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December 13, 2017 00:01

How to care for leather furniture

Leather furniture has always been a measure of solidity, style and excellent taste of its owner.In addition, this material is practical to use, durable and has high aesthetic appeal.However, to keep the furnishings in perfect form, it is necessary to make a thorough and regular maintenance.Since the appearance of the skin depends on the quality of treatment, you should arm themselves with knowledge literate content of such furniture.


  • Care Tips for furniture
  • Removing stains from leather products
    • Mouldy spots
    • Traces of markers, markers or pens
    • greasy marks on the furniture
    • Medications
    • Chewing Gum
  • preventive care for leather furniture

furniture care tips

in order for leather furniture set care minimizes the action, you must know the key points that are highlighted in the first place:

  1. When purchasing products should consult with an expert regarding the features of this type of skin, which is decorated with furniture - perhaps, the manufacturer recommends to look fo
    r products solely by means of its own production.
  2. For any cleaning of leather products is necessary to use drugs that are used for leather products.In order not to harm the expensive furniture, try to initially apply the selected detergent products on inconspicuous area.If within 60 minutes there were no adverse events, then you can begin to clean the furniture.
  3. Leather furniture in the care of very susceptible to the chemical environment.It is undesirable to purify the product as a whole, spend local cleaning.Otherwise you run the risk of unsightly stains on the entire surface of the leather product.It is worth paying attention to the nature and source of the contamination to display spots with maximum parsimony and minimum risk of damage.


Removing stains from leather products

If the surface of your headset found a spot, do not despair in advance as leather furniture repair - beskhlopotnoe enough exercise.Consider the main features derive from the leather material such types of pollution as:

  • pen, ballpoint pen;
  • mold;
  • wine;
  • drugs;
  • fatty traces;
  • chewing gum.

Mouldy spots

This formation on the surface of the furniture should be displayed with a solution of rubbing alcohol and water in a ratio of 1: 1.After application wait for the complete drying of the processed fragment and wipe it with a sponge stearic.This will allow you to maintain the elasticity of the material and does not dry up its aggressive spirit medium.

Important!Initially perform the test on inconspicuous place of leather products, as alcohol can brighten low-quality paint.

Traces of markers, markers or pens

In order to remove stains from the surface of the sofa from the Office of the ink, it is necessary to use such means for leather furniture as hairspray.It must be carefully sprayed on the soiled area and wipe with a dry cloth.As an alternative solution, you can wipe leather upholstery with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol.

Important! similar method removes stains from red wine.


greasy marks on the furniture

If the sofa upholstery appeared greasy spot of organic origin, then do not worry.He simply wipe with a dry cloth, and the rest of the track will be absorbed into the structure of the skin and become invisible.It is also possible to place pollution sprinkle talc or starch are adsorbed to some of the fat from skin pores.


spots, which were formed as a result of the Strait of medicinal tinctures, pharmaceutical products and other liquids. Can be removed with rubbing alcohol.To do this, use the undiluted product, soaking them fleece.After processing the contaminated site of furniture, it is desirable to wipe the place of stearic sponge.

Chewing gum

To remove stubborn chewing gum from the leather surface it should be frozen.For these purposes may be used with the ice pack which is applied to the contamination site.After the gum solidified, and it is necessary to remove the hook.If the manipulation were slight traces, then you can use a hair dryer, sending it to a couple of minutes in the contaminated area.


preventive care for leather furniture

to quality care for leather furniture experts advise to resort only to the specially developed methods of natural treatment of the skin.There are several important rules:

  1. Natural upholstery, a leather sofa and other home furnishings do not like direct exposure to the sun's rays, excessive heat or dryness.Therefore it is desirable to have furniture relatively far from the heat source, at least 35-45 cm. In addition, it is recommended not to use heaters to dry the headset, as in this case the material loses not only moisture but also oil, fat, resinwhich leads to loss of elasticity.
  2. In the room where the furniture set is necessary to maintain optimal humidity - not more than 70%.Because leather is a material that has a hygroscopic capillary-porous structure, it perfectly absorbs the liquid and quickly releases it outside.Therefore, the mass fraction of the liquid should be at least 10-15%.If the room rate will be lower than this, then the material will start to give moisture, thus appears premature brittleness and dryness of the surface layer, and in the end - shedding dye.


  1. For cleaning leather furniture is not necessary to use solvents, paint thinners chemical based.Also, refrain from the use of abrasive materials such as paste or powder.
  2. Running water - also not the best option for handling furniture upholstery because it can be too soft or hard.In the first case, it is fraught with the penetration of water into the pores of the material, whereby the mold can be formed inside the structure.This education can not be cleaned, but because the furniture comes into disrepair.If the water is hard, then it can overdry the surface layer, creating microscopic cracks.


  1. recommend regular vacuuming leather furniture, because this way you will ensure cleaning of pores in the material structure.Or try to be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth, becauseThis will significantly reduce the wear of the coating.
  2. Leather furniture, photos of which adorn many design publications, bad enough withstands claws can damage the material, so that will have to make expensive repairs.In addition, animal saliva may contain an acid which adversely affect the state of furniture.
  3. Avoid excessive friction on the surface of the leather.Sudden movements are dangerous for the material, and therefore should be carried out wet cleaning soft circular motions, weak force pressure.


  1. Even the most high-quality leather upholstery is susceptible to color pigments.For this reason, it is desirable to cover sofas and chairs or blankets bedspreads neutral coloring.

Thus, compliance with the above recommendations and guidelines for action will increase the life of the leather headset.Video instruction on the key points as you can take care of the leather upholstery is presented on the fragment: