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August 12, 2017 18:07

Sanding the parquet with his own hands

One of the most common ways to repair or upgrade the flooring without its removal is scraping.In fact, this operation is nothing more than the removal of the surface coating layer, followed by application of a protective material, usually lacquer.Sanding the parquet with his own hands - quite a time-consuming operation, and it is very difficult to do without a special tool.Also worth noting is that without special training there is great risk to spoil a cover, and tools.Therefore, before deciding to carry out this work personally, you must weigh the "pros" and "cons."


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  • Equipment and consumables for work
  • Safety in the old parquet sanding
  • What you should know before working
  • Sanding and scraping parquet
  • Features of theworks
  • sanding parquet: video


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In some cases, it is inappropriate to scraping the parquet floor?It is said that it is possible to carry out this operation is not always the case.In some situations, it will not work, then there is abs

olutely useless, since the flooring is better to be completely replaced.

Consider the state of parquet, in which the scraping does not help regain its original look.So, to carry out these works does not make sense if:

  • Floor has potholes and bumps, which are determined visually.
  • Parquet Floor rassohlos locks parted or, on the contrary, stood out.
  • Parquet frayed.It is possible to experience firsthand in places of high terrain, especially in doorways.If the surface of the floorboard until the tongue is less than 5 mm, it is not correct planing position.
  • The room appeared slimy or wet vapor from the ground floor.This problem can be immediately seen on the wallpaper, which are beginning to peel off.The presence of evaporation of the main floor is verified as follows.Take a piece of plastic the size of 1 mx 1 m, spread the floor and push the corners of any cargo.At normal room temperature (+18 ... + 27 ⁰S ⁰S) on the inner surface of the film should not be a condensate.If it is, this does not make sense to scrape the floor.It must frustrate, view the status of the base coat, do (replace) waterproofing, dry room, and only then laid floorboard.
  • The floorboards wound scutes carpenter.Determine the problem visually.On the affected surfaces during the inspection, you can find a small hole next to which, as a rule, are a handful of small chips.
  • Parquet struck rot.Check for rot in the floorboard, you can with a simple shoemaker's awl.In every corner of the room checking on the board 2-3.Shilo put 45⁰ an angle in the corner of the board and pressed with a little effort.The "healthy" it will enter the board to a depth of 5-7 mm, depending on the tree species.If the depth is greater than - the board struck rot underneath.In this case, it needs to be replaced.

Equipment and consumables for work

Carrying out this type of work will require the following tools:

  • drum sander (sanding machine for parquet).This tool is required for rough (coarse) nail polish remover, and the upper layer parquet flooring.


  • SANDERS.It is designed to clean sweep the floor before the varnish coating.

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  • angle grinders.Its presence is necessary when working in corners, near walls, in niches.Some "experts" recommend to save the budget instead of the angle grinder to use grinders.Do not take this advice seriously.In the treatment of sex must be emphasized, otherwise pretty heavy tool can break out of hand and cause injury.Also, when such experiments are often cup cone nozzle cuts into the surface of the floor, leaving a deep pothole repaired which later will be problematic.


  • Industrial vacuum cleaner.In carrying out these works, this thing is a must.When sanding and finishing the floor, a large amount of fine dust, which prior to clearing must be completely removed.Broom and cloth will make it difficult, so it is best to use a vacuum cleaner.Try to remove chips immediately after work to have a clearly visible place, where the surface layer is not completely removed.

Keep in mind that rent such equipment can cost you 4-5 thousand. Rubles per day, so if you are going to carry out the work with his own data, plan all the operations in advance so as not to overpay for the time limit.Also be prepared that the owner will ask you to leave a deposit in the amount of about 40-60 thousand. Rubles.

addition to equipment we will need supplies, namely:

  • Three kinds of emery cloth: P36-P40 for the roughing roughing, P60-P80 for finishing and sanding P100-P120 fine for stripping the floor after the initial painting.In the standard width of the material, its consumption will be equal to about 1 m in 10 m2 of floor.
  • discs for surface grinding machine - 3 pcs.20 m2 of floor.
  • Caulking parquet and parquet lacquer, approximately 5 kg.20 m2 of floor.

All material will cost about 3 thousand. Rubles.Given these factors, it is deemed to be advantageous: do it yourself or hire a professional.

