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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to hide the wires

in modern apartments as art, if not to hide from it wires, it is possible and cripple.The wires on the wall and the floor - it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also harmful to human health.Therefore, making repairs, plan immediately, how beautiful to hide them.


Masking inner way

wires on the wall

wires on the wall of the room spoiled her entire appearance, so the best way out - to hide them inside, you need to do:

  1. at the site where the wires neatly cutwallpaper a sharp knife.
  2. Cut wallpaper bend on both sides and secure them with needles.
  3. opened in the wall to do a groove in which to hide the wires.
  4. Put the wire into the groove.
  5. can paint over stucco wire, and you can close up clay.
  6. Apply to place hidden wires and glue wallpaper glue in place.

laying cable , in - apartment

wires on the floor

also how to hide the wires in t

he wall, you can do it and under the floor.No one even guess where all the wires disappeared in the house.There are several options:

  1. For this there are special skirting boards, which are already on sale with a niche for cable.The central part of the plinth is removed, to lay the cable, and then put this part in place.It is the most convenient and dust-free manner.
  2. If you plan to hide the wires in the repair of the floor, you can punch in the floor to break the groove, thread the wire in the ripple and put it into the recess.Above all pour cement.
  3. When leveling floor screed, you will need to stretch the lead to ripple, put it on the floor and on top of doing the usual cement screed.


wires on the ceiling

Hide wires in the ceiling easier than the wall.You can do it in different variants:

  1. Make a decorative niche of drywall, it must go through the entire perimeter of the ceiling.It is possible to put all the wires before that pull them into one pipe.And to the ceiling still looked more aesthetically pleasing, can be in the same niche equipped with lighting, which at night transforms the room.
  2. If the ceiling is suspended, then the wires are hidden in its niche.This method is good that the wires can be run in any direction, even diagonally.


External marking methods

If you are not a big fan of repairs and hide the wires in the wall and the floor seems to be a daunting task to you, do not despair, it is possible to mask the hated cable outside.To do this, we come up with several methods:

  1. Plants - hide the wires from the wall-mounted TV may houseplants.This will suit high dracaena, monstera or trudging through the wall ivy.However, we must be very careful spraying.You can instead of fresh flowers to put artificial time of irrigation is possible not to worry.A wire can not hide and disguise, making him part of the interior.
  2. Furniture - if properly positioned in a room furnished with a sofa, chairs, stools, they will help to disguise unsightly wires that connect home appliances.The best thing in this regard will help the furniture, which has a low clearance from the floor.
  3. doors - if the lay cable along the doors and casings, it will be less noticeable.You also need to see how and where the shadow falls in the room near the door, and play with light.Of course, this method will work, if you want to hide only one wire.
  4. Carpet - good hiding wires under the carpet, however, this should be done only on the perimeter around the walls, otherwise you run the risk of having unsightly wrinkles on the cover and stumble on it.
  5. Special devices.This includes a plinth with detachable part for cable laying, pipe, duct.You can lay a reasonable approach the cable so that it will be imperceptible.Options, how to hide the wires can be seen in the photo.

Hide- vyre4



Useful tips

  1. Each cable should be marked on both ends, so even after a while you do not get confused where fromwhat and how the wire.
  2. wire that carries the data or signal (this computer cables, audio and Internet, antenna) must be routed separately from the AC network.That way you will minimize any interference and noise.In audio and video cables should be short wiring, the lower, the better picture and sound quality.
  3. power cable must also have a short length, the larger it is, the greater the chance of electric shock: insulation can damage animal or a child, a wire to get under a table or chair, and broken.All this can result in fire or electric shock.So it is better that the cable is shorter and hidden more reliable.The wire is desirable not to bend, even hairline cracks in the bend locations can lead to unpleasant consequences.
  4. decorative but looks dangerous with fabric braided cable.Firstly, in case of breakage, this fabric can catch fire, and secondly, it very quickly becomes dirty and tidy appearance.
  5. network cable from your computer should be kept away from the fluorescent light.
  6. Always buy and cut as many wires as you want to the remains have not been rolled up into a ball of wire and did not spoil the appearance of the room.If the wires are under the table, they can be laid by attaching an adhesive tape to the underside of the tabletop.
  7. Use special decorative box to hide the wires.Very often they have an unusual design and fit almost any decor.The choice of store such boxes very large.

Hide- vyre6

transition to a wireless network

to not only hide the wires in the apartment, but also to limit their number, it is necessary to think about the wireless networks., There are also systems that transmit data using a conventional household electrical network of hidden wires already in the home to connect your computer to the Internet and communicate with other computers have long been invented devices such as Wi-Fi routers.For landline phone also long been thought up a wireless "extension cord", as well as home theater.

Speaking of household equipment, it also occurred in the recent major changes in the world of technology.There were stands for wireless TV and audio equipment.There are models of phones that can be charged without a special wired devices.

Every year, this technique becomes more and more, but for now it will not go all the wireless wires, power supply system, it is necessary to think about where to hide.By the way, experts recommend doing it around the room to radiation, which carries with it the wiring was evenly distributed throughout the room.