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December 12, 2017 00:15

Polymeric sand pits : advantages and disadvantages

One of the necessary living conditions is a regular water supply.In apartment buildings this function is performed by a centralized system.But this task on private land has to decide.One option is to build a water well of the polymer, which will receive water uninterruptedly.This process has a relatively low cost.


FeaturesPolymer operating wells

Well is a hydraulic structure designed for obtaining groundwater.This structure has the shape of a vertical recess walls are reinforced with certain material.

addition to standard water tanks today there is a need in the construction of these types of structures like natural gas pipelines, sewerage, drainage and inspection chambers.On the construction quality is affected by the material from which it is made.During the operation on the well affects a number of a

dverse factors: ground water, containing chemicals, temperature extremes and moisture.All of these conditions could cause a tightness of the tank, so the material for manufacturing should have good resistance to natural factors like.

repair of wells is a challenge.For this reason, the most reasonable choice is to use in the construction of high-quality and resistant to various influences material.For a long time the main raw material for the production of the wells was reinforced.However, due to the dynamic development of the construction industry, new types of designs on the market.One such option is a polymer-sand pit, which has a high airtight characteristics.
These alternative structures are not all the same.They differ in diameter, the load, which is capable of supporting hatch, as well as the thickness of the rings which make up the structure.The deeper the well, the thicker walls it should be.The diameter of the well depends on its purpose.For example, for the construction of communications, typically quite suitable for narrow wells.


manufacturing technology

Wells of Polymer materials are made of composite material and a mixture of sand filler.Composites are artificially created material - a kind of plastic.The method of manufacturing a hot pressing.During this process, powders are mixed and the impact elements by heat and pressure.The resulting polymer envelops each filler particle.At the subsequent hardening mass forms a solid monolithic structure.

device structures

Well consists of separate fragments.Sand-polymer rings for wells have a height of 200 cm. Also the design includes an adapter that attaches to the last ring.On top of it is covered by a manhole cover.Depending on the ability to withstand the load provided by the data structural elements are divided into three categories:

  1. The first category covers, designed for loads up to 3 tons.
  2. second category - the hatches to withstand up to 7 tons.
  3. And the last type are the products that can withstand 15 tons.

addition polymer-sand pit assembly has a bottom, a height of 30 cm. With this indicator has a capacity of absolute integrity.The bottom is attached directly to the ring itself.

number of members of the fragments is determined by the design depth of the well.Due to the fact that it is permissible to install any number of rings of polymer wells easier to mount to greater depths than their counterparts from other materials.But there is a standard rate of construction.This ring 8 in combination with an adapter, the bottom plate and the hatch with a cover.


Benefits Polymer well

The essential advantages of this material should include the following factors:

  1. relatively lightweight construction.Fragment sand polymer structure has a mass of about 60 kg, with a total weight of the well 250 kg.If we compare this figure with concrete counterparts, we can see a significant difference.Detail of reinforced concrete structures has a weight of 500 kg.
  2. weight of polymer material greatly facilitates installation process.In order to deliver it to the construction site does not require the use of special equipment.
  3. also well versed in the elements that provides an additional advantage in transportation.Luc or rings of raw materials may be able to pick up two people, and they can carry the trailer to the car.This fact positively affect the cost of installation.
  4. should also be noted that the absence of the need for special equipment allows easy installation in tight spaces.If necessary, it can be dismantled, while the product is not damaged.
  5. Well of polymer-sandy materials resistant to moisture.This is due to low porosity structure of the building structure.In the presence of large pores in winter material it expands further, which leads to occurrence of microcracks.Polymer well able to withstand 500 freezing without incurring any damage.
  6. addition, during the construction will not have difficulties with the implementation of docking.Fragments from the well of polymer materials have the ability to tightly bind.With this type of docking design absolutely does not pass water.
  7. for the well completely not dangerous waste water, because after assembly, it is a single monolithic structure.
  8. Wells of composite polymer-sand is also not susceptible to a variety of corrosive substances.These particles are brought together with groundwater.However, a composite material of which the structure does not react with the salts, acids and alkalis.
  9. addition, the material is resistant to temperature changes and different physical effects.Thus to achieve this effect is not conducting any additional processing required.
  10. Well quite easily be connected to the water system.To perform this procedure you need to drill holes in the structure itself.The polymer-sand pit it can be done with household tools.The holes do not need to further process the protective compounds.
  11. Polymer wells have a fairly long period of operation.They can last up to 100 years.There will not be leakproof joints.
  12. Also, this material is environmentally safe, since it does not emit harmful substances during the entire period of his service.
  13. Polymeric sand wells and costs significantly benefit among peers in the construction market, which leads to the high popularity of products.

well Disadvantages

as lack of data pits can be identified the need for the proper selection of the hatch.Since not every type of hatch can withstand a greater load, this condition is particularly relevant to those locations plot, on which the movement of the car.Therefore, if you decide to install a well near the garage or driveway, you should pay attention to the quality and strength of the structural member.


Applications Polymer well

Among the main areas of operation of this type can be identified such wells:

  1. private households.
  2. addition to private plots wells distributed in the park, car parks.
  3. Roads designed for the movement of cars and trucks.

Due to a number of positive characteristics of polymer-sandy material, from this raw material can be carried out various kinds of wells.Especially popular are the drainage, sewerage, inspection, water construction, as well as linevki.Dry inside the tank allows the use of their networks and for telephone communications, as there is no danger of damage to the equipment.


Thus, wells made of composite polymer-sand, have several advantages over their counterparts from other materials, such as reinforced concrete.They are more resistant to the effects of negative factors, have a longer useful life and thus relatively easy to install, environmentally friendly and characterized by a small amount.Due to the significant amount of the benefits of polymer wells are widely used in various fields of construction.

Features selection and operation of polymer well represented in movies: