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August 12, 2017 18:07

Dovecote on the balcony .Terms of construction and arrangement of their own hands

Many fans of pigeons without a private house with farmstead, the dream to equip dovecote on your balcony.Birds are quite comfortable to stay in this area, bringing with it a genuine joy to their owners.Main implement them timely care, in order not to provoke the displeasure of neighbors.


requirements that should be taken into account, furnished dovecoteon the balcony

  • balcony on which to live poultry, to be quite spacious, so they can feel good about themselves and actively proliferate;

  • before a pigeon on the balcony, it is necessary to ask the opinion of neighbors, if they agree on what are now near their windows will hear the sound around the clock and remain traces of bird life.If not, the venture that is best left in the first place, from a purely human considerations, because the neighbors have the right to be against it, and secondly,

    because of self-preservation, because they can come together against you, and write a complaint to the Housing, sanepednadzor or elsewhere-nibud and eliminate your pigeon with pigeons, and you will be fined;


  • pigeon house must be similar to the natural habitat of these birds, the only way they can feel comfortable in it;

  • alone is worth thinking about how the birds are safe.We can not allow receipt of injury due to an unsuccessful plan or hastily hammered nails;

  • if the balcony is on the sunny side and in the midday sun beats down mercilessly hours, then dovecote necessarily need to be obscure;

  • on the windows would have to be inside to pull the net.It must defend from the glass at 10-15 cm This is in order to protect them from damage.;

  • perch should be fixed and have a thickness that allows the pigeon to make almost complete her girth;

  • balcony arranging housing for pigeons to be understood that, in order that they do not hurt and did not feel cold in winter, in the place of their dwelling should be no drafts and humidity.For this it is necessary to insulate the ceiling, walls and floors inside with a plywood, and as insulation for its use, such as paperboard;

  • room pigeon must be practical and functional, it does not need designer excesses;

  • drawers under the nest should be done so that they could fit two birds, because pigeons create a couple;


  • bird house should be equipped with shelves and perches on which they can rest.It is better to make softwood;

  • doves to feel very comfortable, it is advisable to place the plants near them.First, they will be able to eat the vitamins, and the store will not need fertilizing, and secondly, they have an opportunity to build their own nests;

  • pigeon feeder should be wide enough, to the pigeons were a big company to mark it, sklevyvaya food, otherwise, kuchkuyas, they spend most of it and be spread prosyplyut on the floor;

  • room should be arranged so that its owner could easily clean up, all could be reach.He also must be able at any moment to catch any pigeon;

  • doves love to swim, because it is necessary to hang in the room where they are kept, wide container with water;

  • populate the pigeon should be on the basis of that one dove requires a minimum of one square meter.If they will not close, they will always be vigorous and healthy, will multiply and feel good.

The interior of the home loft

most preferably upholster walls with wooden boards or plywood, and the make sure that there was no gaps between them.If they lie close, it will greatly facilitate the cleaning and will give the opportunity to avoid drafts.

To keep pigeons, it is desirable to make special shelves about the size of 75h35 cm, which will be located on the nests and perches, as well as boxes of the same size, in which the birds can live, too.Becauseon the balcony of the usual little space, it is necessary to choose something one, and most likely, it will be boxes, standing on each other.They can be installed from floor to ceiling balcony.


If you do decide to install the shelves in several rows, their sizes are selected depending on the size of living on the balcony doves shelves 30x30 cm suitable for small to large - 75-80h35-40 see

uninitiated.side it seems that build on the balcony of the dovecote with his own hands is not so difficult.But in fact their move must be carefully prepared, to create all conditions for a comfortable existence.To do this, listen to a few more tips.

tips device dovecote

  • greatly influenced by the amount of light penetrating into the dovecote pigeons health.Windows made small, but they should be few.It is desirable that they were on the south side.This question can not be ignored, sinceon it depends the survival of pets;

  • room, which contains the pigeons have to be ready to face the winter cold.Although for them, and not dangerous frosts (assuming the use of a sufficient amount of food), but the dampness and drafts can be a real threat to them.Incidentally, the dove, as a person can get sick colds.At the same time, they should be free to leave his home, as well as to return to him;

  • on the balcony-loft necessarily need electricity, so you can check on their pets at any time of the day, as well as to extend the daylight hours in the winter time;


  • in the loft should not be stale air, you need to constantly ventilate her;

  • air temperature in dwelling birds should not be in the winter fall below -7 ° C, and in the summer time should not exceed 20 ° C;

  • any dovecote, including the balcony, should be painted a bright color and be noticeable to pigeons, fly free, can find it easily.

fascinating hobby and a real joy for the whole family can be competently planned balcony dovecote.Photos of such structures are shown as an example on this page.