is best to use a sharpened cutter.
  3. important that when drilling drill angle with respect to the panel was straightforward.Doors for easy fix, it is best to put on the floor.This loop must be free to bend the edges of the door.
  4. Before you tie a loop in his place, should be using the awl through the heel loop holes for screws ears.This will help avoid displacement screw aside.
  5. Finally, it should tighten the screws.Installing complete loops.

Manufacturing countertops for kitchen units


The hands can make kitchen countertops that will last for many years.Before its construction, should determine the type of coverage.Here we look at countertops with two coating types - "marble" and lined with tiles.

Materials for kitchen

will be needed:

  1. material for the frame.It is recommended to take a profile bar 40 or 50 by 50 by 50 millimeters.This timber should be smooth, with no visible defects.The higher the quality of the material, so it will be easier to make a lining.
  2. need tiles, glue it and composition for grouting For facing surface countertops for the kitchen wood.
  3. To make a tabletop base needed:
  • cement, gravel and sand;
  • solid rods of metal (for the design of reinforcement);
  • plasticizers and pigments (required for concrete);
  • solid bars (formwork);
  • aluminum or plastic profile (for finishing the edges of the design);
  • liquid nails.

Tools for

You will need:

  1. small power drill or screwdriver.
  2. Bulgarka with a suitable cutting wheel.
  3. Trowel.
  4. Jigsaw.
  5. Grater for laying tiles.
  6. Spatula concrete.
  7. machine for cutting tiles.
  8. Building level.
  9. Roulette.

frame and formwork

countertop - from - granite

After buying all the necessary materials, you can begin to collect the skeleton for countertops.Since the weight of the structure on the basis of the concrete slab is quite large, a special frame you will need to install it.He's going as follows:

  1. should first determine the height of countertops.
  2. Then you need to segments of the boards to make the vertical frame rack.
  3. Ready support fixed to the floor with metal parts.If some of them are adjacent to the walls, they are fastened by means of anchor bolts in pre-drilled holes.
  4. After installing the rack should be connected to each other by means of horizontal crosspieces.The result will be almost finished carcass frame, which will strengthen the diagonal braces.
  5. then made of shuttering boards and worktops.Formwork should be collected so that it can be removed without damage to the concrete.
  6. inside formwork in place cleaning location to place the ring of the metal strip.If you need to install the hob, on the perimeter of the formwork necessary to put a wooden or metal bumpers.
  7. When installing formwork is completed, it should be to lay a polyethylene film.This is necessary to protect the floor from the leak of the solution, because it happens quite liquid.

Setting headset

After completing work on the formwork to be stacked interconnected reinforcement bars.Then you can begin to breed solution.

It is prepared as follows:

  1. Take one part cement, two parts sand and gravel.
  2. All parts are mixed.
  3. To improve the quality of the solution, it is recommended to add a plasticizer.
  4. solution is diluted with water and stirred to form a paste-like consistency.
  5. If the worktop is made of imitation granite or marble, the solution is added to a special pigment that can now be bought in any store building materials.

When the solution is ready, it is poured into the mold to the desired level.After that, the surface is leveled and covered with foil.The mixture should be dry.This will require at least one week.

During this time, you need to ensure that the solution is not dried out.To this should be checked periodically and the surface if necessary to humidify it with the spray.

After complete hardening solution formwork is removed, and begin work on finishing countertops.

Finish Coating

  1. With trowel tile adhesive is applied onto the surface and evenly distributed.To improve the bonding of tiles in a solution recommended to make grooves.
  2. Then the prepared tiles should be laid on a layer of glue and pressed.At the same time it must be carefully aligned.
  3. also need to trim the width of all the joints between the tiles.To do this, use plastic crosses.
  4. Will wait for the complete drying of the adhesive and trowel grout.More
  5. at this stage should be placed at the ends of the countertop profile.It is fixed with liquid nails or glue.For reliable fixing profile must be secured by clamps.

Making dinner table


countertop kitchen

  1. to make the countertop for the kitchen table will need four-edged boards measuring 50 by 150 by 1000 mm.You can use oak or pine.If the width and thickness of the bars will be the same, it will cut their own length.Only it should be done very carefully.Any cut must be made exactly the right angle.
  2. to board tight to each other, in front of their compound in one plane processing required lateral ends of the jointer.As a result, should get a beautiful countertop and smooth.For a thorough alignment edge to do the same pressure on the tool used when jointing.
  3. elements are interconnected by means of screws or nails.You can also use the dowels and glue.The last option will make the furniture more rigid.Lateral ends of the boards should be marked at a distance of 100-150 mm, but only in such a way that they coincide with the adjacent bars.It is recommended to draw a
  4. on each side of the device on the center line.Then make a hole.This will require a drill thickness of 8 millimeters.The holes should be ready to score dowels, smeared with glue.He also still must be lubricated boards.After that, they need to be to knock each other so that they fit snugly together.
  5. then you must wait until dry out connection.After that, once cured, the material, which is made out, cleaned with sandpaper.
  6. Knocked board must be properly sanded to remove all irregularities, existing at the joints.More sandpaper or rasp should be treated with the design edge.

table legs


  1. table legs may be cut out of the board in any form.The first of these will be a model on which the jigsaw cut the rest.With the help of the router on the legs applied patterns.
  2. Each leg should be thoroughly sanded.After that, they can be collected.To do this, cut the jumper from oblique angles so that the feet were placed diagonally.
  3. Then they are ground again.Feet can be put into place on a glue without furniture dowels, but the final box will need to fix the clamps.For complete drying glue assembled structure must be kept for at least one day.
  4. Once everything has dried, you should attach the countertop.In the drawing, and bridges the legs to do the layout, drill nests and hammer dowels.Then smear adhesive connection points, and finally connect the table top to the structure of the legs.Now fixed parts must be lubricated with glue.

table can be considered ready for painting.Such products are usually first treated with stain and then coated with varnish.This will highlight the natural texture of wood.After drying the first layer is best to put one more.The result is a quality table for the kitchen from wood.Photography exemplary result is shown below.

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Kitchen wood: Video