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December 13, 2017 00:01

Partitions for bathrooms

During remodeling or planning bathroom design raises the question of partition.Zoning facilities - common technique to optimize the small space.


  • Types of partitions for bathrooms
  • installation plasterboard partitions
  • Benefits partition bath of glass blocks
  • Two methods of glass block laying for walls in the bathroom
    • Wet method of installation glass blocks
    • Netmethod of laying glass blocks

low walls, most often used to limit the visual separation of the toilet area from the shower or bath.High zoned partitions have their positive design solutions.In either case, the partition solves many problems bathroom design.

Types of partitions for bath

room partitions for any washable materials are used in the bathroom.In choosing the material and planning the partition is provided a combination of design with the overall style of the bathroom.partitions Weight matters, if the bathroom is located on the upper floors.

partition - of - glass

  1. classic brick partition , has a number of advantages and di
    sadvantages.The partition of bricks cost effective, the cost of materials and the work of a very small, but the brick partition has significant weight.
  2. OSB plate , used for the construction of light walls.When choosing these materials, consider the high humidity in the bathroom and poor sound insulation of partitions.Choose a water-resistant plate OSB, thickness 6 - 8 mm.
  3. Moisture resistant drywall , one of the best materials for the walls in the bathroom.When using it, you can translate any design solution.For example, to make openings for glass blocks or combine with other materials.
  4. glass partition - requires special glasses and the corresponding interior design.Tempered glass, resistant to mechanical damage and are not dangerous when fighting.Glass partitions may be either transparent or tinted.To make such an order under the walls and the installation is carried out by the manufacturer of the master.
  5. From glass blocks are made of beautiful solid partitions.To erect such a partition afford even an inexperienced owner.A big plus transparent partitions - the capacity of natural light.

installation plasterboard partitions

Drywall - simple and easy to process material.For walls in the bathroom is only a special moisture-resistant gypsum board wall.After the putty is recommended to cover a water-repellent barrier.


  1. plasterboard partition between the toilet and the bathroom begins with the markup.Pencil or marker put on the floor, wall and ceiling partitions extreme line, adjusted with a spirit level.On the back side of the metal profile secure self-adhesive sealing tape and fasten the vertical profile on the wall.From him make taps on the ceiling and wall.Step screws for fastening around three pieces per meter.Horizontal, attached mounting angles, creating a wireframe cage.
  2. for laying electric wires or cables at a distance of 25 - 30 cm from the floor, the holes are drilled with a diameter under special corrugated hose.It will protect the electrical wiring from mechanical damage and fire.
  3. Place a single sheet of drywall and start to fix it with screws on the angle.The heads of screws, drywall deep into the body to a depth of 1 - 2 mm, step 20 - 25 cm. In order to improve thermal insulation or soundproofing walls, voids filled with moisture-resistant filler.It is suitable polystyrene foam or mineral wool.
  4. wired plasterboard joints on both sides of the partition, and glued serpyanku shpaklyuyut.For external and internal corners, use plastic or metal perforated angle.Flexible perforated angle, is superimposed on the shaped baffle bends.The surface puttied and sanded, treated with waterproof impregnated and antiseptic.In the end, the partition in the bathroom plasterboard painted in the appropriate color.


Benefits partition bath of glass blocks

  1. One of the most aesthetic and popular materials for walls in the bathroom - glass blocks.Glass blocks - a hollow glass products, give them a special strength, and glass thickness up to 8 mm shaped like a box the size of 19h19h8 or 24h24h8 see ribs on the perimeter..
  2. glass blocks has high termoizoliruschimi properties, does not rot and beautiful sound insulator.They are easy to clean and have a capacity of sunlight in the range of 70 - 80%.They do not need to paint or plaster.

Two methods for laying glass blocks for walls in the bathroom

From glass blocks make a very stylish and beautiful walls for bathrooms.In DIY stores have a choice of glass blocks for all the most demanding taste.To erect a partition of glass bricks in the bathroom, very simply yourself.


Wet method of installation glass blocks

  1. suitable for laying cement based adhesive used to fix the tiles, but there are also special for glass blocks.After marking, before laying contiguity of space to hack to death.Hatchets put notches on the floor, walls and ceiling, for a stronger grip.
  2. Laying glass blocks are also produced as a silicate brick masonry.The difference is that the cell units are stacked, rather than staggered.The adhesive layer of the cement weight is spread evenly on the markup.By semi three - four blocks and attacks the wall 1 - 2 units in height.Laying begins from the corner, and after 5 - 6 blocks, is a mortgage.
  3. As mortgage, it is possible to use ordinary nail hundred.His drive in the floor, walls and ceiling of half the length so that its head is in the middle of the seam.plastic spider used for longer smooth masonry.Having laid out, five - six horizontal rows of walls for the bathroom, let them dry for several hours.Then continue to put on.After laying, the partition should not settle for less than a day, and then you can wipe the seams, as it is done on a ceramic tile.

Net method of laying glass blocks


  1. This method involves placing the installation of glass blocks without using cement glue solution.To do this, there are plastic, aluminum, polyurethane or wooden frame modules.They are fastened with screws to the wall, floor and ceiling, and the cells are inserted into glass blocks.
  2. glass block in the cells fixed rubber clamping pads.The frame is a transformer and it can be given any shape: square, rectangular, steps, etc. A modern bathroom with a photo wall, which can be found on the internet - ideal arrangement of space..More details about the method of dry stacking glass blocks, you can learn from the video.