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December 13, 2017 00:01

Bench with his own hands

wooden stool - a stylish and practical accessory for any room.It is quite spacious, so it can be used to store the necessary things.Most often installed benches in the hall, where they have not only a function of the chest, but also serve as a convenient place to sit.This piece of furniture thanks to the simplicity of its design it is possible to do yourself.To do this will not be spent a lot of time and effort.About possible ways of how to make their own hands banquette, describe below.


Bench of the old table


This banquette theirhands fulfilled easy and quickly.This will require the presence of certain materials:

  1. Foam thickness of 5-6 cm
  2. thick skein of wool..
  3. sheet of plywood 1.5 cm thick.
  4. aerosol glue.
  5. fabric lining.
  6. staple gun (preferably electric).
  7. sander.
  8. serrated knife, a hammer, a screwdriver.
  9. primer, paint.

In addition, we need to be an old coffee table o

f any shape and size.For example, such as in the photo:


Stages of work:

  • In order to upgrade an old coffee table and turn it into a new banquette, initially unscrew the fixing screws and remove the top cover from it.Make it should be as shown in the photo.


  • Now go to the treatment of the upper part of the future banquettes.To take this a sheet of 1.5 cm thick plywood and attach it to the plate 5-6 cm thick foam. Foam sheet dimensions in width should be 2.1 cm to more than plywood.Cut pieces of the desired size by using a material serrated knife.
  • Cut wool layer.It should make a 5-6 cm longer and wider than the foam layer.This is necessary in order to be able to wrap up the remaining edges of the countertop material.
  • Cut fabric sheathing.The dimensions of the material should be 5-6 cm longer in order to be able to wrap the edges of the sheet of plywood and foam.
  • seals all layers of the top of the benches together.Initially goes plywood, put the foam on it, then cotton.Then all clap-wrap cloth.All parts are fastened together by means of an aerosol adhesive.Then let the material layers for a while to dry.


  • sheathing cloth all parts of the structure should be fairly swift close.Then fix the material on the back of the worktop using the brackets building.It should be particularly careful when handling the design angle.That they get smooth and straight for fixing tissue using 2-3 Brackets on each corner.
  • Now go to the bottom of the processing bedside benches.To do this, carefully grind the old coffee table without worktop.To do this, use a hand sander with 120-grit sandpaper and sheet.Thoroughly grind both legs, and the lateral surface of the structure.
  • Next Prime with the lower part of the frame polished.This will require any primer, water-based material.Then give the mixture a good dry.
  • then paint the frame.You can use the spray paint in any color.That cover was monochrome and uniform, apply 2-3 coats of paint.That's all, banquette Bedroom ready.

How do banquette from scrap materials


For this we need:

  1. Bars plywood for the construction of the lower part of the structure - 6-8 pcs.
  2. plywood sheet (MDF) with a thickness of 6-7 cm.
  3. Plast foam.
  4. staple gun (preferably electric).
  5. Vata.
  6. Drill.
  7. Screws for wood (size 3 cm).
  8. Clay.
  9. hammer, screwdriver.
  10. Upholstery buttons.
  11. needles and thread.
  12. fabric lining.

Stages of work:

  • Cut the sheet of MDF to the right you banquettes (its top) dimensions.Next, place a pencil mark where the screws will be placed (typically 8-10 marks).After that, make a layout for the drilled holes with a drill.Fix the bar on top of the cement-contact.
  • top of the sheet of MDF anchoring layer of foam.Material can be bought at any hardware or home improvement store.Above laid a layer of cotton (as described in the first method of assembly benches).Secure it to the base using the furniture stapler.Carefully cut off the excess.
  • On impose a layer of cotton cloth sheathing.If it has a pattern, then before the crop material, make sure it was exactly in the middle.Fix the fabric straps on the back side.
  • Thoroughly stretch the fabric in the corners and fasten it 3-4 staples.

ottoman - your - hands - 4

  • Decorate the top of the benches is possible by means of conventional buttons, which may be purchased at any hardware store.It is also permitted for this use conventional buttons.Thus, initially the points denoted 7, which will be located buttons (buttons).Then wrapping button (or buttons) cloth, sew them to the upholstery.We are doing so, as shown in the photo.In order to tie four-wheel look more attractive, carefully align your fingers every crease of the material and its iron iron.


  • Now assemble the lower part of the benches for the living room.For this, we need a few bars: 6 pieces 2x2 height of 40 cm (for the legs), 6 pieces of 2x2 (jumper).Polishing, paint and gruntuem existing board.Next, set the right places-bars design of the legs and fastened them together with jumpers.To place the legs and lateral parts of the structure should be as shown in the photo.

ottoman - your - hands

  • Putting design into a coherent whole.To secure the required screws and liquid nails.Thus, we get a beautiful and functional stool from scrap materials.

Bench: photo



Bench in the form of an open sofa

For manufacturing need the following tools and materials:

  1. board or furniture board thickness 20-26 mm.(If you use boards, the preprocessing required material, grinding, coating protective structures).
  2. mounting tape for furniture.
  3. Furniture pins.
  4. Foam (or other soft filling).
  5. screws, self-tapping screws (size 3 cm).
  6. Drill.
  7. Joiner's glue.
  8. electric jigsaw.
  9. low power screwdriver.
  10. hammer, screwdriver.
  11. sander.

banquette - his - hands

Stages of work:

  1. banquettes size can be absolutely anyone.On this basis, it is possible to adjust the dimensions of the building materials (boards, furniture panels, wooden beams).Therefore, to find a suitable place to put benches, spend his measurements and display the schematic drawing of future construction.Bench
  2. will consist of several cubes, each of which has two side walls, the lid, bottom and rear wall.Because the front wall is not received in the recess structure may be used as storage cells (clothing, bedding, etc.).
  3. Perform layout on the board (furniture board) according to existing drawings.Now cut out the relevant parts of the structure.This will require a jigsaw.Note that the upper cover stools are secured on top of the side walls and the bottom and back panel will be located at the bottom of the structure.If the product will consist of 3 cubes, it will take 6 parts for assembling the side walls, as well as 3 parts for the bottom and rear panels.It is said that such a scheme is made and stool with backrest.
  4. Once all the necessary parts are cut, they must be thoroughly sanded.This will require a manual sander and sandpaper.
  5. Next interconnected parts of the structure obtained in upholstery pins.For this purpose, initially drill the holes in the ends of the desired size.
  6. After assembly design process the place joiner's glue joints.In order to ensure a more reliable structure fixation, the ends can be secured it with screws.Now we have collected 3 cube, which will be framed banquettes.These boxes come together.To fix, you can use screws, self-tapping screws.
  7. Handle design protective structures, gruntuem and inks.Give time to the frame has dried up.
  8. Then go to the production of the upper part of the product.Seats can be covered with an old mattress, the cut-to-size design.Furthermore, for the purpose of foam formation can be used.The selected filler is necessary to make a protective cover.
  9. After that holds together all of the items in a single structure.For this construction can be applied staples.Now our stool is ready to use.