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December 13, 2017 00:01

How to make your own hands blinds

not enough money to buy the blinds?Or do you want to buy to see how on your windows, they will look?There is an option: to make the blinds on the window with his hands.Here are several options.They are selected from simple to complex.


Blinds-Pleated from heavy paper

Ideal for this purposesuitable dense wallpaper non-woven, paintable.If this wallpaper for painting, you have the opportunity to decorate the blinds of any patterns or designs.

Required tools: knife stationery, rope clothesline (or satin ribbons), punch, double-sided tape, long line.

Making blinds wallpaper or construction paper:

  • Cut the wallpaper.The width is the same as the window width, and the length is 20-40 percent greater than the required length of the shutters.
  • With a long line of folded striped accordion.Try to keep the accordion stage were the same.It's wise to do the layout.Markup Step 3-5 cm. The first step
    is to develop a pattern on top of the inside, and the last step of the blinds should be folded outward pattern.


  • the folded accordion middle pierce punch.If the bottom of the blinds, you will not make the fan (see below), it is desirable to pierce holes and the edges (5 cm from the edge) accordion.Another option: to make holes only at the edges and in the middle do.In general, to your taste.One caveat: the edges of the holes can be strengthened in advance pasted square or round (2 * 2 cm) pieces of paper or adhesive tape on each step in the place where the holes are.This is especially true of the upper opening.
  • in the resulting hole to insert a rope or satin ribbons (the same or different colors).Rope length should be 30-40 cm longer than the height of the blinds.
  • on the top step of the rope to fix the unit and seal your entire stair tape.
  • on the bottom step of the rope clamp to fix (as laces on jackets).If you put 2 or 3 rope (tape) can be fastened by separate clamps or tape to collect all three in one clip.
  • Spread accordion.
  • If you are using 1 rope in the middle, it is desirable to glue the bottom step (step two halves together).It will be like a fan.For this half step seal with tape, and then connect with the second half.
  • top step with an adhesive tape stuck to the window.Do not forget to pre-degrease bonding place.


If you do not want to mess with ropes and ribbons, use for fixing blinds decorative clothespins.Blinds of this type are convenient in that if you are tired, faded or dirty - you can just make new ones.Those with metal shutters, knows how difficult it is to wash each strip.No matter how you wash the old blinds still it will be seen that they are old.Throw a pity, they are worth a lot of money.A paper is not a pity to throw.Updating the interior is cheap and original.

Many interested in how to make fabric blinds, pleated blinds.Technology is the same as for the paper, but the fabric to be processed gelatin.Every step of the pleated bent handle iron.

Blinds of filaments

These blinds for the manufacture requires much more time than blinds wallpaper.But the result can be a masterpiece.How to make the blinds on the window, using the thread.

  1. for fixing yarns (fishing line), take the piece of wood.
  2. strung on a thread (or the line) a fine material.
  3. filaments attach to a wooden plank.

instructions may seem simple, but the execution of the second paragraph can be time consuming.As a material for stringing fit:

  • bottle caps (cork or plastic);
  • large beads (plastic, wood);You can string together and small, even beads, if you are not limited in time and love to develop fine motor skills;
  • decorative figures (wood, leatherette, leather).

Very well suited for stringing on thread blinds plastic tubes for cocktails.They can be alternated with other elements: beads or wooden figurines.

Good advice, if you want to make the distance between the elements: to details from being moved down, use the knots on the thread before and after parts.

In principle, these blinds are not quite compatible destination curtains that open and close.They do not add up.Therefore, the curtains on the threads usually perform a decorative function and is closed only part of the window, as pelmets.Photo shutters of yarns can give an idea of ​​the possible ideas and inspire you to create your artwork.



Vertical blinds

basis again is a wooden plank to fix the slats.Either special cornice for curtains, which can be purchased in the store.To narrow slats useful cornice in the form of pipes, and for the wide slats - with profiled cornice tracks.The material for the slats fit:

  • multicolored silk ribbons;
  • plaits of fabrics, leatherette, leather;
  • still the same thick paper or wallpaper;
  • drape fabric;slats made bilayer.

These curtains can be added, and not be afraid that the small details, strung on the line, as in the blinds of the filaments, mixed up with each other.For wide slats, which are suspended from the cornices, really make the mechanism for turning and folding.


Making blinds with pivot mechanism:

  1. side edge slat can be treated with overlock and the lower and upper reinforced wooden plates.The width of the slats can be different, but looks best 11-13 cm.
  2. On top of the slats to make fabric loops for hanging on hooks.Either metal hooks with a threaded screw in the wooden plate (make sure that the hook was exactly in the middle).
  3. swivel cord for fixing wooden plates in the upper drill holes at a distance of 1.5 cm from the edge.The holes should be narrow.
  4. Thread the cord through the hole.At the same time with the help of glue fix the length of the cord between the slats.To determine the length of the cord between the slats have to put them in parallel, covering 1-2 cm overlap. If the hole is too wide to seal and secure the cord can be used wood chips, coated with glue.The cord length should be as two plus two window width of the window height.Thread the cord should form a ring.
  5. slats suspended from the rail profile of the cornice.
  6. free portion of the cord is suspended on threaded hooks on one side of the profile of the cornice.On the other hand should be again with the help of a threaded hook to fix the cord to when trying to turn the slats, they did not start to move along the eaves.Therefore, extreme lamella will always be near this side.And the blinds will only emerge in this direction.
  7. From the long portion of the control cable to attach the slats at the control post.With it, you will put the blinds.

Horizontal blinds

mechanism of turning the horizontal plates is rather complicated, so really make blinds without the rotation system in the home.How to make shutters with his hands, if fins are arranged horizontally.

  1. Buy profiled cornices.Number of grooves for curtains will be determined by the width of the window.The width of the window is divided into 60 cm (average width of one section of the blinds).
  2. Make a frame of thin beams.Box width 50-60 cm, height of the profile up to the window sill or to the floor (classic version of 15 cm from the floor).Scrapie metal corners at the joints.Paint the frame in the color appropriate to the color of the slats.
  3. Cut strips (lamella) of fabric or heavy paper.The width of the strips -. 12-15 cm length of the strip should be 4 centimeters longer than the width of the frame.This allowance for folding the edges of the frame when mounting.Number of slats is calculated by dividing the height of the frame to the average width of slats and the gap between them (1-2 cm).Based on the number of sipes compute their width, the width of the first and last slats rest on more than 4 cm (for bending allowance).When calculating do not forget that the gaps between the slats will be 1 less than the lamellae.Before you cut the strip of wallpaper for painting, apply a pattern.You can use the cliche.
  4. stretch slats and fixed to the frame.To secure the appropriate tape, glue or small nails buttons.
  5. to hang sections in the upper end of the frame is screwed hooks.
  6. frame hung on the cornice profile.


Blinds ready.The only drawback of such blinds: they can not be completely folded, the front section will always be in sight.Therefore, if you want to completely move the section of the window opening, in advance provide a place for them at the window.Accordingly, the need to buy cornice profile: long enough to Section blinds can fully release the window opening.

Finally suggest you watch the video, how to make the blinds in the home.