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August 12, 2017 18:07

Decorating fireplace moldings from plaster

Fireplace in modern interior design is a central element in virtually any environment.For this reason, it is considered to finish at least an important part of, rather than responsibilities device.Stucco molding made of gypsum for the fireplace - the optimum solution for individual style in the interior, which will decorate the living space.


  • Selecting the stucco decoration
  • Stylistics stucco fireplace
  • Advantages of plaster decoration fireplace
  • Making stucco with their hands
    • choice of the form or shape
    • solution for plaster stucco
    • formation of gypsumstucco

Selecting the stucco decoration

initial stage in the selection of decorative moldings on the fireplace is to determine the type and the lining of the hearth, as well as its characteristics and operation.

On the criterion of the fuel used today, there are two types of fireplace design:

  • Hearth electric type - is a fireplace that simulates a real flame.This effect is achieved by means of fitted inside the heater and
    create the illusion of burning logs: dimming fire effect cracking of coal and wood, light the coals and logs, etc.
  • fireplace with natural fire - hearth natural formation, the fuel for which are natural materials, liquid or.biofuels.

When planning choices of finish hearth of plaster should consider these features as possible the appearance of soot, grime, and other traces of use directly on the stucco decorated area.


One of the main elements, which is applied to the plaster moldings fireplace , is directly fireplace opening.This design does not bear the functional load and performs only an aesthetic role in facing the hearth.Based on this feature, the main task for finishing the fireplace lies in the harmonious design of the decoration with the overall interior space and features of its style.

Depending on the production of plaster fireplace portal technology can distinguish these types:

  • Profiled - is decorated portal in the form of a frame of different fragments:. Pilasters, friezes, molding, porezok, etc.
  • sculptural - looking finish whenleading role in the composition plays a central figure in Atlanta, frescoes, bas-reliefs and caryatids.

plaster moldings often used for decorating fireplaces in various styles of architectural decoration from classical to Empire, or high-tech.Let us consider the stylistic features of the design fireplace moldings.


Stylistics stucco fireplace

  1. Decorating of fireplace "under a rock" - gives a massive hearth and naturalness in the design of the room decor.
  2. Classic stucco hearth - is used to make the design of the premises of the entourage of medieval style and spirit of antiquity.
  3. Facing the fireplace under an old style - artificially aged decor pieces that fill the room atmosphere of home comfort, warming more than one generation.These fireplaces with stucco on the photo presented in multiple variations, allowing you to integrate them under any room design.


Advantages of plaster decoration fireplace

  • Gypsum is the perfect solution in terms of environmental material and non-shrink properties.
  • This stucco has refractory characteristics, allowing safe use in a residential area.
  • plaster cladding is durable, it does not contain toxic components and does not have any smell, so its use does not harm the comfort of human habitation near the hearth.
  • This material has a moisture absorption properties.
  • plaster moldings does not conduct electric current, its decoration is safe for all family members.


Making stucco with their hands

When creating moldings of plaster for fireplaces portal should take into account some of the features, and to single implementation of all stages of the process.Let us consider each step.

choice of the form or shape

plaster moldings on the fireplace has a wide variety of shapes and styles, but not limited to the formation of flower ornaments, figures of angels or athletes, propping up the shelf.By means of this plastic material can simulate the various natural materials, "grow" any plant or tree to a vertical surface.Style, shape, color shapes for facing stucco fireplace is limited only by imagination of the master.

When choosing the appearance of stucco decoration is necessary to consider the size of the hearth, the location and type of construction.


solution for plaster stucco

easiest option facing stucco hearth - just buy a stucco fireplace.Modern shops offer a wide variety of decorative elements.However, creating a much more valuable autographic masterpiece, besides the process is not difficult.To prepare

liquid plaster solution requires 1 kg of dry gypsum to stir 800 ml of water.For medium density substances recommended mix 1.5 kg of gypsum powder in 1 liter of water.If absolutely necessary to knead the dough, then 1 liter of water to be added to 2 kg of gypsum.

If you want to generate a large plaster figure, then it is necessary to prepare the solution in small portions.Needless sufficiently thick consistency problem solution is poured into the form, and does not fill the fragments with a thin relief.


formation of gypsum stucco

To arrange decor stucco fireplace with his hands need to pass several stages of the process.

  1. initially need to be applied to the surface contour of the future composition of the fireplace.This can be done both manually and by means of a stencil.
  2. Apply plaster substance on the surface, evenly distributing and overwriting.Then you need to remove all the unnecessary pieces.As it may be necessary to repeat the entire process.
  3. solution of gypsum stucco applied to the place location.
  4. After complete drying of the plaster, you must treat the deposited mass according to the figure and sand.

If the product has a complex and multi-component configuration, then it is performed in a special form.In this case, hold a number of the following manipulations:

  1. Liberally grease the prepared pan of water and soap solution.
  2. gypsum fill substance in the form of layers.The maximum allowed thickness of each layer should not exceed 1 cm.
  3. Apply each layer is possible only after final drying of the previous one.
  4. solid product should be carefully remove from the mold.
  5. Lock on fireplace design by a special adhesive plaster.


Important!To create the filigree compositions or thin reliefs in stucco of plaster products for fireplace can be used clay.With the help of this material it is possible to easily and carefully pick up the necessary form of the future track, changing her countless times.Then the prepared form plasticine brush applied plaster solution.And the formation of further layers of the composition takes place by means of a spatula, putting each new layer as it dries.

When creating a stucco decoration for the fireplace should observe the following recommendations:

  1. When pouring plaster into a mold substance should avoid occurrence of air bubbles.This is achieved by gently shaking the mold with a liquid solution that also provide thorough filling reliefs.
  2. Drying plaster figures should occur at a temperature of at least + 160 ° C.
  3. Do not speed up the drying process by using fans, a hair dryer or heating devices, as it leads to deformation of the gypsum product.

Once formed moldings dried and processed under the required shape corresponding to a predetermined pattern, to be dyed plaster element.For this purpose, suitable water-based paints.However, before you start coloring plaster stucco should soak a fragment of 2 layers of primer.And to give an unusual texture of the stucco decoration can be through the use of different materials. Cloth, sponge, etc.


If in the process of creating a decorative element gypsum any minor errors or defects, they can be easily removed with a knife.After that the product should be sanded with sandpaper fines.

process of manufacturing moldings of plaster can be seen here: