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December 13, 2017 00:01

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom : the photo , the installation features

Every year the ceilings are becoming increasingly popular.Gradually decreases the cost of the product.Accordingly, become owners of suspended ceilings are practically everyone.It should be borne in mind that the very process of stretch ceiling arrangement has a number of unique features, which definitely need to know.


  • Features stretch ceiling
  • Advantages and Disadvantages stretch ceiling
  • Species tension fabric
  • installation of stretch ceiling in the bathroom

With regard to the parameters of suspended ceilings, here we have a verya lot of positives, especially if we compare the product with many other finishing materials for the ceiling.At the same time we should not forget about the many benefits of a tension fabric that makes the material for universal use in any environment.

However ceilings are also some nuances, which need to know how to purchase the material, and in the process of resettlement.Any deviations from technology can mean serious problems, sometimes even financ

ial losses, if the tension material is damaged.

In this article we consider in detail all the details related to the arrangement of a stretch ceiling in the bathroom.Looking ahead a bit I must say that these works are pleased subtleties without which knowledge is practically impossible to obtain high quality results.Also in the material are the main advantages and disadvantages of the tension material.

Features stretch ceiling

Given that the ceilings used in dwellings has been for many years, you can be sure that this is the perfect solution for the home.It should be borne in mind that the stretch material - it is rather a design solution that allows you to transform an ordinary apartment in gray really Awesome room, from which all will be delighted.

The good news is that anyone can apply to a particular manufacturer stretched canvas, and order a specific pattern or texture of the material.Accordingly, in this case, we have a huge range of design options.A similar result can be obtained by means of wallpaper, paper material has however several disadvantages, especially when used in a bathroom.

In the end it turns out that the real competition in the web tension is simply no.If there is any need for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom, you should pay attention to this product.

fabric ceilings

Advantages and Disadvantages stretch ceiling

To begin, consider the benefits of suspended ceilings, which are pushing people to opt for a glossy product.

  • durability.Despite the fact that the ceilings have shiny surface and thin enough layer of fabric, the product is able to serve as hosts for many years.This tension fabric did not lose its initial properties and attractive appearance.This is certainly an important factor, which is attractive for those who love the originality and beauty of a home.Most of the companies engaged in the production and installation of fabric, provide an official guarantee for 3 years.During this period, no problems manufacturer refund money spent, but only if the material loses its initial appearance.Also within three years ceiling will have all the same shape, the tension and elasticity.Most responsible manufacturers offer more attractive conditions warranty.
  • Easy to install.Often the installation of suspended ceilings carried out by specialists.Accordingly, the entire scope of work in less than an hour.This is really convenient, as all similar methods finishing the ceiling are designed for a continuous process.You can also quickly and remove the suspended ceiling.It's really very practical arranged, so that no problems arise certainly should not be, especially if the cause of experts come from.Installation is very fast and in small spaces, and huge houses.
  • Wide range of products.On sale you can find thousands of different variants of the tension of the web.It may just be a white material with patterns or designs.Not so long ago there was an opportunity to put any image directly onto the canvas.This gave a major boost to the development of design activities, which can now no problem to implement even the most daring ideas.Of course, the figures on the canvas are more expensive than the other options for the web, but in some cases definitely worth overpaying.The durability of the material will retain the original color saturation and sharpness of the picture for many years.
  • Waterproof.In this article we'll describe the regeneration of stretch ceiling in the bathroom.The fact is that high humidity adversely affect the condition of many of finishing materials.However, tension fabric completely immune to the action of moisture, so it can be used without any restrictions in this room.In this case, the most important thing - is to create a cozy atmosphere, which from the first seconds bribe their solidity and attractive luster.
  • Security.One of the strengths of the stretch ceiling is security, which is not only environmentally friendly material.Many manufacturers boast certificates that officially confirmed the fire safety of the tension of the web.That is why this product can be used in residential areas and in industrial halls, and even in hospitals.Practical no limits.However, in advance, before you buy, you must specify all of these questions directly from the manufacturer, so that later there have been no difficulties.

also stretch the material perfectly hides all the flaws of the ceiling, which is simply impossible to cover any other materials.In addition, the glossy surface of the fabric is capable of increasing the visual space of the dwelling.This is especially useful in those frequent occasions when the room is very small.

