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December 13, 2017 00:01

How to visually increase the ceiling

in a small apartment or room, so sometimes I want to feel the space and freedom over their heads.But too low ceiling does not allow it.For a more comfortable stay in this room come to the aid tips and design tricks on how to increase the ceiling visually.


  • way to visually increase the ceiling
  • How to increase the height of the ceiling with the help of multi-level filing
  • stretch ceiling, which increases headroom
  • How to increase the low ceiling with the help of the mirror coating
  • recommendations on howvisually increase the ceiling

way to visually increase the ceiling


to visually increase the ceiling of several methods that are conventionally divided into groups:

  1. Optical illusion: mirror, hinged, French or ceiling.
  2. Properly installed lighting: all kinds of chandeliers, sconces, lamps and neon lights.
  3. true chosen design: design of the walls, curtains and blinds.
  4. focus on a particular object - to distract attention away from the low ceiling, it is necessary to draw atte
    ntion to something else, more vivid and expressive.


With deformation and changes in the structure of most of the ceiling in the best way it turns out to increase it.Let us consider what the ceiling enhances the room.

How to increase the height of the ceiling with the help of multi-level filing

One option to increase the ceiling is a visual multilevel plasterboard ceiling.The ability to choose the design and complexity of the ceiling alone will give a unique home, and LED strip will add comfort and originality.

multilevel ceiling completely reconstructs the geometry of the room, the space increases and mask minor irregularities basic ceiling.


not need to have special skills, just to read the instructions and do everything according to the rules for the installation of the ceiling.
Before you start work, you must purchase such tools:

  • metal profiles and guides,
  • drywall,
  • screws for metal.

tiered ceiling installation instructions:

  1. First you need to make a layout.Use a pencil and level.
  2. Next install the profile and guides, attaching them with screws.
  3. When the frame is ready - check it for strength and evenness.
  4. the wires, where will be placed lamps or lights.
  5. Then fasten sheets of drywall, pre-cut them under the profile size.
  6. If the ceiling is a wave, for better fixing plasterboard soak it for 10-15 minutes with hot water, then it is easy to bend.
  7. carved in gypsum construction site under the lights.
  8. shpatlyuem joints and paint.


This option allows you to visually increase the ceiling to choose the design of varying complexity, doing ceilings two, three or even a four.A proper installation of lighting will make the room bright, comfortable and airy.

stretch ceiling, which increases headroom

Stretch ceilings also called the French, because they were first invented in this country.Stretch ceiling is a structure of PVC film, mounted on aluminum or plastic profiles under the main ceiling.

Stretch ceilings are very diverse.In their texture is divided into three types:

  1. Glossy - represent a mirror surface and thus increase the space.A disadvantage of such ceilings are visible seams, especially at high ceilings.
  2. Matt - fit perfectly into any interior.They resemble usual ceiling and used to hide small irregularities basic ceiling.
  3. Satin - ceiling give pearl tint.They are similar to the texture of matte and shine on glossy.
  4. Tissue - is a long stretch of cloth that is dipped in a special solution and then dried at installation on the ceiling.The absence of seams - the main advantage of such a ceiling.


The main advantage of such ceilings is the fastest way to install.Installation takes only a few hours.Stretch ceiling set ways:

  1. cam mount - by means of profiles, which are mounted on movable and fixed elements of spinning.The film with the spatula, installed and fixed in the profile.Next is the process of heating it and it straightens.
  2. Shpatikovoe mount - the canvas is fixed in the aluminum profile shpatikom or wedge.The extra edge trimmed and mounted prints.
  3. Harpoon - allows you to set the ceilings of varying complexity.In this assembly is attached to the canvas a harpoon, and then the fabric is mounted on the main ceiling.For this method the web is not required to warm up.

Thus, the installation of a stretch ceiling requires only 2.5-3 cm from the main ceiling height.But visually it is very good increases the ceiling and gives the interior a more space.


How to increase the low ceiling with the help of the mirror coating

Mirrored ceiling is another way to increase the space as a whole, and in particular the ceiling.Among the advantages of a mirror ceiling release:

  • easy care,
  • hide all the irregularities,
  • increase in space,
  • ecology.

But despite the advantages, has a mirrored ceiling and cons:

  • very fragile - easily damaged,
  • cost - high in comparison with gypsum board ceilings,
  • easily contaminated.


Mirrored ceilings produce the UK and Germany, are among the best.They come in the form of tiles in size 30x60, 60x60 cm. Do not install a solid mirrored ceiling, as if it is damaged, increasing the risk of injury from shrapnel.

mirrored ceiling installation methods:

  • Mount Armstrong.
  • mounting with screws.
  • Bonding mirror plates.

1. The first type of fixing is carried out after all the finishing works:

  • Mirror plates are mounted on a metal profile, thus can hide all communication and electrical wiring.
  • plates mounted on the profile with plastic dowels and screws.


2. Before starting the installation, by means of screws you need to prepare the ceiling, aligning its plasterboard.On plasterboard structures mounted mirror plate and fixed with dowels and screws.This method is the easiest, but unreliable.

Tip: for greater strength before screwing mirror plates apply a thin layer of glue.Stove will keep better and easier it will be attached.

3. To carry out the installation by gluing also need to align the ceiling drywall, and then glue the mirror plates, with a special glue.This method is ideal for light mirror plates.

recommendations on how to visually increase the ceiling

all of the above methods to change the very structure of the ceiling and add some design tricks that will learn how to increase the ceiling.
Tips on interior arrangement to visually increase the ceiling:

  1. When choosing wallpaper for a room with a low ceiling, guided by straight horizontal line.These walls extend and, respectively, and make the ceiling higher visually.
  2. When decorating the room of one possible variant of colors, both for ceiling and wall.It should be bright colors from the white to pale beige or milk.At the same time the walls and ceiling merge, and the boundary becomes less visible between them.
  3. Lighting - also a very important factor, which forms the general atmosphere of the room.To visually expand the space is recommended to use a lot of light.Use all kinds of LED strips or lamps.
  4. niche in the wall with lighting also will help visually expand the space.
  5. Installation of windows and doors, try to make a doorway close to the stream, and the windows to pull up.
  6. Properly selected curtains visually increase the ceiling height.Curtains and curtains must be made of light materials and bright with discreet vertical stripe.
  7. divert attention from the low ceiling help accent the walls.For example, stick or draw beautiful wallpapers panels.
  8. contrasting edgings extend the height of the ceiling and the room in general.
  9. Depending on the size of the room, the wallpaper paste, so that they came to the surface of the ceiling at 6-10 cm.
  10. When decorating the room, use only cold or light colors.
  11. When selecting furniture low ceiling will seem higher.


The decoration and design of the room with a low ceiling should not be used:

  • massive chandelier in the center of the room,
  • wallpaper with bright and vivid pictures,
  • horizontal lines,
  • low doors,
  • short curtains,
  • huge furniture.

With these recommendations and tips even the low ceiling will seem higher than a couple of centimeters.