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December 13, 2017 00:01

How to make a wooden rack

cupboards, cabinets, shelves, drawers, cabinets - all of these pieces of furniture are designed to help a person to organize their living space.Today we consider the wooden racks, their species, features and purpose.


Actually,the appointment of all the racks one - place your items in an orderly, but is available.So, it was not necessary to turn a pile of trash in search of the right things.

In addition, the wooden shelves - a rather simple design that is easy to build with his own hands.

What could be the wooden racks for home

  • stationary shelving.These racks are the foundation of the pillars and crossbeams and shelves stacked on this basis.To increase the strength of such constructions often attached to the wall frame.It may include a stationary rack and wooden trim.


  • Mobile.This type of construction requires a change of the free wheels for their location without a mandatory discharge contents.


  • Rotary.Very handy for placing small items that need all the time at hand.


  • mounted wooden shelving racks.These structures can hardly be called racks, shelves soon.But their use is justified where all the floor space occupied and empty just under the ceiling.Scattered shelf-racks can be placed in several parts of the room, where there is free space.


What is needed for the production of wooden racks


  1. Bars of 15-25 mm thick boards, particle board, plywood shelf.
  2. bars of wood 100 mm for the uprights and horizontal cross members.
  3. Corners metallic.
  4. screwdriver and screws (or a drill and drill).
  5. pliers.
  6. Bolts and nuts.
  7. paint or varnish.
  8. primer for wood.
  9. spatula.
  10. brush or roller.
  11. Sandpaper or sander.
  12. Tape measure and pencil for marking.


How to make a wooden rack

  1. Decide what size and what weight will be items for which made rack.This will determine the height and width of the shelves.
  2. Rate available empty space, its commensurate with your needs.The highest usually make lower compartment, planning where to place the most overall and heavy objects.For example, solving the problem of how to make a shelf in the garage, you must provide a high bottom shelf for storing cans, tires and oil container.
  3. Make the necessary measurements using a tape measure and a pencil.
  4. Make a drawing with dimensions.Here it is not necessary to be a great draftsman, depict fairly rough drawing plan.
  5. Cut bars into pieces of necessary length (according to measurements) and sand.
  6. pencil, mark the location of the future shelves.
  7. Locations markup to the uprights Screw metal corners with screws using a screwdriver.
  8. On the other hand attach to the corners of the cross-bars, which will hold the shelves.
  9. Deal frame water-repellent composition, and prime with color.
  10. Install the frame into place.
  11. if necessary (if the rack is designed to hold the contents of a very massive), attach the vertical guides directly to the wall.
  12. Color workpiece shelves, let them dry.
  13. Place the shelf on the horizontal bars, fasten them with screws.

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What you should pay attention to when planning a production of wooden racks

  1. rack width should equal the width of the empty space in the wall minus 5-10 cm, for ease of installation.
  2. shelves do not longer than 1.5 m, in order to avoid sagging and deformations.The optimal size - 1 m.
  3. shelf depth should be no more than 0.5-0.6 m, otherwise it is difficult to extract the contents of the bowels.
  4. optimum height shelves 0.25-0.6 m. The lower shelf can build a height of 0.8-1 m when considering to keep her big things.
  5. Mounting rack more comfortable in a horizontal plane, and then set vertically.

This, of course, the most primitive example of a wooden shelf, the price of which will be equal to the cost of consumables, spent on its production.Such would be appropriate in the closet, in the garage or basement.By the way, as an alternative to the cramped conditions, it is possible to make a wooden corner bookcase.In this case, two racks are joined at an angle of 45⁰, which should be reflected in the plan-drawing.Accordingly, the configuration of the corner pieces for shelves and crossbars length will differ from the standard version.

design and creation of shelving - a vast space for the manifestation of fantasy and imagination.Wooden racks shown in the photo below, can easily perform not only the problem of the placement of objects, but also a decorative function.

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At the heart of the creation of the stack of wood can lay any method of shelves between the compounds.Whether it is fixing with metal parts, screws, bolts and nuts, special glue, and even the rope, the main thing - keep in mind, at what weight were designed.As for design and decoration, there is also plenty of options.The rack can simply be sanded and stained to reveal or varnish, can be painted.Painting, craquelure, decoupage - all this may be appropriate.It is important that such an inlay does not "fall out" of the picture.

Be creative and go for it!Maybe you have something masterpiece ?!