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August 12, 2017 18:07

Water supply in the country : the choice of the device , installation

Without water from the tap is difficult to imagine a comfortable stay not only at home but also in the country.If we talk about the watering, the well-equipped motor can solve this problem.But for the rest of the household availability of issues fixed supply of water is vital.Carry water in the country is not difficult, but you need to know the basic rules of the piping, as well as the pros and cons of the materials from which they are made.


  • types of water pipes
  • Review materials for arrangement of the aqueduct in the country
  • scheme of water supply system in the
  • cottage stationary water in the country and his mount technology
  • Installation of autonomous water supply system in the country

The types of water pipes

To begin, consider the possible design options.Usually distinguished:

  • stationary water,
  • temporary plumbing,
  • autonomous water supply.


stationary water connection suggests that the site is located far away from the pressure pipe, which carries off the water

supply to the city.Unfortunately, most of the villas are located away from major highways, so the use of this type of connection is not always possible.Water has only one drawback - if the mains water supply is stopped, the consumer is forced to wait for the restoration of the system.From pluses:

  • minimal installation costs,
  • high speed water pipe installation,
  • constant stable pressure,
  • no costs for the purchase of additional equipment.

Summer water supply in the country, or as it is called, the temporary implies the creation of a system that feeds water from any reservoir, which is located nearby.It can be as well, and lake, river, pond.The temporary nature of the water supply system includes the ability to mount in haste, ieno need to dig in the pipe in the ground, equipped with an inspection hatch, etc.Another big plus - no water charges.Instead, increase the cost of electricity, as it is necessary to establish a sufficiently powerful pump.An even simpler option - installation of water tanks.If it is above the level of the water supply devices, the pump is not needed.But once or twice per season is necessary to order the machine with water, which will fill the tank.


If the possibility to equip the stationary water is not present, then the best option would be autonomous water supply.Although his arrangement is more expensive options listed above, but offers significantly more advantages:

  • no disruptions with water,
  • stable, adjustable pressure,
  • lack of water charges,
  • savings in the length of pipe.

That last item in certain situations makes it impossible to install a stationary water supply system, as the cost of the pipes are sometimes significantly higher than in the arrangement of all the autonomous network costs.

Review materials for arrangement of the aqueduct in the country

base running water - is a pipe.They are:

  • metal,
  • plastic,
  • of metal and plastic,
  • polyethylene,
  • polypropylene.


Metal pipes were used at the beginning of the last century and is now gradually coming out of a turn.The reasons are quite clear:

  • corrode,
  • not tolerate temperature extremes,
  • sensitive to waterhammer,
  • effective life is not more than 10-15 years.

plastic and metal pipes for water supply in the country are generally used for the wiring of water inside the house.This limitation is due to the diameter.For qualitative necessary pressure of at least 80 mm, better 100 mm.They are made of PVC pipes of such diameter is economically unprofitable.Furthermore, the cost of products made of plastic significantly higher analogues.

HDPE pipe in the country - it is the best option.Polyethylene pipes are not expensive, flexible and sold large spools that allows seamless connection.Furthermore, polyethylene is resistant to any kind of impact, and its service life is at least 50 years.

Polypropylene less durable than polyethylene.It is used for water pipes, in which the pressure or not, or it is minimal, i.e.Sewer.High blood pressure is likely to break the polypropylene pipes.

following are required attributes will be fitting.This is different couplings, corners and adapters that are used for the connection.They are made of:

  • high-strength steel,
  • bronze,
  • PVC,
  • IPA.

As the outer part of the water supply system it is advisable to make HDPE pipes and fittings that you should buy the IPA.They are mounted either by cold welding or gluing.Welding preferred.

Despite the fact that the fittings you can create different branches and their application transitions to the control wells impractical because violate the structure tightness is highly undesirable.The hole layout is done, so there is bound to need fittings.Transition from IPA plastic or metal and plastic made using crimp sleeve and adapter.For both types of internal plumbing is desirable to use high-strength steel.Bronze quite fragile, does not tolerate physical damage and breaks easily in the case of water hammer.

Additionally plumbing may need:

  • pressure blower,
  • motor,
  • tank,
  • materials for rack mounting a tank.

Superchargers pressure needed very rarely.They are used only when negative pressure is constantly observed in plumbing stationary.


Motor Selection - is a separate issue that should be approached with the utmost care.Since the quality and engine power depends not only on the functionality of the water supply system, and its service life.

If you plan to use small pumping the tank, it is recommended to take plastic.Firstly, it weighs little, secondly, is cheaper analogues.If it is a large pressure tank, then there will only fit a large galvanized drum.This is due to the fact that under the influence of light, in the plastic activates the process of photosynthesis, as a consequence - formed mold and fungus.The water changes color and becomes completely unusable for drinking or bathing.

do not need to discharge the tank of special fasteners.To recommend the use of the tank welded from metal.

scheme aqueduct on

testify before proceeding to the immediate installation, it is advisable to chart the planned layout.Is done in the following way:

  • says water sampling place,
  • measured the distance from the sampling site to the control pit, make it sure to the street at a distance of not less than 2 meters away from the house foundation,
  • goes on to note the number of outputs, as a rule, heone, but if in the area a few consumers or plumbing done for a group of users, then the output will be more,
  • last step - sketch of the water supply devices throughout the home.


