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December 13, 2017 00:01

Align the ceiling plasterboard

It just so happened that in the majority of high-rise buildings that were built 30-40 years or more ago, ceilings are different curvature.Most often the problem is that the plates, overlapping operating function, are on slightly different levels.Accordingly, if we produce exclusively whitewash the ceiling, then the eyes will rush serious irregularities, which are virtually impossible to remove.In some cases, people try pokleit wallpaper on the surface, however, hide the flaws of the ceiling is obtained is extremely rare.The best solution, which allows to hide the curvature of the surface, is the alignment of the ceiling using drywall.


  • features use the drywall to align the ceiling
  • Specificity drywall
  • mounting technology Preliminary calculations
  • drywall to align the ceiling
    • Marking for mounting
    • frame Mounting
    • use of space between the main ceilingand the frame
    • drywall

As is known, the drywall is used for decoration almost any room.It can be high walls, corners, ceilings,

as well as ceiling and wall construction.It is on the basis of drywall can fix all the mistakes made during construction.However, we must understand that this is just a visual fix, so you need to give serious consideration to any issues that may threaten the integrity of the structure.

With regard to the alignment of the ceiling of the process, the drywall is really the best solution.Once we align the ceiling, you can completely transform the housing, install modern fixtures or to paste over the surface of the wallpaper.

, Material characterization

features use the drywall ceiling to align

Immediately I must say that the process of leveling the ceiling using drywall - is quite simple.To this end, it is not necessary to use the services of specialists, we can restrict their own.But you need to become familiar with the process technology, we'll talk about a little later.

To begin, consider the main advantages of plasterboard over other options leveling ceiling.

  • plaster.Of course, it is by the use of plaster, many owners are trying to hide the flaws of the ceiling material.Moreover, this process takes a lot of plaster, as others begin to appear after hiding some irregularities.Moreover, for the plastering of the process you need to have a lot of experience, as to admit mistakes is easy.
  • Panels MDF and PVC.Materials issued by Dereviny always highly valued.However, in this case it is not the best choice for finishing the ceiling.The fact is that the appearance of the ceiling, aligned using MDF panels, it is not presentable.In modern conditions it would look ridiculous, especially if the home has any particular style of interior.Most often these panels line the ceilings in industrial buildings and offices where space design has a great importance.

At the same time in a situation where you need to align the ceiling gypsum board, there are several positive aspects:

  • space for creativity.With the help of drywall, you can create multi-level ceilings, and implement a variety of decorative items.In this scenario, there are many options to turn a curve in the ceiling really attractive space.
  • Simple and quick repairs.For the installation of drywall do not need to spend much time on preparatory work, as well as other activities that usually occur before the major repair procedures.In this case, you need only prepare the surface and begin to align.
  • Useful space between the carrier plate and plasterboard.In the event that we need a major gap between the ceiling and plasterboard, it is very easy to implement.The resulting space can be used effectively.For example, there may be arranged wires or parts of luminaires.It is also possible to implement many useful scenarios.

Out of all the information it is clear that the choice of material for the alignment of the ceiling is obvious.However, pre-should still find all necessary information from consultants in DIY stores, as some subtleties regarding the specifics of the room, can seriously affect the use and operation of the drywall.

051020112703_tumb , Plasterboard ceiling

Specificity technologies plasterboard

mounting There are two whole ceiling alignment technology using drywall:

  • Hard ceiling.In this case, we have a gypsum boards, which are attached directly to the base ceiling and wall profile.The last element must be located around the perimeter of the room.This structure will ensure full security of the ceiling operation, as well as an ideal sloping surface.
  • free installation.The advantage of this method (without use of profiles) of the apparatus is in the absence of negative effects of static and dynamic stresses that often develop after a shrinkage supporting structure.

second option is most often used in new buildings, so in all other cases, you can safely opt for hard ceiling.


Preliminary calculations

Before purchasing the drywall, you need to make calculations.They allow us to determine the amount of material required.It is important to make calculations on several occasions to make sure we do not make mistakes, because every detail can significantly affect the installation process.