Safety when sanding old parquet


should observe safety precautions when working on sanding.The work must necessarily carry with glasses and a respirator, as it is associated with a large release of dust.Despite the fact that in many cases when sanding using industrial vacuum cleaners, large amounts of dust still remains, which could have a harmful effect on the respiratory system and eyes.cases of departure of small pieces of wood are also possible, and that they do not get into your eyes, it is better to use glasses.

Before starting work, be sure to check the correct working of your electrical wiring.Immediate load on the power grid can reach 3 kW or 15 A. With a weak wiring circuit and can even fire.Do not use the tool with visible symptoms and the lack of protective covers.Work only in overalls and special shoes.

sure to remove all upholstered furniture and carpets from the room where you are going to carry out the work.If you remove the furniture you can not, for whatever reasons, tightly wrap it with polyethylene and seal it with tape.Windows need to be sure to open wide, because parquet scraping without dust is practically impossible.

What you should know before working

Before starting work, it is important to know the basic principles of their conduct, otherwise you run the risk of breaking or car, or ruin flooring.The main rule with scraping machine is smooth and uniform.Not allowed instrument stop in one place, otherwise it will leave dents on the floor.Before you start sanding is necessary to lift the car, turn on and wait until the drum has not reached its operating speed.Only then we omit it on the floor and begin to move.Stoped in reverse order.

Remember, for scraping machines only need to use a special skins.It must be indicated by an arrow direction of rotation of the drum.To fill only need to peel the arrow.Often in the operation of such a machine wear cams that secure the belt due to which a drive pulley is slipping.In this case, the special substrate to be used.

Each of the types of flooring has its own technology sanding and polishing:

  • Parquet, laid herringbone, tsiklyuetsya the lines angled 45⁰ to boards and finishing masonry - in the direction of laying parketin.Since the latter are laid in different directions, each of the transactions would have to make at least two passes.
  • If the floor is decorated with curly grained parquet, scrape it should be in two perpendicular directions, and always in two passes.
  • patterned parquet flooring scrape only master of this case, because one wrong move can ruin the whole design.Typically, such coatings lining made of fine wood boards a small thickness, so careless scraping guaranteed spoil the picture.The work is carried out in small areas, moving from outside to inside in a spiral.After processing one section must go to the next smoothly.

Sanding and scraping parquet


Order of works:

  1. To start the room make all the furniture, we remove all the baseboards.Then you need a broom to clean the floor and "walk" on his household vacuum cleaner to remove any dust.
  2. Next install the machine in roughing coarse sandpaper P36-P40 and start working.Please pass on the far wall to the most traveled by the place.As the dust bag filling, pour the contents into a plastic bag.
  3. If there are small spots of varnish (they can be visually identified by a dark color), strip off them with the angle grinder from the edge of the stain towards the center.Ney also remove the varnish from the surface in the corners and niches.
  4. finish grinding is made by means of surface grinding machines and corners and niches again pass angle grinders.After processing a certain area, perform dust cleaning.
  5. Produce putty mixture.On the basis of putty knead the dust that was formed by the surface grinding, and shpaklyuem entire floor.If you do this only in areas where there are potholes and cracks after painting they will stand out dark spots.
  6. After the plaster dries, the coating must be sanded more times.To do this, use the scraping machine with sandpaper P60-P80 Angle and apparatus for grinding hard to reach places.
  7. Then apply a coat of varnish, but after it dries produce polishing sandpaper P100-P120.Remains of pile remove surface grinding machine.
  8. After polishing several times going through the floor and walls with a vacuum cleaner to remove fine dust.
  9. Apply several layers of lacquer.Each subsequent layer applied only after complete drying of the previous one.As a rule, the floor is covered with two layers of varnish, however, if the parquet valuable space or have a high permeability, it is better to make two or three layers more.

Features of work

planing plank floor.These works are a little different from the parquet sanding.Since this floor perfectly align all the same will not be possible, the use of surface grinding machines is inappropriate.It is necessary to remember one rule, the movement of the machine across the wood fiber is not allowed.

Hand scraping parquet.This operation is carried out rarely and is suitable only for small floor space.homemade or factory tool (shkrabka) used for its production.

sanding parquet: photo

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sanding parquet: Video