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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to connect a light switch ?

Today there are light off the device with one, two or three keys.In fact, they connect to the network is quite simple, the main thing a little to understand the electrical and know which wire has to go somewhere.Next, we look at how to connect a light switch on one, two and three keys, but first let's talk a little about where it can be used, each of the models.

On purpose the light switch, I think, knows every electrician novice.Average one-button allows you to de-energize the product group of fixtures decal to it.Such a product is made to install in any room, having one group of light bulbs.

Stock products unassembled

Purpose dvuhklavishnogo switch - to control a lamp having two light bulbs group.For example, the lighting in the kitchen, a few spotlights mounted above the table top, and a little over the dinner table.During cooking, do not necessarily include all the lights, and just enough to illuminate the worktop.

The design of the switch two keys

principle of the three-key operation similar to the previous product, only in this case is possible to

regulate the three groups of bulbs.Typically, the connection light switch three keys perform in living rooms and bedrooms, for adjusting lighting mnogorozhkovyh chandeliers.

Light control with three keys

Now we will look at how to connect a light switch on one, two and three keys, giving brief instructions, all necessary diagrams and video tutorials that should be understandable even for dummies in electrics.

  • Preparations
  • Wiring harness
  • One key
  • Two keys
  • Three
  • keys Product installation


Before you beginconnection, it is necessary to prepare all the materials and tools, as well as to carry out several actions that are necessary for the safety of electrical work.

first define some highlights:

  1. method of wiring in the terminal box: either wago soldering terminals.
  2. Before connecting the light switch you must turn off the electricity in the house (or apartment), and make sure that there is no current in the network using a screwdriver indicator.
  3. Instructions will be given step by step, to a stage where Stroebe will be prepared, and the Escutcheon and junction box installed in their places.To learn more about these processes you can in the article: wiring in the house.
  4. To switch the light, you must connect the phase wire (L), rather than neutral (N).This is so that the voltage held in phase.Incorrect connection wiring (if sum zero), while replacing the bulb you can strike shock.
  5. Before you start working, you should familiarize yourself with the color-coded wires to properly connect the wires to each other (phase to phase, zero to zero).

Among the tools and materials you will need:

  • set of screwdrivers (curly, straight, indicator);
  • connector (if soldering, then the soldering iron and solder);
  • pliers;
  • sharp knife.

acquainted with all the necessary information and prepare all the tools, you can move to the main process!

Wiring harness

When connecting one-button, dvuhklavishnogo and three-key switch with his hands circuit wiring harness from the junction box to the lamps will be slightly different.We will now consider each of the options!

One key

Connect-button to switch the easiest.The junction box consists of two wires - and zero phase.

Introductory zero (blue) immediately connected to the fixtures zero (see. In the diagram).Induction first goes to the switch, and then back into the box and after that phase is connected to the bulb.That's the whole circuit wiring single device.As you can see, nothing complicated, important not to mix up the wires to each other (which happens very often, despite the fact that only two wires are removed in the wall).

Video: connect-button switch
YouTube Preview

Two keys

Wiring dvuhklavishnogo switch is slightly different.This is due to the fact that the circuit will be implemented for each group of lamps individually.As in the previous case, the junction box will include two wires.Blue wire inlet box immediately connected with the rest of the blue wire.

first phase is conducted in the gap on the two buttons, seating in a special opening hole.Two outgoing wires going to each group of lamps (or just two light bulbs).

draw your attention to the fact that there are 3 output on the rear side of the body: two on one side and one on the other (see picture below.).Here we must be careful and do not be confused: where one input, you must connect the incoming phase, and where 2 holes have to go out phase outgoing wires to the fixtures.

The opening hole on the body

Inlet openings on

housing Transparent video guide connecting device double:

Video guide: installation dvuhklavishnogo switch
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Three keys

Wiring triple light switch is similar to the installation dvuhklavishnogo products.Zero, as in the previous cases, is twisted with zeros all three groups of light bulbs.Induction directed to the gap, and then divided into three separate phase conductors, each going to his group of lamps.

We give you visual scheme:

Transparent electric circuit

Video Installation Guide:

Video: installation of the three-key switch
YouTube Preview

Product installation

Earlier we looked at the rules of wiring from the junction boxNow you need to secure the housing to the wall.

In this article we consider the installation of hidden items.The Grooves must be established in advance Enclosures and wound wire.

All you need to do to fix the wires with the screws and gently insert core in the Escutcheon, as shown in the photo below.

Fixation of contacts in the housing

Fixing of contacts in the housing

On each side there are 2 screw that bursting locking side tabs.Using a star screwdriver to turn twirl screws, making sure that the body is not skewed at installation.

Product Placement in Stroebe

room in Stroebe

When the core is tight "sit" in Stroebe, only need to install the top decorative cover and test the functionality of the product.

The final step

final step

That's all manual light switch connecting with his own hands!If all of a sudden some of the things you were not clear, ask a question to our experts in the "Q & A" category.We also recommend you view the video tutorials that let you see the process more clearly!
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