Stretch ceilings are and weaknesses:

  • high price.Despite the fact that the web tension value is gradually reduced, it is still high for the average person.Accordingly, it makes sense to equip the ceilings only in small spaces.It should also be borne in mind that it is often for the work involved specialists for work which will need to pay.When buying a tension material do not need to pay attention to the very cheap products.It is better to look at the well-known producers, which has already established itself in the market of building materials.
  • Fragility.Indeed, the ceilings just enough damage.However, this requires a sharp object, which can really create defects on the canvas.Accordingly, the operation of suspended ceilings need to be particularly careful and cautious.If there were any damaged areas, you need to immediately contact the experts and to clarify all the details.Perhaps the need for complete replacement of the web and not at all.However, if the damage is large, it can not do without the replacement materials.The problem is also that a flawed canvas looks just awful, and it spoils the appearance of the home.Such a situation should not be allowed, therefore, requires a complete replacement, or simply dismantling of the tension material.It is obvious that in places where there is a danger of damage to the fabric (gym, industrial plant), it is better to abandon this option.


Species tension fabric

On sale you can find different options for stretch ceilings.For example, seamless and available suture materials, which have advantages in certain circumstances.

Installation of suspended ceilings can often be carried out and the cold, and hot plug.Often appropriate equipment have professionals who are engaged in the installation of the web.Accordingly, certain it is necessary to resort to their help.

also worth knowing that the market can find a stretch fabric and film materials.When you purchase is necessary to pay attention to their appearance.Furthermore glossy versions are also available materials with a matte finish - great for large premises.Of course, it is best to consult with a water-repellent function glossy surface, which it is advisable to use it in the bathroom.

installation of stretch ceiling in the bathroom

In this article we consider the features of the harpoon mounting tension ceiling.This is the most practical option, which does not have any weaknesses.

Accordingly, the perimeter of the room in which you are installing the web, mounted a special baguette, which will form the basis for our stretch ceiling.Inside this baguette is a special harpoon which fixes the fabric.

Of course, this option may not be the most attractive to the bathroom, so in the end all the work, you can decorate the perimeter of the room ceiling moldings.

Next, consider the process a little more detail:

  1. For mounting on baguettes perimeter of the room we need plastic dowels (6 mm).It should be understood that through the ceiling wiring can pass, or other communications that may create some problems.It often happens that there is a wiring in the wall, due to which it is impossible to set a fixing baguette.In this case it is necessary to opt for the profiles, which are based on the ceiling fixing.
  2. Before the installation of stretch ceiling is necessary to make installation consoles for lighting.Often the lighting in the bathroom is installed on the ceiling, so you need to take care of all conditions associated with wiring and mounting fixtures.As consoles are used wood plywood (or other materials that do not conduct electricity).For ceiling mount these elements is possible by means of special metal parts, which are fastened with dowels to the ceiling.If done correctly, then the basis for the installation of the lamp can grope hands (after the installation of stretch fabric).
  3. Next you need to expand the acquired film.special pliers that are right for a particular baguettes will be used for fastening.Pre-need to heat the material (or cool, it all depends on an existing installation).It should be borne in mind that the room is better to take out most of the things that are under the influence of high temperatures may be damaged.Then produce directly heating the material up to 70 degrees Celsius.In the indoor temperature will be slightly lower.
  4. After that there is installation of paintings in frames of baguettes.Often, this is done using conventional spatulas that are perfectly fastened fabric warmed to establish the foundation.In some cases, small wrinkles may form.Fortunately, they quickly disappear after the cooling of the material, and the surface is perfectly flat.If
  5. between the ceiling and the wall there is a small gap, you need to pay attention to the use of ceiling moldings.As already mentioned, not only do they hide all the flaws of a stretch ceiling installation, but also enhance the beauty of glossy material.
  6. course, do not forget about the light sources.The locations of lamps or fixtures glued seals.They are necessary in order to be able to easily cut a hole under the lighting.However, we must do everything very slowly, so you do not accidentally damage the stretch material.


good news also is that under the stretched canvas can be without any restrictions placed wires and other communication (it all depends on the space between the main ceiling and stretch material).Accordingly, if all of the work carried out qualitatively, the wiring will not be any threat, because the suspended ceiling is tight and o-rings for fixtures only emphasize the practicality of the material.