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August 12, 2017 18:07

10 criteria for the selection of quality outlet

If you choose the wrong electrical outlet may have the following consequences:

  • Ignition wiring, due to the fact that the product is not able to withstand the current loads from electrical appliances.

    The consequences of the choice of low-quality products

    Ignition housing

  • substandard products quickly fail: the plug will hang in the nest, the body will begin to pop up a box, etc.


    Poor fixing

  • The possibility of electric shock when breakdowns or negligence (for example, if a child wants to insert into it any thing)
  • interior deterioration of rooms (if the product does not fit with the walls finished)

in addition, there are many consequences that clearly make you think in the future that a choice should be approached with responsibility.Now we'll show you how to choose the outlet for the home, as well as analyze the most popular types of electrical products data.

  • existing variety
  • main criteria
  • Video instruction

existing variety

there are many types of sockets of today that make our lives not only safe, but a

lsocomfortable.Consider which model to choose when installing wiring in the house:

  • Inner (hidden). used when installing wiring concealed type - when there are special in Stroebe walls.This socket is used most often, because the "core" is hidden in the wall, and outside there is only a nice rim with holes.A good example of the type of hidden items
  • Outdoor. This body type is advisable to choose when wiring lines open way.We can not say that the outer socket spoil the interior.There are models that have a beautiful color and design.The outer housing option
  • color.Question interior can be solved very simply, if you select a non-standard color model, which can complement the design of your room.For example, when installing wiring in a wooden house, you can use the colors of the case "under the tree."Selecting the color of the socket will not be difficult, sinceToday there is a huge range of beautiful rims, as shown in the photo.Colour cabinet in various shades
  • to ground. Today almost no one chooses the socket without earth.Exceptions are homes and old-style apartment where applicable two-wire installation of electrical wiring (phase-to-zero).
  • With timer. If you want to automatically turn off the power to the appliance, there are special models with a timer that can be selected for houses and apartments.Cost, of course, is high, but some convenience!The modern version of the appliance
  • With screw connection of conductors. To fix mine in podrozetnik uses special screws are screwed into the plate, which clamps the contact.The design is quite simple and is in great demand.Screw connection lived inside the product
  • Without screw connection.Such models are innovations South Korean manufacturers.Instead of the traditional helical wire clamp fixing is carried out by means of contact holes, which may be tapered / expand when the key is pressed.The disadvantage of this idea lies in the weak fixation of the conductor, especially aluminum, which is necessary to occasionally "tightened".Contact hole to fix the living
  • With special shutters .Protection of children, which we recalled above, can provide via the installation sockets with protective shutters on the openings.Design feature is that the openings are opened only when the plug indentation.The pristine state of the holes are hidden, thus will not motivate children.Special curtain for protection of children
  • With special ejector fork.If you use a variety of electrical appliances, we recommend that you install the outlet special design - with ejector.This ejector is triggered by pressing a special key, gently displacing the plug.Most often, such a model is selected in the kitchen, where they often connect various home appliances.Photo: expeller electric plug
  • with LED .Very handy thing - a small light that will display the presence of electricity in the network, and helps you quickly find the object in the night (when the light is switched off).If you decide to choose the socket with light indicator, please note that the same switch will affect the flashing energy-saving lamps.Modern LED lighting object
  • special purpose .Not always the operating conditions of electrical appliances are safe.For example, dressing room and bathroom is a room with high humidity, and warehouse - a place with a high amount of dust, so if you want to install an outlet there, you need to select a particular type of housing.There is a special type of marking IPXX, where «XX» - figures that show the feature of product design.Here it is necessary to stay a little bit more.To your attention the picture, which is displayed decoding IP degrees of protection: Feature IP degrees of protection

For ordinary room in an apartment, you can select the degree of IP20, for installation of electrical wiring in the bath is necessary to use a model with an index of IP54, and dusty IP area should not be less than65!

Waterproof case with transparent door

  • floor .It is not necessary to carry out installation work on the wall.If for any reason you need to install the product at the bottom of the wall or on the floor, there is a floor-standing version.Rosette is a pull-out and very functional.Design can fit in the interior with a log house, and the modern apartment.The modern idea for the house
  • Window .It is an innovative solution in the field of electrical devices.Installation occurs in the glass, becauseElectricity is converted from sunlight.This product pays for itself over time and at the same time complements the stylish window opening.Object powered by solar energy

main criteria

Here we come to the main issue of the article - how to choose a quality outlet for the home.At first glance, everything is very simple, but many electricians novice mistakes, which in a short time can make itself felt.

Consider the basic selection criteria:
  1. Pay attention to the material of manufacture of the product.Soft cheap plastic quickly scratched and broken even during the first installation.Be sure to choose products made of durable plastic.
  2. on the body markings and the plant manufacturer must be indicated.If there are no marks, most likely, it is a Chinese fake goods, you want to get round.
  3. addition to the front of the product housing be desirable corner of his eye to see the inner structure.Of course, in most cases, the seller will not allow to open a new product, but if such an opportunity you will be provided, carefully check all clamps, screws, and plates.They do not have a marriage, various irregularities and suspicious gaps.Build quality can also be determined by the grounding contacts (copper antennae in place plug connection).If the contacts are made of thin metal, most likely the product not very good quality.Ground contacts should be moderately firm and flavorful.
  4. Some experienced electricians recommend exercise choice outlet for its weight and the smell.A good product will not stink cheap plastic, and at the same time will have a small weight.Ease indication that the product has a thin wall of material which can withstand a smaller load (both current and mechanical), resulting in a short circuit may occur.
  5. Another selection criterion associated with design features - the number of component parts and their mountings.The greater the variety of fixtures and parts, the higher the quality of the purchase.As a rule, a cheap product is nearly monolithic.
  6. Look for holes to enter the fork - they should coincide with the locking springs.If the holes do not match, the build quality is not the best and it is better to choose another model!
  7. If the package (or inside), there are instructions for installation and assembly / disassembly, it is an additional plus, indicating that the manufacturer worry about customers.Again, the majority of counterfeits are sold in clear plastic containers.
  8. outlets Select by manufacturer should be directed towards quality companies.Give preference to foreign manufacturers of switches and sockets - «Legrand» (LeGrand), «Jung», «SchneiderElectric», becausethey are leaders in the manufacture of electrical products.Cheaper, but, nevertheless, a quality option - Turkish and Polish companies «Karlik», «Viko», «Makel», «OSPEL».
  9. Note that the rear cover is required to nominal values ​​of voltage and current must be specified.Voltage - 250 V and a current of 6.3, 10, 16 of A. Give preference to products with a rated current of at least 10A, asin this case, can be connected to powerful electrical appliances.Six amp product can not withstand such loads.If the marking is not - it is better to abandon the purchase of goods!We draw your attention to a very important thing - if you want to connect the washing machine or electric stove, current load should be as much as possible.To connect the chandelier and TV products will fit 10 A.
  10. often nowadays prefer a combined model with a switch.Selecting the socket and switch in one unit saves time and wiring to the same two products are in the same design style.

Video instruction

recommend that you familiarize yourself with clear video instructions for the selection of outlets Housing:

tips from experienced electricians
YouTube Preview

That's all you need to know about howto choose the electrical outlet for houses and apartments.We hope that the information was useful and interesting for you!
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