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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to sheathe the walls of PVC panels

last decade plastic panels, which sheathe the walls of the home, have become incredibly popular.This is primarily because the cost of such products is relatively low, and the appearance of the room can be quite varied.In addition, PVC wall cladding is a fairly simple process.At the same time, such work should take into account a lot of details to be brought to the attention of all who wish to decorate their home in this material.


  • Features plastic material
  • controversial points regarding the plastic panels
  • negative side PVC
  • Installing PVC
  • toolbar required for walls plastic
  • process installation
  • plastic panelsFeatures
  • create crates
  • Other aspects paneled rooms plating process PVC

Features plastic material

Some time ago there was a popular belief that plastic is a negative impact on human health, especially if it is used in the home.It is worth noting that today there is practically no such problems.Manufacturers have modern technologies, which allow to get rid of tox

icity.Despite this, very cheap PVC panels for the walls can have a pungent odor and other unpleasant features - such goods should get round.

One of the main advantages of these products can be considered as a variety of external component.Most hardware stores Plastic panels have hundreds of choices of shapes and graphic design.

seamless style materials allows their use in residential buildings without any problems.The figures and patterns on the panels can be perfectly combined with other elements of the interior.Now you can often find manufacturers that will cause it to cover the image without any problems, which you need.Despite this, prices for such PVC panels for walls will not be very different from the cost of the classic versions of products.only host limited imagination Appearance panel, so these products can safely be considered universal.

disadvantage of the majority of finishing materials can be considered the fact that with their help it is very difficult to trim hard to reach places.It includes various tabs, transitions, corners Such zones.Sheet PVC wall panels have a simple structure, which allows to make installation even in the most difficult cases.Cutting the material is very easy and can be replaced by one piece to the other, and at any time if necessary.

Many will recall that the first plastic panels were quite brittle.Even small load can severely damage the material.Now the situation has changed.The special technology of this coating enables it to withstand a lot of weight.Often the owners are fixed on the panel massive paintings, and other decorative elements.Fixing any items carried on classic technology - using brackets or other fasteners.

Those who use in their home plastic panels, know that this material is wonderfully combined with other elements of the house.Plastic sockets, ventilation and many other details of the home look great with such a coating.Metal space attributes are also good fit with this versatile material.

Modern technological solutions allow the plastic to serve for decades without losing their initial properties.Another interesting fact is that the PVC panels are easy to tolerate low temperatures, so that they can be hassle-free to sheathe the walls of the balcony.


controversial points regarding the plastic panels

Many owners mistakenly believe that the plastic parts are suitable for any surface.However, it is important to understand that to create smooth walls necessary to carry out some work.Not quite high quality crate can be a serious problem, after covering the walls with plastic, it will look a little convex, and this can not be tolerated.Experts advise to use the level to prevent even the slightest irregularities.The structure of most of the panels will spew out surface imperfections.Stucco can also be a source of problems, but in contrast to the battens, fix the plaster will be much harder and longer.

Despite the fact that the process of applying plaster is quite simple, a beginner with many tasks and can not cope.To do this, just need to know certain details, which will help to simplify some processes and to establish the panel exactly to make it look good and have served as long as possible.


negative side PVC

Virtually every building material has some negative aspects.Sheathing PVC wall panels can also result in some problems.First of all you need to know that plastic negigienichen.It is for this reason that this material practically does not trim children's rooms and facilities in medical institutions.Also plastic polarize the reflected light.

to use the coating does not hurt anybody, clean it occasionally regularly.This is done very simply.Need a cloth and a solution of washing.It is especially important to pay attention to the panel with massive seams, because they are highly contaminated, if not carried out regular cleaning.Seamless coverage is extremely easy to clean.It is important to set the fragments so that no formation of cavities - they become an attractive housing for insects.At the same time, the sealing material is also not a good solution.After some time, the panel and the crate can significantly deformed and becomes unusable.

Fire properties of plastic and put it mildly, not the best.Of course, set fire to it will not be easy, but it should be understood that in the case of fire, the panel will be a major source of the fire, which will also release hazardous gases.It is obvious that in this situation to finish the apartment according to the material - not the best idea.Especially it is not necessary to install PVC panels in the kitchen, because there is present a source of fire.


installation PVC panels

total ease of installation of panels and is one of the main features of the material.Large mounting shelf is attached to the crate using staples or screws.On the other side of the material is small mounting shelf that hangs over the crate.There are a lot of profiles that help to strengthen the fragments.The most popular are considered classic corners, spend the entire scope of work will not work without them.Skirting boards are also important profiles that must be fixed at the bottom of the panels - at floor level.Most of the areas that the plastic trim, must be equipped with start and finish profiles.They do not necessarily have the same color as the panel, as long as all the elements are well combined.


tools necessary for finishing the walls with plastic

  1. to fit the size of the individual elements, we need to use a jigsaw.This tool is ideal to saw any part of the panel, leaving no damage or burrs.Often used and circular saw.The large-scale work, it is even preferable.
  2. staple gun will be needed in the event that the plastic pieces are fastened to the wood sheathing.Under
  3. use handy jigsaw miter box to help securely attach the tool for cutting panels.
  4. Necessity plaster spatula is that you can easily fold it back to them a part of the finishing profile during the process.Often in this case, use other tools, but it is a spatula to provide maximum convenience.
  5. rubber mallet will easily pull up the panel in place.You can not do this reliably hands, as will the likelihood of pull out the main profile.

installation process

plastic panels As mentioned earlier, the installation of plastic panels - a fairly simple process, but it includes a lot of activities that should be remembered.

  1. At the beginning of the work required to make a crate, which will be mounting the panels.
  2. After that, you need to install the profiles: a guide, the start and finish.
  3. first sheet panel is installed in the lower profile, then arch arc and make the installation into the top profile.
  4. With mallets made thick mounting plate in the direction of the starting profile.
  5. Then just attach the remaining fragments of plastic, except the last one.When it comes to all the remaining elements necessary to be especially careful.This panel will need to cut from the large mounting shelf.It is necessary to make a small margin on the extension which often occurs in the warmer seasons.
  6. limb panel finishing profile, installing the bottom of the last element.We need to make sure that it is firmly in the profile.You will need at least two people.At first allocated part of the finishing profile, and then start up the panel to the top corner.At the end of the need to bend the shelf assembly and finishing profiles and finally fasten the plastic fragment.
  7. Next we need to fix the panel and the finishing profile to the crate using a staple gun.
  8. After the main part of the work required to arrange plinths.


Features create crates

Many believe that a specific need in the crate there, but it should be said that with the help of this element in the future it will be possible to quickly replace the plastic panels, and produce their secure fastening.

Make the crate from wood bars, at least - of the metal profile.Small cells that are behind it can be used for applying the insulating material.By the wall surface crate fastened screws into dowels or clamps.

Quite often you can find the use of this element on the ceiling.This greatly simplifies the process of fixing the plastic or metal profiles, as well as the creation of light.Fixing of the battens must be installed with a pitch up to half a meter.The distance between the bars should be such that the coating insulating material proved as simple as possible.

other aspects of the PVC sheathing panels flat

Definitely, cladding panels PVC - a great option that will save a lot of money and transform the home.Also this product is extremely practical, as opposed to tiles, decorative stone and many other materials.

PVC panels Prices for a wide variety of wall, but you can always find the best option that would satisfy the quality and cost.In any case, the main feature of these products is considered to be a huge variety of options, which has no other decoration material.