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August 12, 2017 18:07

Paint based on polyurethane : characterization and application

home flooring surface or laminate, wood furniture or even concrete from time to time subject to various tests of strength.Whether it's spilled coffee or tea, spicy dishes and other items, who caused the damage to expensive coverage.Quality and reliable protection in this case is able to provide a varnish based on polyurethane, which is easy to apply, dries quickly and has a high strength.


  • Description material
  • Purpose varnish based on polyurethane
  • Types polyurethane varnishes
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • technology application of polyurethane varnish
  • The use of polyurethane varnish, water-based
  • water polyurethanenail varnish
  • Application based on polyurethane.Video

Description material

Fashion tree back and is gaining its popularity.Wood products are practical, easy to process and effective, from an aesthetic point of view.Gender of the floorboard emphasizes the nobility of the interior, it continues to be used as the owners of country houses, and residents of the m

etropolis.However, the tree has its drawbacks, such as high sensitivity: Moisture, technical and chemical liquids, as well as changing climatic conditions.

To minimize unpleasant consequences can be with the help of high-quality coatings, and in this case we are talking about the polyurethane varnish for wood.It is easily applied to any parts completely different forms, it forms a solid, glossy protective film.

to wood is not destroyed by mechanical and atmospheric impact, parquet lacquer based on polyurethane is capable of providing not only guarantee the strength, but also ease of care of the floorboard.

Waterless paint better and stronger sticks to the surface and at the same time is resistant to chemicals.It is best to use a nail in areas with constant movement on the floor and using aggressive cleaning agents.

Concrete and other mineral surfaces deeply absorbing polyurethane varnish, and it makes them stronger.There sealing surfaces, increases their impact strength and wear.

application of varnish - it is the final stage of the process of finishing work.In the building industry there are numerous mixtures forming the film.They consist essentially of polymers with water or a solvent, and resin.Among the range of different funds in the oil, alkyd and epoxy, polyurethane varnish can be purchased at any store building materials.

peculiarity of polyurethane varnish is its ability to create any surface protective layer with a high resistance to any damage, high and low temperatures, sunlight and moisture.Due to its flexibility on the floor such coverage does not allow the appearance of deformations and cracks.Given the many advantages and features, is a polyurethane varnish is relatively inexpensive, the price for 5 liters starts from 3500 rubles.


Purpose varnish based on polyurethane

varnish based on polyurethane, is usually used for such purposes:

  • to protect floor surfaces, walls, ceilings, various wooden products from mechanical and chemical damage;
  • for impregnation of concrete, brick, slate, tile, and to create a transparent film;
  • has wet stone property;
  • used indoors, under the overhead structures;
  • polyurethane varnish for concrete and stone is used as the main material protection against rust on residential, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and decorative products.

If you want to protect the mineral materials from corrosion, use this type of coverage.


Types polyurethane varnishes

On display type on the coating surface is divided into:

  • glossy;
  • semigloss;
  • frosted;
  • Honed.

of the number of components:

  • one-component varnishes.They form at the same time hard, but elastic film.This coating is not necessary to additionally prepare and mix with the solvent before use;
  • varnish is a two-component polyurethane-based and consists of a thickener, and basics that you need to connect with each other prior to use.Special device to stir the composition is averaged over 15 minutes to until the mixture is smooth and air bubbles disappear.Bicomponent divided into: water, an oil-based synthetic resins and formaldehyde-based resin.

Advanced Coatings are also: self-leveling and no.


Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages

varnish based on polyurethane:

  1. When properly applied paint does not peel off from all surfaces and adheres well even to the metal.
  2. Covers wooden products the most complex configurations without forming cracks.
  3. wear resistant.
  4. protects the surface from the effects of natural, mineral and synthetic oils.
  5. easy to apply.
  6. give additional aesthetic appeal of the decorative items.
  7. After drying odorless.
  8. is a durable coating.
  9. in its composition does not contain organic solvents.

Disadvantages varnish based on polyurethane:

  1. not recommended to cover the children's furniture, particularly bed.
  2. Eventually coating yellowing.
  3. The open fit just about 8 hours.Then he withers.


technology application of polyurethane varnish

Before starting the coating of wooden surface treatments, prepare it in a proper way:

  • oshkurte and clean from dirt.If necessary, treat the synthetic impregnation, which will prevent the further occurrence of mold and mildew;
  • apply paint brush, roller or spray.It is important that the tool you use, moving along the wood fibers.If you are using a two-component paint, then mix it strictly as instructed.Otherwise the composition will be either too viscous or liquid, that would slow down the process of solidification, or, conversely, lacquer harden even during operation;
  • polyurethane varnish to the floor, apply at least two coats.Giving the first layer to dry, proshkurte it with sandpaper.Then apply a second layer.Finish must dry for 8 hours.


The use of polyurethane varnish, water-based

feature of this coating is that on the surface it looks completely colorless and transparent.This natural beauty of wood or stone only further emphasized.It is also important that the aqueous polyurethane varnish gives the yellow wood, does not cause allergic reactions, as well as non-toxic.Wear resistance of water-based varnish is somewhat lower than usual lacquer.However, the film dries very quickly and also has fire properties.

to film the most entrenched on the treated surface, the varnish is applied in several layers.At this time it takes into account only the pour coating.Dries the film in 3 layers will be longer than usual.The frequency of each layer - 2-3 hours.

work with polyurethane varnish is better at ambient temperature of 20-23 C. Junk temperature is + 13 and + 30 C. But the film will take longer to dry in high humidity conditions.The ideal ambient humidity - 55-60%.

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water polyurethane varnish

Very often floor filler surface can be seen in the pool, at any warehouse, medical facility and so on.The advantage of self-leveling floor - this is not only an attractive appearance, but also a longer service life, increased resistance to a variety of loads, easy to clean, smooth and high-quality coverage.

Polyurethane floor can be both glossy and matte.It is great to withstand temperature fluctuations, vibration, and moisture loads.

When applying self-leveling polyurethane coating, follow the rules:

  1. surface to be worked must be dry, degreased and cleaned from dust.Otherwise, cover badly secured.
  2. If after applying the varnish on the surface accidentally hit the trash, do not despair and regret about the work done.After drying the floor is enough to rub the place with sandpaper.
  3. mixture hardens very quickly, so work with liquid floors need quickly.
  4. fresh coating may have an unpleasant chemical smell, but after a couple of hours it will completely disappear.

tips when working with polyurethane varnish:

  1. Experts recommend that before starting work, thoroughly clean the treated surfaces from dirt and grease, otherwise cover just does not lie on a dirty surface.
  2. To nail is not frozen in the course of work, it should stir and shake the container with the mixture.
  3. Apply a thin layer coating need.A better and faster way to do this can be by spray paint.
  4. order not to spoil the furniture or expensive product to begin test polyurethane varnish on any other surface.
  5. When you purchase a two-component polyurethane varnish to be considered a class of its strength.This indicator is usually indicated on the package.For use in a flat paint with suitable normal load, and, for example, cinemas, malls and gyms means better use of high load.

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application of varnish based on polyurethane.Video