Ideally, the water supply is carried out progressively, iecold pipe approached at the beginning of a two-circuit boiler or boiler, and have them went to the taps in the kitchen and bath.Making complex wiring scheme is not desirable for two reasons:

  • material overruns,
  • presence of a larger number of connections, each of which is capable leak.

If heating is not provided, the procedure is somewhat simpler.

On the resulting pattern is applied dimensions, and then buy the necessary material.Thus it is better to do a certain reserve, in case of breakage or damage to the cable and fittings.

stationary water in the country and his mount technology

Since this option is the most simple, the procedure is reduced to the following points:

  • authorization in the relevant jurisdiction,
  • digging test pits 2x2 m, depth of not less than 2 m,
  • facing brick pit,
  • digging ditches under the pipe, its depth is the depth of soil freezing, plus 10 cm, in practice at least 40 cm,
  • drainage backfilling, 2-3 sand, drainage, and also serves as a protective cushion,
  • installing shut-off valve at the end of the pipe that goes to the control pit,
  • Box pipe to the main highway,
  • filling tube layer of sand 3-4 cm,
  • filling ditches land.


Next layout is carried through the house plumbing.Since this procedure is the same for all types, then proceed to its consideration.Installation is performed in sequence:

  • connected to the stopcock Area,
  • fix it pipe,
  • if using a flexible plastic, the tube ring unwound prior to placement,
  • if plastic is used, it is desirable to connect the water supply to the placement of one piece of the pipe,
  • pipe with cold water extends to the water heating device, if provided,
  • connects the first point on the line, then the second and so on,
  • point for connecting pipe with hot and cold water is cut, put the tee, the output of which necessarilyI must end fitting threaded under the standard water hose, which comes complete with a crane,
  • for metal-plastic used steel fittings for plastic - a method of gluing or cold welding,
  • to connect the last point of the tee to put it is not necessary,
  • pipesmounted corner, which connect the hoses from the last in the chain of the crane.

Plastic water in the country is preferable if you plan to visit it only on weekends.Everyday life is better to spend more but to buy more high-quality and durable plastic pipes.

drain water for outdoor crane carried on a similar technology.Except that on-off valve must be installed tee and make some objections to the streets and houses.

Installation of autonomous water supply system in the country

Since summer water - a simplified version of a stand-alone, then look at the second option.Their price differs insignificantly, so from an economic point of view there is no reason to install a temporary barracks.In an extreme case, you can always negotiate with the neighbors and connect the hose to the tap of their pre-specifying the issue price.

When you create an autonomous water supply systems is important to determine the source of water.If there is a river nearby - is ideal.Backwaters, ponds and lakes are not suitable for creating a water pipe on the grounds that they contain stagnant water, rich in a variety of bacteria and pathogens that are harmful to human health.


If the river is not, then you need to dig a well.Its volume depends on the depth of groundwater and the planned water flow.By the standards for one person for a month spent 2 cubic meter of water.If watering is needed, then for each one hundred square meters of land is withdrawn for another cubic meters.

For clarity, let us take the cottage with six hundred square meters of land, which regularly comes to 4 people.Assume 8 days a month.

Vobsch. = 6 * 1 hectare m3 + (2 m 3 * 4 persons * 8 days / 30 days) = 2.2 + 6 = 9 m3.

The resulting number is always rounded up to the nearest whole value.If in the area under irrigation allocated only 2-3 hundred square meters, the formula must be entered accordingly.

get 9 m3 - a total water consumption in the past month.In order to calculate how much water goes into the day, it is necessary to divide the total by the number of days spent:

9/8 = 1.2 m3 per day.

These calculations allow to determine the power that well should have.Depending on the region, groundwater or may lie very deep, or have a low impact.If the well is not able to provide the necessary amount of water, you will need to install a cumulative tank.

return to this question later, but for now finish with a well.By itself, it still does not provide the water supply to the house.To do this, the motor set.At the same time directly to the water supply channel, it is desirable to make the wiring on two lines.The first is intended for home and one for the street.Both lines are equipped with shut-off valves.

Next are laid water pipe.If you do not need much water, it make sense to buy a powerful motor and install a storage tank there.Suffice it to include, if necessary, the motor.Start button with the help of electric cable is placed in any convenient location.

However, such a system is extremely inconvenient.Therefore, it is recommended to add one more element - the storage tank.It can be done in two variations:

  • dug into the ground,
  • mounted on poles.

digged in the earth tanks of large volumes, but they differ in one big drawback, it is necessary to install an additional pressurization system.Mounted on poles tank provides pressure on the principle of combined vessels.Typically, these tanks are mounted on the roof, on the one hand, it allows you to get rid of the need to build the frame, on the other hand allows you to place a large enough tank.


If a country house will not stand the extra weight, you will need to build the frame.The optimum size of the storage tank - 500 l.The height of the tank above ground level should be at least 3 m. In this case, the separation of the water supply to street and house allows for direct irrigation from a well.

tank itself is arranged simply.From the pump to it is a thick rubber hose, or all of the same HDPE pipe, through which the content.Entrance into the tank should be located in the upper part thereof.At the bottom of the output is under water.It is important that those parts of the pipe that are outdoors, the maximum quality were insulated.

This method is the simplest option of creating an autonomous system.If you wish to make a powerful water supply for permanent use, you must explore the floating motors and pressurization system.Although their cost is much higher, they allow you to fully automate the process.