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August 12, 2017 18:07

Install the towel warmer in the bathroom

Today towel rail has become a familiar part of equipping the bathroom.Basically it performs two functions: it supports normal room temperature and allow to dry towels, socks, underwear, robes and other little things.It is important that a heated towel rail harmoniously fit into the design of the bathroom.It should complement the overall design premises notes rather than to seem separate element.In the building materials market today you can find a large selection of dryers in different shapes and colors.Due to this diversity one can find a suitable option.But it is not easy to choose.Therefore it is necessary to consider this issue in detail.Also in this article we describe how to connect a heated towel rail in the bathroom.


  • Basics correct choice
  • As product material effect on the life of his work
  • How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom
  • How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom: Video

basics rightselect

Installation of towel warmer - in - bathroom

During the bathroom repairs often require repla

cement of dryers, which are connected to the heating system or to the pipes supplying hot water.Therefore, you should pay attention to the quality and durability of the purchased products.When selecting a new dryer, you should pay attention not only to the visual appeal, but also on the strength of the material from which it is made.Job heating systems allow the emergence of pressure differences of up to 10 atmospheres.Dryers must withstand such fluctuations, and it does not break.This should take into account when choosing a device.

In particular, it is recommended to learn more characteristics of the product for which you need to pay attention in the first place.In addition, you should have an understanding of the process of installing the towel warmer in the bathroom.Installation of the dryer often do before finishing facilities will be initiated.This wise step can save you time and money.

Generally, all heated towel rails in the bathroom can be divided into three main groups:

  • water,
  • electrical,
  • combined.

Water heated towel rails in the bathroom are often installed in the new default apartments.They look like a curved pipe with hot water.Technical parameters of water towel dryers must meet the level of opresovannogo and operating pressure.According to snip all water fittings should be operated at a pressure of 6 bar.and higher.In fact, the system pressure should not be more than 4 atm.The water supply of country houses pressure usually does not exceed 2-3 atmospheres.Therefore, in this case to choose a water dryer much easier.But remember that this type of product is quite dependent on the stability of hot water supply.

If the device has a connection to the heating system, it is, in fact, it works only as long as the heating is switched off, ie,during the heating season.Consequently, towel warmers, which are based on water, do not work for more than 3 months.That is why many are looking for a replacement of such products.

setting - towel warmer - in - bathroom - 1

Alternatively Water is often used electric towel rail for the bathroom, which, in essence, are a simple electric heater.This option can be used successfully in independence from the work of other systems in the apartment.In addition, it can be put in virtually all areas of the room.What is required for the normal operation of a dryer, so it is a source of uninterrupted power.The main disadvantage is to increase electricity costs, and, consequently, costly.These products consume nearly as much as regular bulbs, ie,from 30 to 100 watts.Connecting these dryers can be done through the outlet (open method) or by laying wires in the wall (hidden technique).

variety of colors, shapes and sizes for bath towel provide great choice for customers.Therefore, you can easily choose what is right for your design.Often electric dryers have the option to adjust the temperature, this can be done generally in the range of 30 to 60 degrees.Another worth noting that such products are not attached to one place as water units, which allows one to use the dryer in different rooms, simply shifting it to the right place.

Combined towel warmers can be operated in two modes, and therefore combine the features of the design of electrical and water units.The shape of these dryers are more like water.In this design there is an electric heating element, electric like.This allows the product to work even in the summer, when the heating is switched off.The main drawback is their cost, which repels many of the owners of the premises.Next, consider some of the features of the units, and how to put the heated towel rail in the bathroom.

As product material effect on the life of his work

14351786611zamenit - heated towel rail

no secret that the water used in our water pipes, not of good quality.Therefore, the material from which the device is made for drying things, must withstand this environment.With this task well handle a heated towel rail in the bathroom made of stainless steel.The front surface of the product when this can be both painted and polished or chromed.The cheapest is the painted version.More expensive are considered polished towel warmers.Not as long as the steel model can serve products from brass, copper, and other nonferrous metals.

The water flowing through the pipes, there are many different impurities.If it is used as a coolant, these harmful substances are formed on the inner walls of pipes precipitate.To this precipitate ferrous metals are particularly sensitive.Therefore, dryers of these materials it is best not to use in a multi-storey apartment houses.They are only suitable for holiday homes, where the quality of water in the water, it is usually better.

How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom


If replacing, you must first dismantle the old towel rack.Next, a bypass and ball valves.Then installed the new device.Now consider these steps in more detail.

procedure of installation works:

  1. Dismantling begins to turn off the hot water.Therefore, these activities require coordination with the organization managing the house.
  2. When this is done, you can remove the old towel rack.If necessary, all threaded connections are available in designs unscrewed and dismantled.
  3. If the device is welded to the tube, you have to use the grinder to cut it off.Trim should be in such a way that the length of the pipe enough for threading.After this will remove an old appliance with brackets.
  4. Next, consider the installation of a jumper, which is also called a bypass.It is a pipe section in which the ends are coupling elements.Immediately it should say that if you do not have the experience and skills to the equipment of the element, it is recommended to entrust this job professionals to avoid adverse effects that could affect the entire riser.
  5. To install the bypass at the end of the dryer needed ball valves, which typically are included.It is through them can be shut circulating water in the device if necessary.At the same time carry out the installation will not interfere with the performance of the riser.Thus, ball valves allow for repairs, without blocking the water for the whole house if needed.
  6. The system often accumulates the air to be let down.This can be done, for example, by mounting one bypass in the ball valve, which will ensure proper circulation of water in the dryer, and in the pipeline.As a result, the bypass valve will be installed three.Two of them are located at the points of connection to the dryer.Tritium is a valve to shut off the water at the very bridge.If necessary, dismantle the dryer will be enough to block only the gates and risers will continue to function.
  7. Next, consider fixing brackets and mount the towel dryer to the wall.First, the instrument is screwed bracket, which is to be packaged.Next you need to put it to the place of attachment, and mark with a pencil the place where it will be necessary to make a hole.Align tool alone will be difficult, so it is best to enlist the help.
  8. Then the wall is necessary to make holes.Since the walls in the bathroom are usually covered with tiles, the punching, you will need a special drill.Next will need plastic plugs that are inserted into the holes.
  9. then puts the dryer to the wall.Compares existing holes with each other.Further, the device is attached with screws to the wall.
  10. When this is done, a towel should be carefully connected to the riser.This is done quite easily.It is necessary to attach it to the valve on the bypass through direct or angular tricks.Type tricks depends on the type of connection of the dryer.

setting - towel warmer - in bath - 03

After installing the towel warmer in the bathroom of his room to be connected.To do this, fit polypropylene pipes.Why is better to give preference to this material?The supply pipe bush all made of steel and copper propylene.Construction steel is quite heavy and subject to corrosion.Moreover, for their installation requires welding machine.As for copper, this metal does not rust and not so heavy.At the same time it is more expensive and for mounting the towel warmer in the bathroom need to use solder.

pipes made of polypropylene deprived of these disadvantages - they do not rust, are inexpensive and have a low weight.The modern design of this material is further reinforced with a special fiber, which makes them stronger and more resistant to high temperatures.In addition, they are easy to install.In particular, a variety of fittings enable to connect them with metal pipes easily.there are welding devices for similar purposes to facilitate installation, which you can quickly learn to use their own.Therefore, it makes no sense to buy them for a fairly high price.It is much wiser to take the equipment rental shops, which sell building materials.This service is relatively inexpensive.

how - to install , heated towel rail , in the bath

Work on connecting and installing the towel warmer in the bathroom with their hands is quite simple.Only in this direction in the direction of movement of water should be kept bias supply pipe.To do this, feed the riser is connected to the top of the dryer funnel.

There are rules and regulations that govern, that between the dryer and plastered wall must be respected a certain distance depending on the pipe diameter.If the diameter is less than 23 mm, the maximum allowable distance is 35 mm.For large dimensions of the distance should be no more than 50 mm.

to the walls were not too loaded with pipes, which are deformed due to heat, the device is fixed on the supporting container.When the work is completed, all the connections needed to examine carefully.The main thing that they were dry.

towel in the bathroom: photo

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How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom : video