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August 12, 2017 18:07

How carefully remove the spot light ?

We have you considered the detailed instructions for installing spotlights.Now I would like to talk about the reverse procedure - removing them from the tension and the false ceiling, which today can be used in all the rooms, from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Photo Spotlights

Very often, when removing the lamp from the point Stroebe in drywall may trouble three (not necessarily all at once):

  1. Spring latch nails fingers immediately after coming out of the seat.
  2. Contours Stroebe destroyed due to the spring pressure when dismantling works.
  3. Disconnecting human contact affects the electric current.

And he and the other option is very disappointing, especially because it can be easily avoided.

  • correct dismantling
  • Helpful Hint

correct dismantling

In order to properly remove the spot lamp with false ceiling, it is necessary to carry out a few simple steps:

  • Turn off the circuit breaker mounted on the lighting of the room group.
  • Disconnect (or unscrew) the bulb out of the housing of t
    he product.
  • With a straight screwdriver (or knife) to pry the outer edge of the decorative bezel (to form a small gap).
  • The cross screwdriver gently stick one another screwdriver (or knife).
  • Evenly "pick out" the body with a seat for as long as a gap sufficient to climbed thumbs.
  • Push the latch to the housing and carefully remove the product from Stroebe (as shown in photo).
  • Remove the screws from the terminal block to make contacts (if required by design).

Disassembling of Stroebe

That's it, 7 simple steps will allow you to quickly, and most importantly, safely remove the spot light from the ceiling (with a plastic way, too).

Please note that in case of a stretch ceiling is possible to dismantle the product a bit easier.It is necessary to carefully squeeze hands ring that holds the product casing, and then slowly pull the lamp until then, until a latch to access the fingers.Presses the latch and gently try to remove the case.Proceed very carefully, because if you toss the latch can damage the film stretch ceiling.

Video instructions for dismantling the product of the stretch ceiling:

How to safely remove the lamp

YouTube Preview
So perform dismantling is strictly prohibited, as you may damage the film, after which the need of its bonding and embellishment:

Video Reviewimproper dismantling
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Helpful Hint

to removal process has not been difficult, during the installation of ceiling light Stroebe do a little larger than the diameter of the housing.In this case, the gap will be hidden behind a decorative panel with a light bulb, and the increased space will allow less problematic to remove spotlights.

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