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December 12, 2017 00:15

How to display a fungus on the ceiling

fungus on the surface of the ceiling is a serious problem in the home.Many people try their own ways to get rid of this trouble, however, the situation is only getting worse.Of course, the ideal is to get rid of the fungus immediately, when the first traces of it on the wall.Unfortunately, few people pay attention to a different mold, which is just beginning to develop.Reproduction of these single-celled organisms is very fast, so with each passing day the situation will only worsen.Unfortunately, the fungus can appear almost anywhere, so very often it is found in places that are always outside of humans.


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main features of the situation

should pay attention to whatespecially a fungus often appears in areas where significantly increased relative humidity.If we are talking about the humidity, which is equal to 95%, then this room will be a large number of fungi, and tenants will feel discomfort.

There are other reasons for the appearance of the fungus.

  1. Very often, the fungus on the ceiling appears in those areas that are regularly flooded from above.Water enters the gap between the tub and the wall and waterproofing rarely can save the situation.Dries out after such a ceiling is in trouble for a long time.
  2. also a major cause of the fungus can be Risers heating and water.Steel tubes of these elements can be worn out considerably.Accordingly, the moisture spreads quite rapidly.
  3. Often such problems arise because of the outdated sewage system, which begins to flow and create a negative atmosphere in the room.Therefore it is necessary to regularly monitor the integrity of all the plants and pipes.
  4. Condensation is also a serious problem, and the cause of mold on the ceiling.Similar phenomena occur in cases where a steel pipe water is much colder ambient air.Moisture will condense and flow down the remains on the floor.
  5. fungus often appears due to the freezing of the walls.A common case is that you can call for the reason that many people in the winter the temperature in the house is quite low.
  6. fungus can also be formed on the ceiling due to broken or insufficiently effective work of ventilation.Check ventilation operation is very simple.It is enough to light a match and bring it to the vent opening.If the flame shook slightly and then went out - all with good ventilation.In other cases it is necessary to undertake certain activities aimed at the resumption of ventilation efficiency.

can also speak of the obvious reasons for the emergence of the fungus.It may even be wet spots.If the ceiling is hidden behind the main tension coating should be as fast as possible to get rid of the fungus if it is present.Otherwise, bacteria will have a negative impact on the health of residents of the building, as well as the integrity of the building structures.


prevention of fungus

Nowadays there are a large number of funds, the use of which guarantees the absence of fungi and other microorganisms in the future.First and foremost it is worth noting antiseptic primer.Regular treatment of such means of walls and ceilings will forget about the fungus in the foreseeable future.The best solution would be to use antiseptic primers during construction activities.It is especially important to apply a first coat in cases where the installation is planned to stretch and suspended ceilings.The cost of such antiseptics is low, so this means the fungus on the ceiling is the most optimal.

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Removing mildew

If the fungus has appeared on the surface of the ceiling, will have to use completely different means.

  1. First of all we will need to remove all the plaster and whitewash, which struck the fungus.Staying should only slabs.Pre-wet the ceiling can be, and has all the plaster comes off as simply a couple of tens of minutes.
  2. If the same roof there is flaking plaster, is also to get rid of it.
  3. Now we again have to go back to the first coat of antiseptic.Apply it on the ceiling surface should be brush.It is important not to miss any affected area.We need to get to each well and scratches, or fungus will soon begin to form again.
  4. After antiseptic primer has dried, it's time to put on the surface of the ceiling bitumen primer.It is also a primer, however, help to strengthen the previous layer and make durable and layer of plaster.
  5. Using acrylic putty, we need to close up all the projections and recesses.After all has dried, you can start painting the surface.
  6. However, it should also be noted that the ideal solution would be to polish the surface of the wall.This will reduce to the minimum the appearance of fungus.
  7. If you have a house suspended ceiling, can be limited only antiseptic primer.


If you are not interested in such a long and expensive way to solve the problem, you can restrict the purchase of Whites.It is a tool that perfectly resists fungus, but still is cheap.At the heart of Whites sodium hypochlorite - caustic substance, which can easily resist bacteria.This means you can treat the affected area, after which the fungus disappears.However, it should be understood that the substance is quite dangerous to human health, so that all operations should be carried out with white rubber gloves and goggles.Unfortunately, this tool protects the surface of the mold for long.Within a few weeks we need to apply again whiteness on the ceiling.

From this we can conclude that only the full range of actions described above can help in the long term to get rid of the fungus.Otherwise we sacrifice presentable outside the home view.You should also seriously analyze the situation and find the source of the fungus, it depends on whether the fungus in the future will be.