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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to connect a magnetic starter - manual with diagrams

Magnetic starter is a key element of almost every electrical circuit.With the help of the contactor are connecting consumers, load control and other remote switch switching.Depending on the voltage control network, and vary the control voltage 12, 24, 110, 220, 380 volts.Usually, for connecting a three-phase, not only are loads L1, L2 contacts, L3 and auxiliary NO or NC.Control is made small-sized actuator in manual mode or automatic various devices such as relays, and other illumination.Below we look at some circuits connect the magnetic switch 220 and 380 volts, which can be useful at home.

  • Overview options
  • instructions on connecting

Overview options

In manual mode, the inclusion of produce from the push-button station.start open contact button on the circuit and stop working on opening.Wiring magnetic starter latching as follows:
Connecting via the key post Consider switching circuits work on and off the magnetic contactor.Push-button station of the two buttons, pressing the START phase arrives f

rom the network through the contacts STOP chain going, actuator retracts and closes the contacts, including an additional NO, which is parallel to the Start button.Now, if it is to let go of magnetic starter continues to run until the power goes or the thermal switch F engine protection.Pressing STOP chain is broken, the contactor returns to its initial position and opens the contacts.Depending on the purpose, the coil power can be 220V (phase and neutral) or 380V (two phases), the principle of operation of the control circuit does not change.The inclusion of the three-phase motor with a thermal relay via a touch position is as follows:
Non-reversible connection

As a result, it looks like on the picture:

Connecting the starter two photo buttons

If you want to connect a three-phase motor through a magnetic starter with a coil at 220 volts, perform switching neededaccording to the following wiring diagram:

Motor connection through MP
With the help of the three buttons on the control panel can be arranged reverse rotation of the motor.
If you look closely, you can see that it consists of two elements of the previous scheme.Pressing the START KM1 contactor, closing the contacts NO KM1, on becoming self-retaining, and opening the NC KM1 excluding the possibility of including the contactor KM2.When you press the STOP button chain disassembly occurs.Another interesting element of the three-phase reversible circuit connection is the power part.
reversible scheme
On contactor KM2 is replaced phases L1 to L3, and L3 to L1, thus changing the direction of rotation of the motor.In principle, this control circuitry is a three-phase and single-phase load with a head cover domestic needs, and easy to understand.You can also connect additional control elements, protection limiters.Treat them all you need for each specific device.

With the above given scheme of connection of a magnetic contactor can be arranged opening garage door by entering into the circuit further limit switches, utilizing NC contacts in series with the NC of KM1 and KM2 NC, limiting the stroke mechanism.

instructions on connecting

The easiest way to connect - via a button.In this case, we must act as shown in the video:

Connect a starter via a touch position (without reverse)
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For example, the engine looks like this:

Motor Control 380 Volt
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connect scheme for reversing the engine as follows:

engine Activation via three buttons
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That's according to this principle can be independently connected to the network 220 and 380 volts.We hope our guide on connecting the magnetic starter with detailed diagrams and video examples was to you a clear and useful!

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