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December 13, 2017 00:01

Ottoman with his own hands : Master Class

soft ottoman - a comfortable attribute of the small size of furniture, which often is a jewel of a living room or bedroom.Successfully matched ottomans able to give the interior a bright accents.Ottoman wonderful acts as a comfortable stool before the vanity mirror in the bedroom, and is a convenient substrate for the feet.Tougher wireframe models can act as a small coffee table.Upholstery padded stools are selected in accordance with the style of the room.


Types puffs

Externally ottoman issmall size seat with legs without them.In the furniture stores there are plenty of options poufs in different colors, sizes and characteristics.But if you want you can a

lso make it yourself.You do not need professional design capabilities, but rather the presence of skilled hands and imagination to create their own unique ottoman.

Depending on its design poufs are divided into these types:

  • frameless, that is soft and able to change its shape footstools;
  • with a framework of wood or plywood.These ottomans are more durable and long lasting.

How does the classic ottoman you can see in the photo:

ottoman - 10

puf_2_1 - 34807

Forms puffs

on external characteristics and forms of puffs are mainly divided into three types.It:

  • puffs on the legs;
  • cylindrical shape;
  • ottoman with backrest.Outwardly resembles a mini-chair, it is based on a wooden frame.Made with a padded stool legs;
  • poufs convertible.The space inside of the pouf is a place to store slippers or plaid.

Upholstery puffs

The quality upholstery made depends directly on the external aesthetics of a soft base.At this rate, it affects not only smooth the joints, but also the color and quality of the material used.For upholstery pouf can be used:

  • velor fabric, velvet, tapestry and jacquard.In addition, these look nice puffs;
  • leather or imitation leather.Leather ottoman will bring your interior solidity.But we must be prepared for the fact that over time, from imitation leather upholstery can be cracked;
  • fur.We recommend using high-quality fur, which pile will not stay on the clothes;
  • knitted upholstery.Independently can be made practical and original case for the padded stools with all kinds of knitting styles.


Fillers for puffs

There is a great variety of different fillers for soft ottoman frameless and frame.In the manufacture of padded stools with their hands, you can make use of such fillers:

  • coir.Pretty tough and durable material that is extracted from coconuts.It is necessary to choose the quality filler containing no additional surface treatments;
  • nonwoven fabric.It dyurafil - elastic material based on polyester.Easily recovers its shape after the load.It sold in the form of layers and is well suited for filling seats puffs, chairs and stools.In dyurafile not appear mites and other insects;
  • holofayber.Often used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture.Eco-friendly material, non-allergenic and does not evaporate into the air contaminants;
  • sintepon.The resilient and environmentally friendly material.It keeps its shape and is ideal for filling of upholstered furniture.It does not absorb moisture;
  • polyurethane foam.Possesses increased wear resistance properties.As a filler for the seat offers maximum comfort.It restores the original shape and is pressed;
  • beads of polystyrene.Suitable for filling soft puffs and puffs-bags.

Benefits puffs

Today bulky furniture is no longer relevant, manufacturers are upgrading their technology and make the furniture more functional.Compared to conventional chairs ottomans have a number of advantages such as:

  • compact size;
  • versatility.They can perform the function of chairs, stools, tables, stands and coffee table;
  • attractive appearance and easy design.


Ottoman hallway with his hands

hall is well suited for mobile ottoman on wheels.Sitting on it is easy to take off one's shoes and move it conveniently, if necessary.Before you make an ottoman with your hands, you need to take care of the instruments.

