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August 12, 2017 18:07

Built-in bath: Interior Features

bath Built in contrast to the standard model has design features that distinguish this product from a dozen others.The beauty of this design decision is the visual space savings.Integrated bath look elegant and perfectly in any interior.Only install floor bath is technically complicated.


  • Features
  • Species embedded baths
  • Built-in floor bath: conditions for mounting
  • How installing embedded baths: important nuances
  • Bathroom furniture: how to build a tabletop

Let us design features of the installation of sanitary equipment of this type, we note the advantages and disadvantages, let's deal with the installation procedure.


  1. The main difference between traditional baths of these sanitary products lies in the size and configuration of the bottom.Often built bath - an impressive structure with a flat bottom.These developers emphasize the enormity of crockery.Indeed, in large rooms standard bath will look like a trivial puddle.
  2. Another difference embedded in the flo
    or or countertop baths is the presence of traps with the lateral inner sides.This technological innovation allows to extinguish the flow of water, which strive to splash out on an expensive carpet or flooring handmade.Built-in baths are often used in country houses.Plumbing fixtures crashed to the floor decorate flooring or laminate.
  3. drain mechanism similar structures also released original performance.In most cases, manufacturing companies offer products included with siphons, which in turn are produced in accordance with the highest safety requirements.This is an important aspect, bearing in mind the installation of baths in the houses of noble lords.

Species embedded baths

Monte Karlo_1200h900

These products are made not for the broad mass of consumers.On this basis, it is clear to a limited range of models and configurations.Embedded baths are divided into groups according to size and shape criteria.If a market can be found on crockery of different size, a variety of forms that are not among the virtues solutions.The shape of the bath can be:

  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • corner.

first love are most designers - round sanitary products give the interior a luxurious style bathrooms and make the bathroom a mini-museum for guided tours.

In addition, built-in bathtubs differ in material for production.By analogy with similar models of standard form, the market offers a large number of embedded iron bath, acrylic, as well as steel.Of these, the undisputed favorite is acrylic.the bath can be made of any shape and size from this material.

Built-in bathtub floor: conditions for mounting

Built- tub - 06

to install oval or corner baths on the floor, certain conditions must be taken into account.Without them, the installation is doomed to failure.Here are the mandatory conditions:

  1. Inability to install in a city apartment.Even with technological reality design installation on the ground floor of an apartment building, you will not give permission to any one State competent authority.Unauthorised installation would violate not only plan the apartment, but also the integrity of the residential buildings.
  2. optimum mounting condition is a private house with a spacious bathroom.Stipulate to perform the installation must be on the ground floor or in the basement.Otherwise it is necessary to provide concrete structure during construction to support the bath.It is not enough just to buy a bath embedded, have to work hard to set.
  3. An important condition is that the supply of sewage system with pre-pumping station.As you can see, these baths are more like on the design features in the jacuzzi or swimming pools.Calculate the costs not only for the acquisition and construction of the installation, but also in a fair amount of water required for a complete set.On average, the volume of the tanks is 300 liters.
  4. Finally, the prerequisite installation of baths of this kind is a professional team of editors plumbing.Self-assembly is almost impossible to carry out due to the high complexity of some operations.

How installing embedded baths: important nuances

bath Quaryl

  1. For high-quality mounting pit design needs.It is not enough just to dig a hole, it is necessary to concrete floors and walls with the use of high-quality solution.In this pit has to be made exactly according to the shape of the bath.In fact, if you put a sanitary product in a niche, it must sit as the cast.
  2. important nuance: the greater the area of ​​the beads will go, the more reliable.
  3. The depth of the pit should be calculated in such a way as to set foot in the bath supports towered above the floor for a maximum of 50 mm.Further fixed supports and rests on the tub floor finish.
  4. The pit extend sewer and water communication.The best place for this is the area of ​​the hole in the hidden flap.View all design features built-in baths, you can in the photo.
  5. Next comes directly assembled.Typically, at this stage, experts and set the siphon is attached to the bottom of the support in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.Probably also need to punch in the side of the bath faucet.The main thing is to follow the instructions and do not replace the factory part of the plumbing other details.
  6. The next phase - installation and connection.You must insert a bath in a hole, lifting legs in the best possible position.The rest is as in a conventional circuit connection: connection to the sewer system, then to the water.It is desirable to use a corrugated metal sleeve made of stainless steel for the connection.Flexible hoses are not reliable and are not durable.
  7. Finally, the test is carried out the test - is filled with water, checked for leaks links and nodes.
  8. final stage is considered to be facing the floor.For bathrooms recently used 3D-floor technology.Such rooms are transformed, bringing a new feeling.Traditional options include laminate, marble, parquet, tiles.

Bathroom furniture: how to build a tabletop


modern trend is leaning toward making unpretentious, original performances.In this regard, a bathroom - the best place for experiments.Furniture today is not surprising in a miniature indoor plumbing.

Furniture for bathrooms for developing embedded plumbing elements such as sinks or tubs.Moreover, these countertops are made from scrap materials - MDF, gypsum board.Curiously, skeleton mounting for countertop made by the same rules as the other rooms.

  1. at the desired height bath installation or the need to draw a line sink, which will be mounted on the guide profiles.
  2. Using the guide in the form of a guide, you should create the design contours.
  3. then recommended sheathing frame, leaving room for maneuver.
  4. Form incision under the sink or the bathtub.
  5. Secure sheets of drywall, not forgetting the support (this is necessary to support the massive structures).
  6. final stage is considered to be the installation of sanitary fittings, as in the case with built in floor tubs, and surface finish.As a finishing material is suitable or mosaic tiles.This will give the design a finished look and protects against water nevlagostoyky drywall.

way bath, built-in under the table top, it is made in the same way.It is enough to determine the size, draw layout for load-bearing profiles and assemble simple frame.Then it is necessary to further strengthen and sheathing.This also works when you use MDF as a basis countertops.

Built-in plumbing, in any case, will be the highlight of bathrooms, especially when combined with cleverly assembled and decorated tabletops and floors.Now that you know how to install an embedded bath, how to assemble the table top and decorate it.It remains the case for small!