The calculations are best used an ordinary sheet of paper on which a schematic sketch is created.You also need to know the dimensions of the sheet of drywall (as they may be different), and the ceiling area.It is likely that drywall sheets will not be fully consistent with the dimensions of the home, so the process will have to use cut pieces of material.This is no big deal, but the reserve is better to buy 2-3 leaf gypsum material.

also need to analyze well the creation of the structure.Most often it is a metal frame, on which will be attached drywall.However, may also be used if necessary wood blocks.

drywall ceiling to align

Marking for mounting

To avoid any errors related to the arrangement of sheets of drywall, you need to partition.At the last stage, we made some calculations that allow us to imagine about what will look like the ceiling in the end.

now need to apply markup.This will allow us to identify the main problem areas in the ceiling, which can complicate the installation.Accordingly, to any problems we will be prepared in advance.Next, let's talk about the basic layout options:

  • To achieve horizontality, it is necessary to make a space from the ceiling of a few centimeters, then start counting.This process will require a builder's level, which would not allow any errors related to the future installation of drywall.Markings produced by using a conventional pencil.Markup elements need to put down with extreme precision, since every millimeter can be of great importance, especially when it comes to fixed amounts of gypsum boards.
  • Instead of building level can take the so-called gidrouroven.This is the hose, which is filled with colored water.Accordingly, applying the hose to the wall, we have a rough idea of ​​the ceiling horizontality.This method also makes it easy to produce markup.

as a guide to create the ceiling of plasterboard can be used screws and a cord that stretches between the fasteners.This landmark Ceiling best suited to carry out precise work.

frame Mounting

Immediately after the start markup mount hangers to the ceiling.These are metal plates which have a plurality of apertures.In this case, the height of the ceiling structure depends solely on the wishes of the owners.

Next is the installation of ceiling profile for drywall.At the same time, the excess part of the suspension to bend upward.

Before installing any metal element (and they will be here a lot), you need to check with established marking.Already during assembly to fix something that is incredibly difficult.

use of the space between the ceiling and the main frame

Earlier we talked about the fact that between the main ceiling and drywall surface will be a space that can be used with advantage.The idea is that this period allows to make installation of insulation material without hassle.And if the event was planned before the metal frame installation, it is necessary to think about the distance between the carrier surface and the plasterboard.If we want to use as insulation glass wool, the thickness of the material is quite impressive.

In addition, storage space can be used for sound insulation arrangement.For example, it may be felt-based material, which has a very small thickness.If, however, in itself a very high ceiling, you can create multiple insulating layers without any problems.The main thing - to make insulation and shumoizoliyatsiya placed tightly.

Also do not forget that the space between the carrier and the ceiling plasterboard can be used to hide some of the communications.This can be a variety of wire or tube - it depends on the available space.Plasterboard also allows the installation of spotlights, which go well with a perfectly flat surface.In this case, the gypsum material has a lot to do with tension ceilings, but the process is a little more complicated with the beginning of cutting holes for lights.In this case, you need to be sure to bring the wire to the hole and make sure that they are hung.This greatly simplifies the subsequent installation of fixtures.


If we properly made installation of metal profile, then install drywall - no problem.One need only to apply the material to the surface of the frame, and then fastened with screws.It should be borne in mind that such work should be carried out carefully, as even small dents in the drywall and then will be felt.

should be borne in mind that the length of the screws should correspond to the thickness of the drywall as well as the specifics of attachment.If we do not have a metal frame and wood, the length of screws to be impressive.In the case of installation of gypsum material based on a metal frame all much easier, but you can fix everything, if necessary.

desirable to have in stock a few sheets of drywall, as to prevent grave errors very simply by having a large room.In any case, the plasterboard is never more than in the economy.

After mounting the sheets of drywall spackling seams process begins.In this case, we need the mounting grid that add durability of the created layer.Apply the plaster need only small volumes as to break the incredibly simple horizontal surface.

Next is the installation of fixtures, which, as already mentioned, are installed directly on the basis of the drywall.

Now you can safely decorate the surface of the plaster material.To do this, use the paint.You can also go back and plastered walls create a solid layer of decorative finishes.

If done correctly, the ceiling will be really smooth, and the very room space - attractive.In the end it should be noted that in order to hide the flaws that often are formed in the corners between walls and ceiling, you can use decorative plinths, produced on the basis of plastic or foam.