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August 12, 2017 18:07

Combined heating homes

Combined heating becomes more and more urgent every year.The fact is that gradually or that the fuel becomes more expensive or entirely unavailable to the average consumer.In such situations, there is often no opportunity to carry out a complete refurbishment of the heating system.Accordingly, it is necessary to take care of all the conditions related to the combined heating.


  • Features of use of alternative heating
  • device combined systems
  • Species heating systems
  • heating systems based on gas and solid fuel
  • Heating by means of gas and electricity
  • Combining multiple systemsheating
  • The remaining features of the use of combined heat
  • for combined heating system Prices

This setting is equipment that combines two or more types of heating.First of all it uses the traditional heating, and only after all conditions are created for the implementation of alternative solutions.

Immediately it should be noted that in the present conditions when it comes to heating private houses, un

iquely combined systems make sense.Even in the harshest conditions in the home will always be warm and cozy.It should be understood that the combined system more expensive classic.

Also do not forget that now humanity is moving toward the use of a variety of alternative solutions, and not just because it is the way of the future, but also for the reason that it is inexpensive and effective.However, you need to approach this matter with the mind.

Features of use of alternative heating

so happens that most of the apartments in the Russian heated boilers, which in turn is operated on gas.Accordingly, here we have a monopoly of the state, which sets and often overpriced for this type of fuel.

much easier to manage resources using the maximum efficiency of a particular type of heating equipment.

also not a secret that any private house in need of high-quality heating, but it is not everywhere it is possible to use traditional forms of heating.In any case, it is best to have at its disposal a variety of options to even the harshest conditions could be qualitatively warm home.

Definitely better if the heating system combines two completely different directions.For example, it may be a gas and solid fuel (often it is a wood).It is clear that gas supply can suddenly stop and the wood can always be cut, especially if a private home is located near the forest belt.

also often referred to as a combined heating, then it focuses on the simultaneous operation of the entire system.Accordingly, it is very effective, especially if the home has many large rooms.

piping , boiler - circuit photo

device combined systems

In contrast to classical boilers, combined heating system are quite impressive dimensions.Accordingly, it is appropriate to use them in large private homes.This equipment can easily stay within the basement, where often are various tools and mechanisms.

Combined Systems equipped with several burners, as well as cameras for kindling.Accordingly, to go to an alternative form of heating only need to carry out the replacement of the burner.The process itself is very simple, but before any action is necessary to address the documentation.

Such systems often operate equally efficiently on different fuels, with the installation perfectly interact with two or more heating circuits.By default, you need to use the type of heating, which requires the least cost.But do not forget about the wear and tear of equipment.

gas - boilers

Species heating systems

must be said that today the sale there is a huge amount of options combined systems.Many people, of course, did not immediately understand what variation of the combined systems are most appropriate for them.Of course, in this case, all based on the specific conditions that exist in the home or the area.

For example, a very popular are boilers that operate on the basis of natural gas and diesel fuel.Even if there is no gas, which is the main heating resource, you can always go to the nearest gas station and get diesel.Moreover, in this situation there is no need to carry out large-scale migration, as it usually happens.

Also, very often it is a question of combined systems, which run on gas and solid fuel.It is said that in rural areas it is the most practical option, since wood is always at hand, and you can use the pipeline if possible.

In some systems, the electricity can be used for space heating.It is also a good option, but only as long as there is no interruption in the supply of energy.

Next we will look at all the most popular heating systems, which are actively used in private homes.

heating systems based on gas and solid fuel

known that the system of "gas-wood" is the most inexpensive option for those who want to efficiently heat a home.Despite the fact that the wood to warm the house - it is difficult, often it is only a fallback.The natural gas is used as the main system power.

At the same time it should be noted that the timber can be quite inexpensive option for heating a large house.In addition, this resource can get most, if housing is located near the forest, so it is still possible to prepare and securely store near the house.In this situation, we will always be guaranteed to have everything you need for home heating.

is also worth mentioning the negative side of the use of this type of heating.The boiler that runs on wood, should operate in an open system, and for gas heating is not the most practical and safe option.In any case, it is necessary to do everything possible to the system to work effectively and safely as possible when setting up the equipment.

Heating by means of gas or electricity

In this case, the system has all the characteristics that would heat the room even in the unfavorable conditions when one of the heat sources do not have access.Of course, there are also force-majeure situation, when there is no access to electricity, nor gas.If you are a little afraid of such situations that are realistic, you should pay attention to the last combined system.

Such systems have several outputs, which in turn allows to connect without limitation several circuits.Such a possibility is clearly likely to appeal to those people who are in a private home bath, swimming pool, as well as some other items that need to be heated.

often commercially available boilers, which work perfectly in the CIS countries, and the equipment is easy to cope with frequent voltage drops.

Before purchasing is once again to think about what this combined system is not the most practical, as in the case of unforeseen situations and may lose access to electricity and gas.In this scenario, the system becomes useless.


Combining several heating

Definitely, in some cases it makes sense to use multiple heating systems.It should be noted that this is the perfect solution in those cases when it is necessary always to maintain the heat indoors.

Thus, you can choose the most effective option and use it as the core.If, for example, the gas supply is suspended, there is still access to multiple heating sources.

systems of this magnitude it is able to effectively heat large premises, including providing warm water pool, as well as heated floor.

However, it should be understood that in this case the equipment will occupy a large space is sufficient, and in small houses is a very serious aspect of the issue.Also, the system itself, which includes several separate units, will have a rather complicated structure, so no specialists to understand all its features would be incredibly difficult.

The remaining features of the use of combined heat

Despite the large amount of information associated with combined heating systems, people quite often have questions.The first problem is based on the most efficient use of heating systems.Despite the large variety of available heat sources, you must make a choice in favor of a process that will operate by default.

Thus, if you are using "wood-electricity", it is necessary to use the wood for quick heating.Later, when the temperature has risen to the desired level, it is possible to activate the heating on the basis of electricity.With regard to economy, in this case it depends on the particular apparatus.However, you should always keep in mind that wood heating - a laborious process, though, and fairly inexpensive.

opt for a "gas timber" of the system to make the most reasonable in the country houses.Today, gas is carried out almost everywhere, and in case of any problems, you can always cut wood and continue heating efficiently.Due to the current developments in the field of heating systems, you will need quite a bit of wood.Of course, as the basis for better use of the gas as it actually effectively and inexpensively.Also do not forget that the simultaneous use of the two systems will significantly increase the extent of heating.

It is also important to pay attention to the fact that the choice of a system should be based also on the area of ​​a particular room.When it comes to big stores or warehouses, it is best to opt for an electric boiler.At the same time, gas heating can be selected as an alternative.

for heating small areas, for example, private country houses, it is best to use solid fuel boilers.Alternatively, you can use electricity.

When clock heating is the most effective option is oil boilers.

regard to the use of double-boiler, it is a truly unique plant that can be used not only to carry out heating, and water heating.Also combi boilers are compact enough to install, so it is convenient to use in smaller homes.

heating systems

Prices for combined heating systems

It should be borne in mind that the combined systems have a huge difference in price issue.A lot depends on the extent of use of the equipment, as well as the total power.

Based on the prices, which are presented on the Internet, the cost of combination boilers starts from 14 thousand rubles.Often, in our market are the boilers produced by domestic companies.Accordingly, in this case, the price is not strongly dependent on the foreign exchange rates.

Double-circuit boilers are at least 2 times more expensive than conventional options.On average, this equipment will cost 30 thousand rubles.

When it comes to heating large spaces, for the installation of this magnitude can have large price tags too.For example, the cost of double-combined boilers can be up to one million rubles.

When you purchase is necessary to pay attention to the equipment manufacturer.Newly minted companies often produce low-quality products, favorable price should therefore not be misleading.Also, when buying a need to consult with experts who will take into account the specificity and scale of the room and give you a better heating system.