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December 12, 2017 00:15

How to connect the electricity to the private house

Immediately after the purchase of the site there is a question of the supply of communications.In particular this applies to electricity, since no light is difficult to imagine the construction and continued operation of absolutely any home.Despite its apparent simplicity, this question requires detailed consideration, otherwise there will be problems, resolve that it would be difficult later.


Theoretical aspects of the connection of electricity to the private house

to systematize the procedure, it is logical to make a plan of action:

  • formal stage,
  • calculation load,
  • range of accessories,
  • connection.

formal step involves the preparation of the necessary documents and permissi

on by the relevant authorities.


load calculation is required in order to select the necessary components correctly.Cable safety devices and other elements minitransformator differ primarily in their physical properties, so the high price does not guarantee high-quality supply of electricity.

connection process is also quite important.Firstly, there are certain requirements for the breach of which would have to pay the fine, second, incorrect connection is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

Paperwork for electrical connection to a private home

If you connect electricity from the column, it does not collect the required package of certificates and permits, will soon appear suddenly checking and oblige to pay a fine of 30 000 rubles.and more.Therefore, one should start with a hike to the appropriate RES.

will need to sign the agreement:

  • passport,
  • certificate of ownership,
  • act site survey.

Depending on the region, and may require other references.Survey Act is the District Engineer after inspect the site and make sure that it does not have any signs of unauthorized connection of electricity.

If you need to connect electricity in the country, which is located in the suburban cooperative or village, should clarify the procedure of registration of documents in the local council or the chairman of the cooperative.In both cases, the RECs to conclude collective agreements with the specific conditions of consumer connection.


Availability permit allows you to jump directly to the electrical connection.Since this work in most cases, required to do full-time electricians, it is advisable to install on minitransformator site.Thus the team energized transformer, install the counter.The rest of the work is done on their own.

The benefit of this method is a significant savings.The fact is that for cabling and connection home, electricians RESa take high fees.In addition, they will be obliged to buy their overpriced cable, while its quality is far from ideal.

In the case of the transformer 380 to 220 electricians are required to use high-quality cables according to the standards.In addition, personal transformer will minimize voltage drops to a minimum and significantly increase the maximum allowable load.

load calculation on mains

not enough to connect the house to the electricity, it is necessary also to calculate the amount of energy consumed properly.Otherwise, permanent blackout will become the norm.Although the standards set power rate of 4.5 kW, this figure does not meet modern requirements.

  • washing machine,
  • boiler,
  • refrigerator,
  • electric,
  • electric oven,
  • iron,
  • electric,
  • cleaner,
  • multivarka,
  • blender,
  • microwave.

once connected , electricity - to -private - domu1

This is a list of the most powerful home appliances, the total load which will be more than 15 kW.Naturally it not intended that all of these devices will be turned on simultaneously, but in practice many of them have to be used in a joint operation.

Experts recommend making the power supply of 10 kW.Get permission for such a figure in RESe unrealistic, so you need to take a standard contract and do the wiring already in the mind.

Kit to connect electricity to the private house

Main - a cable.If his choice is important to remember that although aluminum is cheaper, but in all respects much inferior copper.Therefore, the house in which you plan to live permanently, it is better to buy a copper cable at once.

Since the maximum power we have chosen at the level of 10 kW, the primary cable that will go from the transformer to the distribution box must have a cross section of 6 mm.It is important to know that the cable laid open, has a higher capacity than the one that lies in the ground.Therefore, for installation in pipe need to use a cable with a diameter of 8 mm.

Do not worry the cost of this product in the first place, it should be only 10-20 m, and secondly, it is still much cheaper than changing your entire wiring and buy new appliances.


Next comes the most interesting part.According to the technological requirements, douchetny machine should stand in front of the counter.As a rule, it is put yourself electricians, but do not seal it fixed.Consequently, it can be replaced independently.With a maximum load of 10 kW, the current in the wire reaches a value of 50 A. Standard machines go to 16 A. It is necessary to replace them on the inside of the inside of the machine 50 A. In this case, the outer housing will not be different, but inside the machine to the fullas suitable queries.

counter is placed on the output current is 220 V. Therefore douchetny machine required value will not be allowed to deliver.On the other hand, if you spend on the counter for up to 380, then the problem is solved with douchetnym machine itself.A good option - automatic AR-50 switches.

