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December 12, 2017 00:15

Aerator with their hands

Aeration involves the process of filling the various ambient air environment.During aeration of lawns provided by the air flow, moisture and fertilizer to the soil structure.This procedure is particularly relevant for clay, heavy and poorly water impermeable soils.


  • Features process
  • equipment for aeration
  • How to make a lawn aerator with their hands
  • aerators for water
    • Species aerators for water
    • Construction homemade aerator
  • Conclusion


process aeration method makes it possible to obtain a healthy and attractive lawn vegetable coating.Since this process is much more efficient irrigation is carried out, it decreases the amount of dry stalks, smaller lawn is overgrown with moss.As a result of this procedure, the plants are supplied with moisture even during periods of drought.And in the case of excessive moisture water will not stagnate, which will prevent rotting vegetation.

Aeration is necessary in the event that caked soil layer, whereby the root system is not

receiving the desired moisture, oxygen and nutrients.The complicated process of gas exchange is the reason for the stagnation of water on the surface.The humus accumulation of carbon dioxide occurs, which leads to oxygen deficiency, which in turn provides the decomposition and oxidation of organic elements minerals.The consequence of this process are the diseases of vegetable crops.

Aeration is done by two methods:

  1. first involves puncturing the soil with metal teeth, thereby creating the necessary holes.According to a second
  2. aeration method is carried out using hollow pins through which the fragments are extracted from the soil of 1 cm in diameter - 2cm.The second method is considered to be more effective, since these tips allow you to remove the aerator from the soil layer of dry grass.The frequency of aeration is at least 2 times a year.But the procedure can be carried out more frequently if required by the condition of the soil.

first aeration carried out using rakes and forks, but today the technical development of agricultural tools has leaped forward.Today, the industry offers for this purpose special devices - aerators.These devices are divided into several varieties criteria.


equipment for aeration

Experts identify mechanical aerators and devices with a motor.Mechanical devices, in turn, are divided into:

  • rakes, aerators;
  • roller assemblies;
  • aerator sandals.

devices in the form of rakes are made on the basis of thin plates.In operation, they are treated soil, while retaining the integrity of the lawn.Roller machines in the form of a rake, but are equipped with rollers that provide additional comfort in the work.

Aerating and sandals are the sole form which is attached to the foot by straps.The lower part of the sole is equipped with spikes.To work with such devices must be as follows: sandals need to attach to the foot and walking on the lawn.These aerators are designed for small lawn areas, as a way to handle such large areas is difficult.

Rotary aerators equipped with a motor, characterized by versatility.In addition to the piercing of the soil and oxygen saturation of its data devices clean various types of garbage and dead grass.

lawn - at - winter

aerators also distinguished by referring to the engine.According to this criterion release:

  • power;
  • petrol vehicles.

Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages.The device with an electric motor particularly silent in operation and low weight.So aerator is convenient enough to work.But the process it can be only small portions, as the unit is powered from the mains and its movement is limited to a cord.

device is equipped with a gasoline engine, it is more convenient to handle large areas.But also it has a drawback - the need to fill the machine only high-quality fuel.Otherwise, the engine may be damaged.


How to make a lawn aerator with their hands

Purchase aerators in the store is important for owners of large areas.Owners of small and medium-sized areas may well use devices made by yourself.First, consider the simplest method of making.This device will be in the form of the sole with studs.

to work you need to prepare:

  • wooden or metal plate width 5 cm, length must match the size of the foot;
  • screwdriver;
  • screws.

manufacturing process will occur in the following sequence:

  1. The plates should drill the holes.Their location must comply with a checkerboard pattern.
  2. Then, using the screwdriver should be screwed screws.For footwear such aerators are mounted using Schlei.
  3. to perform on the lawn aeration by means of such devices, simply attach it to your shoes and walk through the area.This method is more suitable for small areas.

TVO Lavna Sandals

For medium parameters sites more convenient solution is the next device.For its production will require:

  • fragment of a pipe;
  • nails;
  • bearings;
  • bracket;
  • wooden handle;
  • welder.

Technology facilities as follows:

  1. The pipe must be filled weighting material.
  2. Furthermore, using the welding apparatus to the outside from the chess frequency welded nails.
  3. tube is attached to a shaft having bearings.
  4. then placed on the shaft clamp, which is attached to the handle.With the help of a pen device management is performed.


aerators for water

Recently increasingly popular trend of jewelry sites of natural or artificial reservoirs.But the contents of the reservoir provides the fulfillment of certain requirements.In the case of improper care in the water formed sediment, algae, as well as there are processes of decay.To prevent such unpleasant moments can be with water oxygenation.Performing this procedure through the water aerators.

particular relevance of the use of these devices appear in the winter when the pond is covered with a layer of ice and air infiltration becomes impossible.In summer, with the help of the aerator can prevent decay of the water body, removing it from the waste products of plants and microorganisms.These devices for water bodies are divided into several types.


Species aerators for water

  1. Surface model - one of the most popular and effective aerators.In its work, these devices spray water over the pond.When the liquid goes down, its saturation by oxygen.Among the advantages of these devices can be identified efficiency and economy.The disadvantage is the high level of noise.
  2. Injection devices.Oxygen saturation is carried out at an air suction.Mixing with the liquid, the air dissolved in the medium.The injection device characterized by a lack of noise during operation.But they have low performance and consume large amounts of electricity.
  3. Bottom aerators are installed on the bottom of the reservoir, where the supply of the medium is carried out with oxygen, stirred and layers of aligned temperature readings throughout the pond.Thus, it can prevent the formation of the ice layer.The disadvantage of these devices is the high cost.

Construction homemade aerator

pond aerator with your hands, you can build from the pump or a hydraulic pump.This will require:

  • metal tube;
  • proper pump or hydraulic pump;
  • hammer;
  • hoses for water;
  • stones;
  • knife;
  • wrench;
  • screwdriver.

main features facilities aerator:

  1. Whether that will be used - the pump or pump, the material should be equipped with a powerful engine.This is required to ensure that a strong pressure, which is a prerequisite for high-quality aeration.Buy pump is not difficult, there are now a large number of specialty shops.
  2. Install it should lower the reservoir level at the source, which can be created from any of the materials at hand.It can be folded in the form of slides stones, vase with the work done in the bottom of the hole or an old statue.Coming out of a fountain, the water is saturated with oxygen, and then falls into the pond.Thus, there is saturation of the pond.
  3. When using the pump should pay special attention to the cable insulation.It is necessary to eliminate the possibility of moisture in the wiring.As a precaution, the wiring can be placed in a rubber hose.
  4. There are two options for pump location: in the water and around.In the central part of the pond is necessary to form a pile of stones on which to install the spray tube.
  5. To ensure the water supply and drainage hoses are used.This approach makes it possible to carry out the constant control over the device, and greatly simplifies the maintenance of the device.



Implementation Aeration - is an integral part of the care of lawns and ponds.Today, construction market offers a variety of devices of any model and cost.But if you want you can make aerators water with their hands.The materials needed for this are quite affordable.And the construction process is characterized by technological simplicity.

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