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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wall stone with their hands

Despite the fact that for many years the construction market is filled with a diverse array of products to suit every taste and color, natural and artificial stone does not get replaced.This material is able to create a wonderful atmosphere in the home.At the same time, the main feature of such a coating may be called its durability.Unlike plastic panels and wallpaper, every stone wall cladding in the apartment extremely durable.Applying it to trim the outer walls, we get home, which is not subject to aging and the gradual deterioration of the appearance.


features natural andartificial stones

Stone at any time was considered to be the actual material.Its durability and decorative components do not cause any doubts.However, there is always the problem of choosing between the natural and artificial turf.Man

y people mistakenly believe that natural stone is the best option for all known parameters.Maybe once upon a time it was, but everything has changed today.The inner walls of the dwelling better artificial stone veneer.In this case, we can expect not only high quality finish but also on some other important features of this coating.There are many factors which indicate that the artificial stone is much better and more practical than natural:

  1. Artificial stone crumbles less and has a low weight.With this material is easily attached to the surface.
  2. He hardly threatened temperature differences.In this case, the appearance of cracks is almost impossible, which is very important when facing the fireplace.
  3. dorsum of unnatural material has a special treatment that allows it to easily be attached to any basis.
  4. Due to the special manufacturing technology of artificial stone, it almost does not fade in direct sunlight.
  5. Unique thermal insulation properties of the coating such as an order of magnitude higher than its nearest competitor.
  6. Choosing natural stone, unfortunately, not too big.The artificial material is available in hundreds of colors and options reliefs.
  7. smooth surface unnatural lining makes it easy to take care of it.
  8. Standardization size artificial material makes it possible to perform the most simple installation.

addition to the above factors, the artificial stone has high strength and durability.In addition to the large number of positive aspects, this type of cover is a small cost.Particularly serious is the issue price in the choice of material for the cladding of large areas.


application features decorative stone

It should be noted that the use of stone creates a kind of protected space.If it is used to flavor home will look just gorgeous.

To create the unique atmosphere of the house, that would definitely appeal to all, it is necessary to approach the finishing process very seriously.Cover stone walls is a responsible process, during which the employee must take some serious decisions.Immediately is to say that the entire surface oblitsevat stone wall - a bad idea, because then the home will be more like a cave than a modest apartment.Many experts advise to carry out decorating only in certain places.It may be the door and window openings, areas above the baseboards, space for shoes, racks and other facilities.You can also decorate the stone viewed corners homes and areas where the furniture.

Best option - it is partially finished.In this case, we do not lose the feeling that we are in a small residential area, and the stone gives the interior solidity and a certain feeling that we are in a kind of fortress.


Choice stone cladding

Fortunately, select excellent material for decoration is quite simple.Most importantly, it is the maximum combined with other design elements.If the room is small, experts advise to buy a stone of small and medium sizes, that all looked harmoniously in the house.Often, the owners prefer the bright lining.In addition to a pleasant appearance of such material is also visually expand the space.

Selecting structure surface of the stone is very important.The main thing - that the final composition of the most naturally looked.If you prefer natural stone wall covering, you should seriously consider how eventually will be the appearance of the room.Various dimensions of the coating create a mixed structure and topography, which can not please everyone.


Preparation of the surface to be tiled

obvious that the tiles did not immediately put on a "bare" walls.Before his own hands oblitsevat stone walls need to apply several layers of other materials to create a foundation.This technology is similar to that which is necessary for facing the surface of the tiles.However, it is important to remember that in the case of the stone is allowed a certain curvature.This is only a positive impact on the appearance of the composition.

substrate must be really high-quality, durable and reliable, because the stone is heavy, and thus creates a serious burden.

To prepare the walls should be made of plastering.Experts advise to use with reinforced mesh, which only add strength.Often in the finishing room is also used drywall, but a special need for this.

For those who prefer the natural stone, which has a lot of weight, should be used as a metal mesh reinforcement wall.The artificial material, as already noted, is lightweight, so it is sufficient layer of plaster.

to secure the decorative stone is often used liquid nails, tile glue or silicone.Any of these options quite reliable.Also recently appeared on sale the glue for a stone, which allows not less firmly secure the material on the wall surface.

In certain cases, a normal cement mortar.For optimal results, it adds a variety of plasticizers, PVA glue, which significantly strengthen the reliability of the fixing.

Often, people have a preference for classical composition tile.To prepare it, pour enough water into the bucket a little and gradually add the dry mixture.This solution requires a careful mix until smooth.


Features stone cladding surface

If you are at the disposal of items of various sizes and shapes, it is necessary to make a sketch, which would be shown how it will look after lining.This will advance to prevent problems that occur due to non-compliance of the material dimensions.It is also important to consider the joints, resulting from the use of artificial stone.Often, their width may be up to 8 mm.

process of lining the walls:

  1. To start, you need to apply the solution to the wall surface with a spatula.Do not immediately cover the entire surface, for wall cladding stone - a fairly long process.When using an artificial material that is strongly reminiscent of the tile should make laying in rows, starting from the bottom.It is also desirable to use plastic crosses, which will not allow to make a rough lining.
  2. If during the facing walls under a rock it was found that the size of some specific fragments are too large, you can use the grinders and cut them into pieces.However, it is important that such action does not spoil the appearance of the composition.
  3. Even after all the rows of stacked stone, and the solution dried (often all it takes about two days), you can remove all the extras.This may include special retaining devices and the above-mentioned plastic crosses.Further trimmed the excess solution.
  4. Now we need grout to fill the joints.Due to the specifics of the material, here we rarely get perfectly aligned layers of grout, so it is best to apply the composition to use a damp cloth or sponge.
  5. If you use natural stone for lining the surface, you will also need and applying special coatings, which protect the walls from the formation of moss and mildew.