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December 12, 2017 00:15

Mounting options curtains to the eaves to the ceiling and walls

important element of the interior design are the curtains that give the room a finished appearance.However, it will look like decoration curtains in final form, largely depends on the cornice and its method of attachment.


Types eaves

currently available is quite varied range of moldings, striking with its refinement and originality, which can be grouped on a certain characteristic.

Classification cornices in material

  • Plastic - the most popular option because of the abundance of different shapes, colors and low cost.However, under the weight of heavy curtains cornice
    is not excluded deformation over time.


  • Wood - combination of functionality, reliability and aesthetics.Cornices wooden, made of different shapes can be further decorated with decorative carvings.Moreover, they are excellent withstand heavy curtains weight without any deformation.

Wooden 500x450

  • Metal rails - made of steel, brass or aluminum and can be decorated with plastic or wooden elements.At the same time, steel and brass moldings easily withstand even heavy theatrical curtains, while aluminum designed for easier option of curtains.Special attention in this category deserve forged cornices differ special durability and unique design.


Classification cornice on design features

1. cornices - are made from aluminum, plastic, with any means of fastening the eaves characterized by small size, low cost and ease of installation.In addition, the profile rails just enough to hide in the ceiling or niche draped lambrequins or by hanging Picture battens.Cornices are divided into:

  • hard ledge with one inner rail - consists of a single-row rack and a latch for fixing to the brackets.To create additional rows of these cornices are completed with decorative patterns;
  • flexible cornice of the outside rail - available only single-row, but it is easy to bend, cut, helping to ease of installation.For more rows in parallel set the required number of profiles;

Flexible ledge to the outside rail 500x450

  • flexible cornice with an inner rail - bending ledge is attached in the factory, forming the shape of a bay window, arch, or a combination of bay windows and arches.And with an arched cornice Bent can be two-lane, and a bay-bay arched cabriole matches only single-row eaves;


  • bus cornice - it is impossible to bend.However, to obtain an additional bay cornice used connecting the rotary member.


2. Picture battensPicture - are produced in the form of decorative design strap securely hiding the brackets.For other species, baguette cornices have a low cost.Although in terms of design is not inferior to any profile or sucker rod cornices.Framing 500x450

3. Deep eaves - presented in the form of a rectangular, circular or figure-section.Made of wood or metal.The kit usually consists of brackets, holders of curtains and tips.To fix the rod to the wall, ceiling, feature open or closed brackets.boom 500x450

4. String - used for light tulle curtains.This is a relatively cheap option, all of the available categories, and the most unreliable, because even a slight weight string begins to sag over time and needs to be constantly tightened.String cornice 500x450

Classification cornice on the number of rows

  1. bearings eaves - for mounting one or tulle curtains.
  2. Double Row - designed for fixing of curtains and net curtains.
  3. Triple row cornices - provide an opportunity to decorate the interior of the premises as a tulle, curtain curtains and lambrequins.

Classification according to the method of fastening

Fixing the cornice depends on the material used for the decoration of the ceiling and walls.

1. Ceiling cornices, mounted directly to the ceiling, a great opportunity to create an original design.Especially indispensable they are in the presence of high windows, leaving no space for the mounting of wall moldings.In addition, the appearance of the ceiling cornice has allowed to solve many of the problems that arise when using the wall cornice.Ceiling 500x450

Benefits ceiling cornices relative wall:

  • contribute to increase the visual space of the room;
  • large variety of colors;
  • opportunity flush mounting;
  • ability to withstand great weight curtains;
  • arbitrary choice of the distance from the wall to the eaves, allowing to hide pipes and radiators for curtains;
  • opportunity to conceal small flaws remaining after finishing the ceiling;
  • low cost.


  • modest design;
  • limitations installation location with direct light bulbs in the ceiling, paneled with plasterboard.
  • inability to mount in the presence of suspended ceilings, with no off-site locations for fixtures.

