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December 13, 2017 00:01

How to make an opening in the wall

When making repairs, when living space is limited, very often there is a need to make one large function room.Wall opening - this is the part that just combines the two rooms into one, or, conversely, divides one large room into two functional areas.The question of how to make an opening in the wall, quite urgent, therefore, for better study it, take a look at the various technologies.


  • Types of wall openings
  • technical requirements and strengthen the wall opening
  • Design wall opening, via arch
  • How to make an opening in the wall with the
  • niche asymmetrical opening in the wall
  • Design wall opening

Types of wall openings


  1. wall openings made in the concrete or wall or as a partition of the drywall.The concrete wall to make the opening difficult.Firstly, it is necessary to examine the technical passport facilities and make sure that the wall is not load-bearing, and secondly to purchase or rent special cutters for concrete, without which perform extremely difficult this work.
  2. openings of gipskokarartona obtained in the process of building walls.If the idea has arisen after the repair, the opening is done using conventional saws and internal bulkheads are cut grinder and going again, but so as not to obstruct the space.
  3. Another common question is how to decorate a doorway.This is the last kind of unsightly holes in the wall.


Wall openings vary in size.From small to large, occupying almost the entire wall.

There are open and closed openings.Open the aperture divides the room into parts, walk through it, and closed a niche in the wall.

Upcoming openings in the walls are:

  1. rectangular.
  2. asymmetrically.
  3. arched.

technical requirements and strengthen the wall opening

in modern houses almost all the walls are load-bearing, and therefore build an opening in a wall is problematic.First you need to get permission from the various services.Refer to a specialist for redevelopment, and he has explained in detail how to get permission for construction work.

In high-rise buildings usually require reinforcement wall opening, since a lot of pressure the upper floors leading to the collapse of the walls or in cracks on its surface.Reinforcement is not necessarily carried out in the monolithic homes or on the upper floors of high-rise panel.But it is better to consult with experts in the field, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.


To reduce the load on the part of the wall, which makes an opening, you need to strengthen it.To do this, start by selecting the type of strengthening:

  • single row, using sill,
  • angled - used steel corners,
  • combined - combines the two above-mentioned method.

single-row reinforcement - the most economical.With this opening in the strengthening wall inserted U-shaped channel that receives the load onto the upper and side portions, and then distributes it on the walls.This type of strengthening the most unreliable.

fortified walls of the opening by a corner is most commonly used in panel houses.Depending on the thickness of the wall corners come in different sizes, from the smallest to see 6,3h5 bulky and powerful 14h9h12 see. In strengthening this way on both sides of the wall are installed two U-shaped frame, which are connected to each other fittings or other fasteners.This method is the best, because it combines the reliability and efficiency.When

outdated or poor quality walls and ceilings is recommended to use a combined view of strengthening.It combines strengthening using sill and corners, sometimes with the use of U-shaped steel beams.This is the most reliable and durable way to strengthen the wall opening.

Design wall opening, via arch

The most traditional way of processing wall opening is arch.If you choose this method, be aware that the arch reduces the height of the opening of 10-15 cm. Noble arch look with high ceilings, the ceiling is very low if the best option is U-shaped design.

Arch or make your own hands, or customize the wall opening in the usual wall under the arch using parts and fillings.The materials used plasterboard, chipboard or plywood.The easiest option - to buy ready-made arch.


Arches vary in size, volume and angle.There are several dozen types of arches.The main ones are:

  1. Classical - round arch.The radius is half the width of the opening.
  2. Modern - the radius of the arch is greater than half the width of the opening.These arches are used on a massive and wide walls.
  3. Romantic - two angles U-shaped design smoothed under the arch.She looks like an ellipse.Consumption in the construction of such arches - minimum.
  4. Poluarka - has one rounded corner.

Arch - the best option design doorway.It will diversify and decorate the interior, but also will make the novelty and uniqueness.

How to make a doorway Photo:

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How to make an opening in the wall with the

niche to create extra space or just to decorate the interior often use niche.They are not only a decoration, but also to perform the function of the cabinet, shelf or rack.In small rooms without them simply can not do.But in the large spacious apartments also use niche.There they fit into the interior, as a wonderful decorative element, often covering an entire wall.

Functional niche used for such purposes:

  • ideal option for home libraries, with limited housing space, a niche, made in the form of shelves for books.

photo 1

  • in the living room or the kitchen, the perfect solution is the creation of the buffet cabinet using niche.It is not only beautiful, but also practical application of the d├ęcor elements.

photo 2

  • niche also used as a decorative design to make additional lighting or just for the interior diversity.In this case, the variant unit built into the wall of the aquarium.

photo 3

  • To save space under the bed in the bedroom, an excellent option is also a niche.It allows you to drown in the bed of 15-30 cm, sometimes up to 50 cm, permitting the thickness of the walls.At the same time, in a niche set lighting and romantic atmosphere is guaranteed.
  • niche in the bathroom - a great option to accommodate a variety of hygiene products.

5 photos

  • also niche combined with arches, creating a gorgeous design masterpieces.

asymmetrical opening in the wall

most interesting kind of wall opening is asymmetrical opening.Options for its design are very diverse.From simple arches and niches to combine the arches with niches and different types of highlights.

Consider asymmetric opening mounting technology of plasterboard:

  • draw the layout, consider the need for shelves, lights or other decorative elements,
  • prepare gypsum, plaster, tools and metal profile,
  • set the sketch framing,
  • sheathe hisplasterboard,
  • putty joints and the heads of the screws,
  • primed,
  • perform fine work.

Throughout the procedure, the most important point is the correct dimensions.Otherwise the design will quite angular and rough.In order to bend a sheet of drywall, it should be wet.If you can not put some parts in a container of water, wet suit cloth, which are placed on top.In carrying out this work, you need to soak the only pre-prepared items, wet plaster is not cut.

Separately consider asymmetric opening installation technology in the supporting wall does not make sense, so as to achieve certain forms need to cut out the desired shape in the wall.

Design wall opening

After determining the type of processing wall opening should finish it.Finishes come in a wide variety, consider a few of them.

  • To make the aperture more texture and expressiveness, decorative plaster - an ideal option.Openings in the walls, how to make decorative plaster can be seen in the photo:

6 photos

  • next option finishes - this tree.If the interior has a wooden staircase or a door, then this method is ideal for the design of the room.
  • If doing the arch next to the window, then the wallpaper - the easiest and most inexpensive way to finish.When you select this option, add a wall opening curtains or drapes, they will create more light and decorate the interior.
  • Plastic panels - quite economical option.Different textures and colors of the panels allow to fit them in almost any interior.

7 photos

  • more unusual and peculiar to the arches looks decorative stone or tile.
  • Molding also suitable for the walls of the opening.Since it is very easy to operate.Enough to stick to the wall molding and cover paint, suitable to the interior.
  • Stained glass mosaic or adorn a wall near the doorway.

There is an unlimited number of finishing options for wall opening.Recommend combine several options to each other.Skip to main decoration added decorative curtains, blinds, curtains, strings.Backlighting makes opening more air and increase the space of the room.When choosing a Victorian style, podoyzhet Fascia - protruding parts, such as columns.As the original materials for decoration wall opening using glass, clay, metal, sea shells and even a panel from the dried flowers, fruit and vegetables.