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August 12, 2017 18:07

Installation of metal pipes with their own hands

Metal pipes in our time quite successfully replace the usual metal.The absence of condensate, ease of installation and maintenance - all this was the reason that people are trying to buy a tube of metal and plastic for the arrangement of communication in their households.


  • composition composition pipe
  • Classification of plastic pipes
    • Depending on
    • size depending on
    • manufacturer depending on the compatibility with the fittings
  • «Pros» plastic pipes
  • "Cons" plastic pipes
  • Existing methods of installation of metal pipes
  • fitting structure
    • principle fitting
  • How to install plastic pipes with his hands
    • What is needed?
    • How to mount?
      • using a screw fitting
      • with compression couplings
      • Using slip-press fittings
    • And a little subtleties

In addition, well-known flexibility of such products reduces the number of connection points, which is alsoIt is a huge advantage.

composition composition pipe

  1. outer layer of plastic.
  2. average layer of aluminum.
  3. inner plastic layer.

Actually, the outer and inner layer of performing the role of advocate protection, protecting the middle layer of mechanical damage to the nature as well as from the harmful effects of the environment (moisture, temperature changes, chemical influence and so on.).

Classification of plastic pipes

Depending on the size

Pipes metal is composed of three layers and is of different diameters (16-32 mm).Quite a widely used metal-tube diameter of 20 mm.Depending on the technical requirements and also varies the thickness of the pipe wall.


Depending on the manufacturer

most tradable commodities in this group of Belgian, Italian or German manufacturer.

Depending on compatibility with fittings

  1. Made specifically for the assembly of fittings with a single vendor.
  2. Universal, combined with fittings of different brands and models.

«Pros» plastic pipes

  1. flexibility.
  2. possibility of applying for the installation of various types of communications (water line and heating network).
  3. resistance to corrosion.
  4. relatively small price.
  5. Easy installation.
  6. absence of additional care needs (a regular painting and so on.).

«Cons» plastic pipes

  1. The short lifetime (about 15 years).
  2. probability of damage to the pipes of metal in the case of water freezing in them under the influence of low temperatures.
  3. necessity of revision and tightening connecting nodes obtained by the method of applying compression fittings, every 3 years in order to avoid leaks.

Existing methods of installation of metal pipes

  1. method of using a screw (threaded or compression) fitting.
  2. method of application press fittings.
  3. assembly using crimp sleeves.
  4. Installation using slip-press fittings.

Here it should be noted that the connection with the press-fitting, which gave the leak can not be repaired.It is only necessary to change to a new can try in the case with crimped couplings tuck, twist, etc.


structure fitting

  1. housing.It consists of the thread on the one hand, and fitting rubber-sealing ring - other.
  2. clinch nut.
  3. Cone ring.

The principle of fitting

With tightening nut ferrule compresses the tube.The tube, in turn, wraps tightly fitting rubber seal.

How to install plastic pipes with his hands

What is needed?

  1. Tape measure and pencil markings.
  2. Special scissors for cutting pipes (do not try to replace conventional scissors or a knife. This can result in damage to the protective layer).
  3. calibrator, round file.
  4. press fitting.
  5. Spanner.
  6. hydraulic or mechanical press pliers.
  7. Expander for slip-press-fitting.

Water - 2

How to mount?

For beginners is better to begin with, familiarize yourself with the video:

using a screw fitting

  1. Draw a layout plan the future placement of pipes and access points to all dimensions.
  2. Measure the length of the pipe to length.
  3. Cut special scissors.24b2e1d211006ksb8eadshaf2e0f77922
  4. Align crumpled edge using calibrator.vpid - 47
  5. Strip slice of irregularities and burrs round file.
  6. Take a threaded fitting and unscrew it.
  7. Remove the nut and clamp, put them on the edge of the pipe.
  8. Insert the pipe into the fitting.
  9. Properly align and lower the clamp in place.
  10. Begin to tighten the screws by hand.
  11. Depress it using a wrench to a particular cod.

installation - reinforced plastic pipes ,

Ready!However, it should be noted that such compounds must be kept in view.That is, if you plan to hide the wiring in the wall, this method is not for you.Here a different approach is needed.

with compression couplings

  1. Measure the desired length of the tube.
  2. Trim and calibrate.
  3. Slide crimp sleeve.
  4. Sand cut, removing roughness.
  5. Insert cut into the fitting with a rubber seal.
  6. Crimp the sleeve with pliers until it clearly rings.

With the use of a press-fitting slip-

  1. Measure and cut the pipe.
  2. Put clutch.
  3. Grind edge and treat it expanders, flare.
  4. Put the pipe on the fitting socket.

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And a little subtleties

  • Before use, unravel the pipe and leave the bay for a day at room temperature, if the material is stored at temperatures below 0 ° C.
  • Cut the pipe should be careful not to flatten rather soft edge.First lightly score the pipe, and then, turning a pair of scissors, clean cut finish.
  • On entering the apartment you can expect a surprise in the form of a metal pipe, riser.Here it is useful to a special adapter for connection to a metal pipe multilayer wiring.
  • For wiring at 90 ° it is not necessary to use elbow fittings, pipes made of metal excellent bend.To avoid excessive bend pipe, use a special spring.

spring - d - metal plastic -outside - 16 - x - 2

  • To fix the composition pipe on the wall, use the special clip, choosing them according to the pipe diameter.

SPR nkomuty -kan - terma

  • For quality wiring first make markings on the wall under the clips and attach them using the cordless screwdriver and screws.Then a slight movement in the clip, insert the tube.
  • Choosing fitting, pay attention to the condition of slicing.Areas with stripped threads must not exceed 10% of the entire length of the thread.Carving should also have barbs.