Next, you must choose the switchboard.The main criterion - it is supposed to protect the wiring from the negative environmental factors.Especially if the distributor is mounted on the outside.Optimally suited plastic boxes.The metal used is inappropriate due to exposure to corrosion.


Next to install and connect user machines maternal cable.The number of machines is determined by the number of rooms plus boiler and air-conditioning, if any.Electric heating, also requires a separate machine.Connection principle of each room to a single machine maximizes evenly distribute the load in a certain way and saves the budget.

When it comes to the kitchen, it is clear that there is the lion's share of electricity consumers.Therefore, it is necessary to take all the same cable cross-section of 6 mm.For everything else suitable cable cross-section 2.5 mm.Sometimes all the lights put on a separate machine.In practice, this is not convenient, since due to a light bulb in the whole house disappear lighting.

power accounting machines increases in the same way as it is done in douchetnyh.

How much is electricity connected to the house

to review the cost of the various teams no sense, as the prices vary depending on the mood of the superintendent.Therefore, we consider only the objective attachments:

  • cable with a cross section of 6 mm - 30 rubles.1 m
  • cable cross-section 2.5 mm -. 12 rubles.1 m
  • douchetny machine -. 300 rubles.
  • accounting machines - from 90 rubles.
  • switchboard - from 600 rubles.
  • costs paperwork -. 1 000-3 000 rubles, the price is subject to possible nuances.

For the calculations using the default settings:

  • cable must be 6 mm to 20 m, the cost of 600 rubles,
  • cable cross-section must be 2.5 mm to 45 m, the cost of 540 rubles,
  • accounting machines 7 pcs.,.cost 270 rubles.,
  • a total of about 5 000 rubles.

connection - electricity - to -private - home

Prices for the goods sold on the construction markets.When buying in the construction hypermarket, the cost will be slightly higher.In addition, not all RESy made from the connection of new consumers problem, so this cost item when luck goes.

How to connect the electricity to the house

now turn to the main.Cable with a section 6 mm or 8 mm applies to power.It is desirable that it was a solid three-wire, ground, phase and neutral.This option is more expensive than the cross section of thin wires, but it is more reliable.Connection:

  • clean ends,
  • connect the wire to the meter,
  • stretch overhead or underground line, it should be remembered that the cable needs to support every 20 meters,
  • pull or lift cable to the distribution box,
  • .
  • connect it to the relay machine.

If the relay is not attached to the switchboard, you will need to purchase it separately.It is important, that it was intended for the current strength of 50 A or more.

Next set machines.They are connected directly to the relay.Rarely, when regular electrical meter installed directly in the switchboard, the power cable supplied to the counter, and have him connected machines.For this purpose the cable cross-section of 2.5 mm.


further performed a preliminary layout of the cable.Mother cable must be fed consistently all switches and sockets in the room.For remote lighting need a cable with a cross section of 1 mm.Its cost is not great, so it does not affect the overall budget.

After cabling, all the rooms are output line conditioner, water heater and electric heating.If still free space on the counter, then put the spare machine and pulled from it an additional line in the children's room or the living room.Here, most other rooms, there is an additional load on the power grid.Automatic shut down on the counter, and the cable is hidden in the tray layout that closes cardboard, and then either plastered or sealed with wallpaper.Released place you want to mark.

Once all the wires are connected, turn on automatic douchetny.Modern counters are equipped with an LED indicator, which indicates the presence of voltage in the network.If the lamp is lit, the light is.Before turning on the machine account you need to wait 1-2 minutes, warmed to current cable and evenly distribute it on.

Accounting machines are turned on.At the instant when they create an increased load.Although it lasts only a few milisekud simultaneously switch all machines at once will lead to repeated increase in load and shut down or burn douchetnogo machine.

After the first start you must consistently turn off each machine and then on again.This is done in order to check the serviceability of mechanisms.Sometimes after the first on-off machine or snaps, or is switched on only after several attempts.This is clear evidence that it is defective and must be replaced.

After the restart, the grid is ready for operation.If the submitted recommendations have been complied with, the problems with the wiring does not occur during 50-60 years.