Tools and materials

to work you will need:

  • 4 wheels that can withstand more than 80 kg;
  • metal corners for furniture;
  • plywood sheet of 15 mm thickness;
  • linoleum, cut the size of 3,5h9,6 cm;
  • tissue.The circle diameter of 4.2 cm and a piece 1,2h0,5 m;
  • packaging screws (4h13);
  • foam as filler (thickness 4.5 cm).Cut out of his circle of diameter 3.9 cm and a rectangle - 1.2 m by 3.5 cm;
  • PVA glue;
  • jigsaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • ruler, pencil and compasses.

manufacturing technology

The figure below shows the dimensions of the drawing of details that need to cut it out of the plywood sheet.Try to keep at this jigsaw at a right angle to the future ottoman was stable.

ottomans - for - hall - their - hands - 2

  1. First sew fabric cover.You can order its manufacturing specialist, but if you know how to handle a sewing machine, sew it yourself.Below miss lace cover for further tightening it to the final frame.
  2. plywood base to fasten the padded stools using bolted to the metal corners screws.This is shown in the figure.
  3. Then attach the plywood frame linoleum.For each edge of the plywood fasten it with three screws.ottomans - for - hall - their - hands - 3
  4. Sheets of foam glue to linoleum.First obkleyte side surfaces pouf, then the upper side.When pasted foam and dry up, flip it, and attach four wheel.

ottomans - to - hallway - his - arms - 5

  1. frame padded stools ready, it remains only to put on his case.Lace is not tight, tighten, as from time to time you will have to remove cover for washing.

Homemade ottoman hallway ready.

Ottoman from automotive tires

This ottoman can serve you for a long time a coffee table.Its production does not require large expenditures, as virtually the entire range of tools can be assembled in a home workshop.

Tools and materials

You will need:

  • car tire;
  • 2 equal range of plywood or MDF.Thickness - 6 mm in diameter - 55 cm;
  • screws;
  • punch;
  • glue;
  • braided rope 5 m, thickness - about 10 mm;
  • scissors;
  • varnish.

ottomans of the tire ( 3 )

Stages manufacturing

To start, prepare a tire.Under running water, rinse it and dry it.Only then start to work.

  1. harvested earlier round of MDF put on a bus and punch make it 3 holes for the screws.Try to do so that the punch penetrates into the rubber.
  2. In all three holes with a screwdriver screw the screws.Turn the bus, and perform the same steps on the other side.
  3. now proceed to design pouf.To do this, paste the end of the rope in the center of a circle made of MDF.
  4. one hand hold the rope in the middle, and the second rope continue to stick around.Do not forget to use the glue before each turn.ottomans of the tires ( 4 )
  5. After the entire surface will be covered with MDF, just paste over the rope side surface of the tire.Turn it and wrap up until you reach the second round the edges.ottomans of the tires ( 5 )
  6. When papered the entire surface of the tire, carefully cut the rope residue.ottomans of the tires ( 2 )
  7. The final stage is to apply the lacquer.With a brush cover the entire nail surface wrapped bus and wait for some time before full drying.Homemade ottoman from the bus ready.

ottomans of the tires ( 6 )

Ottoman from plastic bottles

There is no more appropriate way of recycling waste than its practical application.In this case we are talking about plastic bottles.From this it can be recycled to produce anything from flower vases, finishing with original chandeliers.We suggest you use plastic bottles to create a padded stools.Stock up on bottles with lids and get to work.

Tools and materials

To make an ottoman, you will need:

  • about 40 plastic bottles of the same size;
  • three-layer cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • Scotch;
  • sintepon;
  • needle and thread;
  • cloth trim padded stools;
  • yarns of different colors;
  • spokes.

manufacturing technology should be noted that such an ottoman would break down and break under the heavy weight, so do not get it with the feet.

  1. 40 bottles with caps connect twisted together with tape so that the empty space as small as possible.
  2. The result is a framework for the padded stools.According to the diameter of a circle, cut two circles of cardboard.Each circle by means of adhesive tape, attach the two sides bottle frame, providing it with a flat top and bottom.
  3. From syntepon cut lining for padded stools: first 2 upper circle, then - a rectangle frame for wrapping of plastic bottles.
  4. When lining cut, put them on the frame and stitch together thread.
  5. carrying case is made then.To do this, cut the necessary parts of the fabric and sew them.
  6. Put the cover on sinteponovye lining.Optionally you can tie the ottoman with multicolored yarn.

The result will be an original pouf, looks no different from a wooden frame with padded stools.Our homemade ottoman lightweight and mobile.You can use it as a stool and as a stand for the tray.

ottoman - 3

To see all the details of the manufacture of padded stools with their hands, you can on video.