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December 12, 2017 00:15

System to create a healthy microclimate in the house

comfortable climate your home is inseparable from the concept of quality of HVAC equipment.Correctly chosen and professionally mounted, it helps to create a favorable atmosphere in a private home, so in the office or workplace.In addition, modern climate control systems must comply with the overall interior design.


What climatic equipment?

First of all, we should understand what is included in the concept of "climate control system for the house."It is a complex technical devices, equipment and stand-alone systems, helping to optimize the climatic conditions in the different rooms.To choose the right equipment, you should first understand that what to use and what will be necessary in each individual case.


So, to create a climate in a building often use the following equipment climatic:

  • dehumidifiers for excessively wet areas,
  • humidifiers for rooms with mostly dry air
  • air cleaners for cleaning the premises,
  • convectorsand heat guns,
  • air conditioning with air purification function,
  • split system for wall and ceiling type,
  • multi split system,
  • mobile air conditioners,
  • ducted air conditioning,
  • chiller system.

Obviously, it is necessary to stop in more detail on each of the following types of equipment designed to create a climate.


Dehumidifiers are very popular, especially in autumn and spring, when the amount of moisture in the air increases significantly.The overabundance of moisture in the house leads to unpleasant consequences such as the appearance of mold on the walls and the floor, sometimes even on the furniture, as well as the constant presence of musty wet smell.In addition, moisture is bad for health and causes:

  • arthritis,
  • bronchitis,
  • premature skin aging.


way out of this "raw" situation was a simple but effective solution - the use of air dryers.Thanks to the compactness and portability of these devices, they are extremely simple and easy to operate.Among the advantages:

  • compactness,
  • low power consumption,
  • opportunity lowering humidity of 30-40%.

should be noted that experts recommend not to lower the moisture content below 40%, because the body quickly begins to lose moisture, resulting in:

  • dehydration,
  • fatigue,
  • sleepiness,
  • drying and flaking of the skin.


In contrast, dehumidifiers, which are struggling with excessive humidity, there are special humidifiers, designed to maintain optimal humidity in the house.


Quite often the problem arises of dried air from the beginning of the heating season, especially in apartment buildings, which control and regulate the supply of heat in the room is not possible due to the centralized heating system.Just to maintain the optimal balance between excessive dryness and excessive humidity in winter, various humidifiers.These are useful devices range from traditional in which humidification occurs by evaporation of the water by natural means, technology to more "advanced", such as for example ultrasonic humidifiers.

Humidity is particularly important for infants and children under one years old.Their lungs are not yet fully formed and too wet or dry climate will cause irreparable harm, which in the future will manifest itself in a variety of respiratory diseases.


Air is a device that at the molecular level, the air filters.Passing through the cleaning system more inert gases and light come back into the room, and dust particles, heavy aromobenzoly, carbonic compounds, and other undesirable components are deposited on the filter.As a result, the room goes:

  • unpleasant smell,
  • mikrovors from carpets,
  • dust.


It is worth noting that the odors soak into the walls or wallpaper can not remove vozduhoochestitel.


another parameter by which to judge a comfortable climate housing is the air temperature.Going back to the offseason, when the atmospheric heat is no longer sufficient, and precipitation contribute to the formation not only of excessive humidity and coolness in a residential area, come to the aid convectors.These devices are used for heating by air circulation, leaving far behind the usual heaters and thermal electric fans.


convector principle of operation is that it takes from the environment, located at the bottom of the cold air that passes through the heating elements rises and heats the room.

Based on the same principle (air circulation) runs another type of HVAC equipment, namely - heat gun.From the usual convector heat gun features a much greater power of action, so it is mainly used in industrial applications.

air conditioning

air conditioning - this is the first that involves equipping the climate system for the home.This type of equipment has appeared one of the first and is the most developed.On the market are very different models of low-cost, low-power to high-tech, fully interactive options.Consider the types of air conditioners in more detail:

  • Split systems.This air conditioning system, consisting of two parts - internal and external, which are interconnected copper tubes serving for the circulation of freon (special cooling components).The outdoor unit includes a compressor and a condenser, internal represented as an evaporator.In both blocks equipped with fans that are designed to create an air flow and increasing heat transfer.Split systems are divided into wall, ceiling, cassette and tower air conditioners, which are the main difference between the methods and the installation location of the indoor unit.The advantage of split-system is that the noise produced in the room during operation, is minimal because of its basic unit is installed outdoors.


  • Multi-split system.They work on the same principle as conventional split systems.The main distinguishing feature - the external unit connects several internal blocks.At the same indoor units operate as one cohesive unit.
  • Channel conditioners.This type of air conditioners is designed for installation in a suspended ceiling, and using insulated flexible duct, discreetly placed behind the ceiling, the cooled air is fed to multiple rooms that is comfortable enough to maintain a comfortable climate conditions, such as in private homes with a large area.Aubin additional channel units is that they, in addition to the cooling airflows can filter the air, purifying it from dust and bacteria.In contrast to the multi-split systems, ducted air conditioning can not create standalone climatic conditions in each separate room.
  • Mobile air conditioners.Recently on the market of HVAC equipment were mobile air conditioners.This innovation has a number of advantages.They require no special installation and installed in the holder of any convenient location.They are easy to move from one room to another.
  • chiller system.Another device for the air conditioning system is a chiller.The main difference from the standard air-conditioning systems is that instead of freon in the system using ordinary water or antifreeze.The circulating water is cooled here by a special device - the chiller (hence the name of the system).The main advantage is that instead of expensive copper tubes used ordinary water pipes.This reduces the cost of both the system itself and its installation.


Climatic equipment - a wide range of diverse systems, tools and accessories to help optimize the climatic conditions in all areas, both residential and industrial.

Useful tips

Nevertheless, we should remember that when choosing HVAC equipment for your home, you should not rely solely on aesthetic details, intuition and personal taste.To the efficiency of equipment in line with expectations, it is better to turn to professionals.They will be able to calculate and take into account a number of important parameters that the client may not be aware.With the help of various systems and calculation programs, taking into account individual parameters of a particular room, the experts correctly assess the need for any functions of the new HVAC equipment, as well as to determine its capacity.

Considering all the subtle nuances of the functionality of the climate system in general, and climate control equipment in particular, to draw some conclusions.

  • Firstly, you should not rely on their own experience in the selection of the climate system.It is better to entrust it to professionals.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to clearly define exactly what you'd expect from climatic equipment.It makes no sense to complete the house in all possible climatic innovations and adaptations.
  • Third, when it comes to new construction, do not let the issue of climate systems of the future of housing in the slide.Already at the project level all the needs for air conditioning and climate systems in general, must be approved and put into practice in the construction process.This will avoid a lot of problems already ready housing.For example, the design of the house for a cold climate immediately should include the installation of additional heating equipment.This will adjust the temperature in a particularly cold period, at no additional cost on a more powerful heating.