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December 13, 2017 00:01

Mirror own hands

buy a mirror of our time does not make the big work.This product is not a scarce and accessible to everyone.In addition, you can select this piece of furniture to your taste and color.But if your imagination requires new experiments, why not make a mirror with your hands.This new knowledge, and pride in their work.Just before you make a mirror with your hands, please be rubber gloves and remember the school course of chemistry, in particular - implementation of silvering mirror surfaces.


  • complex silver
  • Outside silvering glass
  • decor mirrors
    • mirror Decor pasta
    • round mirror decor
    • stylish frames for mirrors

complex silvering

To create a mirror with this method will require a large set of tools:

  • glass segment;
  • distilled water;
  • glucose;
  • paper for filtration;
  • nitric acid;
  • silver nitrate;
  • ammonia;
  • detergent;
  • clay;
  • caustic soda.

To properly make a mirror with your hands clearly follow the master class.To protect the skin of hands, wear gloves, eye - glasses and

get to work.

  1. Rinse cooked piece of glass cleaner and remove as much as possible from the surface of the fat and other tiny particles.It is necessary to choose the smooth glass without bubbles.
  2. Wipe the surface, but rather blow dry.Then, on the edge of the glass create a smooth and uniform bumpers from clay to 3 cm in height.
  3. Avoid touching the surface of the glass and not to leave traces of fat on it.
  4. Then, prepare working solutions.Use only chemically pure substances.To mix the first solution of silver nitrate 11 g of distilled water (210 g).Second solution - sodium hydroxide (8 g) and 210 g of distilled water.The third solution connect 210 g of distilled water and 11 g of pure glucose.
  5. If no glassware, use a normal glass.In a glass pour the first solution.Then add in a glass pipette ammonia and actively shake a solution.He first became turbid.Ammonia was added dropwise until the residue disappears completely.When the solution became transparent, add 4 drops of silver nitrate.Fluid then must slightly turbid and acquire a yellowish tint.
  6. To obtain a substance second pour the prepared solution of sodium hydroxide.Continuously shake.Obtain a precipitate which must be dissolved by adding a few drops of ammonia.That will have a yellow-brown solution, which filter the through filter paper.
  7. Next, you need to take the third-prepared solution with glucose and pour it into the glass surface.Carefully spread over the surface.
  8. liquid with silver nitrate pour onto the surface, where it is mixed with glucose solution and replace its color to black.Leave future mirror in this state for 10 minutes.
  9. Then gently pour the entire contents of the glass surface, rinse it with distilled water and dry.
  10. rim of clay clean.On the side where the silver layer, apply several layers of black paint.Mirror Finish.

Mirror 1

Outside silvering glass

silvering Through this method turns out smooth and durable surface of the mirror.In order to get to work, clean the glass with warm water and pat dry.

Follow the instructions:

  1. dry degrease glass surface with a solution of potassium hydroxide.Then wipe the glass with a solution of stannous chloride (1%) and soak in distilled water.
  2. Remove from the water and dry the glass.Immediately thereafter pour the substance on its surface for silvering.
  3. To prepare the solution for silvering is necessary to connect 300 g of distilled water and 5 g of silver nitrate.Then, under vigorous stirring, add a few drops of ammonia solution.When the material becomes transparent, add the additional 4 drops of silver nitrate.The substance becomes cloudy.To him pour caustic soda, coffee color of the solution will be.Again it Illuminate ammonia.Mix all and add distilled water so as to obtain 1 liter.
  4. first glass will darken.Then, when the fall black precipitate (silver), it brighten.
  5. There are times when the dark traces remain on the surface.They need to remove tin dichloride.Then again pour on the surface of the glass silvering solution.
  6. After 10 minutes, carefully pour the liquid from the surface and pour another layer of mixture.
  7. When held for 20 minutes, rinse with water.To all the layers of silvering firmly established, the glass should be placed in the oven and leave for 2 hours at a temperature of 130 degrees.
  8. mirror dried paint several layers of paint on the back side.
  9. The front side of the mirror wipe gauze pad with hydrochloric acid.Mirror Finish.

Mirror 6

learn how to make the solution for silvering mirrors your own hands, you can see on the video details.


decor To complete the image of your home must be decorated mirrors.This can be a stylish frame or tape on the edge of the mirror.You can apply the decoupage technique, applied through a stencil patterns, mirror decorating all sorts of small details.

Mirror 8
Mirror 2

mirror 4

decor mirrors pasta

original and unusual decision - to decorate a mirror pasta.Common edible "shells" harmonious look and can give a mirror quite unusual and creative appearance.

Before you start decorating please be curly pasta, brush, glue and any paint.Also, plan on paper estimated future pattern on the mirror.

  1. Arrange the pasta on the table in the form of a future framework.
  2. mockney brush into the glue and put on the pasta.Carefully glue them so that the glue is smeared over the mirror.
  3. When will paste the last macaroni, let dry composition.Then cover the frame paint.In order to avoid getting paint on the mirror surface, it Cover the paper.

Wait until the frame is dry and attach a mirror at any suitable location.


round mirror decor

If you happen to make a mirror of round shape, it can take the form of the sun.We offer as rays use bamboo skewers.Get a ring of brass as the diameter of your mirror.

  1. First raschertite on paper sketch of the future framework.Make a circle of 24 equal sections.Inside the circle, draw a large circle smaller, departing from the edge of 3 cm. This sketch must be transferred to a cardboard template that corresponds to the diameter of the mirror.Bamboo sticks
  2. distribute into 4 pieces, that was 24 in each rod.Thus, in the end should have a ray 96.
  3. rays leave the first part in such a way (30 cm).And the rest of the rods 2, 3 and 4 of the shortened to 8, 11 and 14 cm.
  4. Proceed to gluing sticks to use this glue gun.Initially, the surface of cardboard is clearly along the lines of glue long beams (24 pcs.).
  5. sticks the smallest length of the stick from the boundary of the inner circle.These sticks were placed at the right side of every second of the long beam.
  6. The same principle glue sticks from the third and fourth parts.
  7. When pasted, let's rays to dry, and then paint over them with paint golden hue.
  8. Then take your mirror and stick it to the cardboard with pre-fixed beams.Then fasten the ring of brass.
  9. Mirror with rays done.On the reverse side of the hook the anchorage to the wall.

Rays 3

stylish frames for mirrors

to creatively arrange the mirror home, use the following tools:

  • acrylic paint;
  • wax;
  • stencil with any pattern;
  • varnish, glue;
  • over silver or gold-plated sheets (potal).

manufacturing process:

to frame for your mirror has turned more original, try to use a stencil with unusual pattern.Conditionally define the boundaries of the frame of the mirror and paint it in any color.

  1. painted on the frame, apply the prepared stencil and paint golden color.
  2. Leave the mirror for a while, it is good to dry.Then selectively apply a special glue pattern for gold-plated sheets (Potali).
  3. again postponed the mirror for half an hour.
  4. On a lightly tacky glue, apply potal.Smooth it with a brush and fix so.
  5. next step is treatment of the edges of the mirror stationery wax for gilding.It dries very quickly and it gives the surface a trendy antique effect.
  6. When completed work on the decor, secure all layers of protective varnish.In this case it is better to use acrylic lacquer.

decoupage , stencil - frame 1