2. Wall cornices, produced for the first time a few centuries ago, is still in high demand.Moreover, that modern decorative wall moldings requires concealing their appearance in the eaves.Wall 500x450

Pros wall moldings to the ceilings:

  • a wide choice of colors;
  • originality of design;
  • efficiency by reducing the consumption of fabric for sewing curtains;
  • can be fixed to the wall in the ceiling recess;
  • ease of installation;
  • relatively high cost ceiling cornices.


  • more visually reduce the height of the room;
  • need for careful measurement of the length of the arm necessary to avoid subsequent kinking curtains of performing radiators, the corners of the window ledges.

Thus, the choice of design ceiling or wall cornice depends on interior style, the type of curtains, as well as mounting the finished curtains to the eaves.

Mounting ceiling cornice

Today ceilings exposed putty with subsequent staining, plasterboard paneling, wall tension ceilings.Accordingly, the methods of attachment to the ceiling cornices also differ substantially.The optimal location of the ceiling cornice is chosen based on the following factors:

  • curtain rod length should be more than window opening 30-50 cm;
  • closed curtains should not touch the protruding wall elements.

to a concrete ceiling or drywall

If cornice tire type, then:

  1. Measure and cut the required length of the cornice.
  2. Wear hooks, if the edges of the cornice model is provided with curved parts.
  3. Drill a hole in the middle of the tire by using two drills of different diameters.First drill, a little larger than the diameter of the cap screw or screws, is a hole on the front side of the cornice, so that hat a few drowned in the bottom of the cornice.Then drill a hole dosverlivaetsya smaller diameter.
  4. C increments of 50-60 cm drill such holes along the entire length of the cornice.However, single-row eaves of holes is enough to make a 1-row and multiple-row with - in 2 rows or zigzag.
  5. Apply a cornice to the marked place for it on the ceiling.
  6. pencil to make a mark center hole and drill to a depth of dowels.
  7. Drown dowel in the hole with a hammer.
  8. Fix the tire onto the central bracket and make a mark on the entire length of the bus.
  9. Drill remaining holes and fix the rail to the ceiling.

In the case of the false ceiling of plasterboard is used in place of conventional dowels dyubel- "butterfly".When screwing, getting into the empty space, dyubel- "butterfly" disclosed similar to an umbrella, increasing the load area on the drywall.

1368606689_dyubel butterfly - to - drywall

When using the ceiling cornice, fixed to the ceiling by means of brackets, the task is greatly simplified, since the brackets are ready-made holes.It remains:

  • collect the cornice;
  • make markup ceiling mounting brackets in the field;
  • attach collected cornice to the markup on the ceiling;
  • identify and drill holes;
  • attach the cornice to the ceiling using conventional plugs or dyubeley- "butterflies".

to the ceiling with brackets 500x450

To Stretch ceilings

mount ceiling cornice ceiling to the tension means to mount mortgage bar, located between the capital and stretch ceiling.At the same time mortgage bar must be securely attached to the ceiling to the major works of the stretch ceiling size must match the height of the frame required by pulling plastic web.Thus, the measurer will indicate the pattern of the future location of the eaves and in the manufacture of ceiling painting in this place will be strengthened further.After installation of stretch ceiling:

  1. Mark out on the stretched film under the eaves space of laying bar attachment.
  2. Before drilling, the holes in the stretch ceilings, you must first strengthen the polymer rings and then burn.
  3. Drill the holes to a depth of dowels.
  4. Set cornice.

To stretch ceilings 500x450

Mounting wall cornice

All kinds of curtain rods, fasteners which require wall mounting, set almost equally.Correctly installed wall cornice assumes that the following conditions:

  1. Cornice should speak at 30-50 cm on both sides of the window opening, so that when you open the curtains, the sunlight fell into the room through the window opening.
  2. minimum distance from the ceiling to be installed eaves, as well as from the window to the eaves is at least 5-10 cm.
  3. Radiators and other protruding from the wall elements must not interfere with the free dangling curtains, so you need to pick up arms, focusing on this factor.
  4. For reliable fastening of cornice intended for curtains moderate severity, the brackets should be placed every 1.5 m, and for heavier curtains over 1 m.

to the wall

All brackets are ready-made holes for mounting the cornice,therefore it is necessary: ​​

  1. Connect cornice with brackets.
  2. Attach to the wall and mark the place for drilling holes.
  3. Drill, insert the dowels or conventional dyubelya- "Butterfly", based on the finishing material.
  4. Fix the cornice.

between walls

When mounting the cornice between the walls thoroughly vymeryat distance on each side of the wall:

  • from the ceiling to the level of the cornice mounting;
  • from the wall with a window opening to the point of attachment of the cornice.

This is necessary in order to avoid deviations from the horizontal position.

  1. Mark the location of future holes.
  2. Drill holes along the length of the dowels.
  3. Deepen dowels.
  4. Secure the brackets and install them on the ledge.

Between the walls 500x450

Flush mounting ceiling, wall cornice

Flush mounting means mount the cornice in a pre-prepared before the installation of suspended or plasterboard ceilings, niche.

  1. Set cornice, on the basis of method of attachment to a wall or ceiling.
  2. Stepping back from the eaves of 0.5-1 cm, attached to a major mortgage ceiling beams corresponding to the height of the frame for the installation of the drywall or suspended ceilings.
  3. Assemble tension fabric or sheathe plasterboard, the maximum mortgage closing the timber.

Flush mounting 500x450

thus perform cornices for curtains - not such an impossible task, as it seems at first glance.Important, before installing it is necessary to take into account all the nuances associated with the material, which will be mounting.

mounting options curtains to the eaves

The diverse range of ceiling and wall moldings involves the use of certain fasteners for curtains, suitable for one or the other ledge.

1. With baguette, profiled ceiling cornices, sometimes with a sucker rod ideally combined:

  • special hooks to facilitate easy sliding along the eaves.For this purpose the curtains sewn fabric loop, decorated, for example, buttons, or curtain tape with the existing hinges on it ready;

Special Hooks 500x450

  • multiple clamps fixed on the ledge in various ways.

2. For eaves boom type used:

  • rings came with a cornice.In this case, the rings sewn to the curtains, and then strung on a rod or curtains are hung on hooks attached to rings;

Fastening curtains on rings 500x450

  • clips, attached to the ring.This dress rings on the bar, after which the curtains are attached to the eaves by means of clips.Use rings with clips allows you to freely adjust the length of the curtains;

Clips on 500x450 rings

  • eyelets located at the top of the curtains, are not only a way of fastening the curtains, but also fulfill a decorative function, hiding in whole or in part the wall ledge.When sewing curtains, eyelets are attached directly to the fabric, so the location on the ledge, drapes cascade down voluminous folds flat;

Eyelets 500x450

  • loop drawstring.Sewed on the front or the reverse side curtains, and then fastened to the post.Well look in the nursery, but the move / push the curtains with such fixtures is hard enough;

Hinges with ties 500x450

  • magnets;

On magnets 500x450

  • kuliske.At the top of the curtains otstrachivaetsya bar serving a "big" loop for threading in her post.The easiest option attachment, causing inconvenience in the operation, such as curtains difficult to move on the ledge.

Drawstring 500x450

3. To Strings eaves fit:

  • small ring attached to tulle or rings with clips;
  • magnets.Allow change the design of curtains at any time, just enough to separate the magnets.

On magnets 1_500x450

4. For all types of eaves:

  • loop Velcro.This type of fastening curtains do not allow them to move along the eaves, therefore only used for fixing the decorative curtains, swags.

It pelmet with Velcro 500x450 Based on the above, before proceeding with the direct attachment of the cornice, you need to determine the choice of wall or ceiling cornice, and with a view of securing the future of the cornice curtains.