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August 12, 2017 18:07

Connect the lamps to the network - step by step instructions in pictures

Dignity luminaire data is that they emit a diffuse, not bright light output, which can cover a certain part of the room.They are often used as a bedside nochnichkov in the bedroom, becauseYou can read your favorite book without disturbing the person sleeping next to.We will now consider the main methods of installing and connecting lamps to the network with their own hands.

Another important advantage of the product - the possibility of adjusting the angle of incidence of light.The design includes a swivel mount lamps, which also allows you to direct the light flux in a certain area.In addition, lamps complement the interior rooms, due to the fact that they can be made of the beautiful, plastic, wrought metal or even crystal.

To date, there are bras with rope switch and key-operated models.Now we consider the features of the installation and network connection of each of the options.

  • Connectivity
  • Rope model
  • key model
  • cord with plug
  • basic process


Rope model

If light sconce has a ropeswitch, then carry out installation of the product will not be difficult.

Rope light switch

First you need to bring the wire to the point of connection.Usually sconce installation height is not standardized and is from 1 to 2 meters.Cabling is recommended to carry concealed manner, so as not to spoil the interior of the room.At the exit you must be 3 wires: earth, phase and zero.Marking N means that a neutral wire, L - phase, PE - earthing.The switch-over lace easy to connect, all you need - make contact to the terminal blocks, and recorded under the scheme.In order not to make mistakes, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the color coded wires.Phase must be connected to phase zero to zero, and grounding to earth.

Video tutorial on connecting products
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key model

alternative kind of light switch - key.Very often bra design is arranged so that instead of the rope or chain leaving only the contacts you want to connect independently.There is nothing complicated, the main thing to do it at the stage of installation of wiring in an apartment or house.This is due to the fact that the electrical work will need to be flush-peck Stroebe a switch and cabling.

light Rocker switch

Therefore, arrangement is as follows: the introductory phase of the network have to go to the switch, and with his back to the light (to allow for isolation of the circuit).Zero and earth are connected directly.

To your attention visual circuit connecting wall sconces with their hands:

draw your attention to the fact that some (especially Chinese) products wire colors may be the same.In this case for yourself it is recommended to mark each contact with colored tubing.This will make the repair and maintenance of security.

cord with plug

There is another way to connect to the network bra - an electric wire with a fork.In this case, the wires of the lamp must be connected to a conventional cord to be connected to a plug socket.The advantage of this embodiment is that it is possible to do without shtrobleniya walls and without additional switch.In addition to the circuit, you can add lace, which will break the chain, so as not to pull the plug from the outlet continuously.

basic process

So, with the methods of wiring figured out, now look at the installation instructions on the wall sconces.

order to independently connect the lamps to a network of 220 volts is necessary to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • drill with a set of drill bits (if implemented wiring in a wooden house, then drill to be "wood", for concrete walls buydrill appropriate type);
  • dowel-nails;
  • set of screwdrivers, including a display;
  • ladder;
  • pliers;
  • a sharp knife or a special tool for removal of isolation;
  • simple pencil.

To you the step by step photo instructions for installation sconces with three lights:
  1. Turning off the circuit breaker to de-energize the room.
  2. Check the voltage at the terminals, which will carry out the lamps connection.To do this, we use a screwdriver indicator.
  3. back cover are putting to the place of installation and a simple pencil mark holes for mounting.Make sure that the lid was fixed exactly.Designated drilling
  4. drilled holes at the marked points and fasten the cover with the help of dowel-nails.rear cover Fixing dowels
  5. With a knife we ​​clean opening contacts 5-7 mm under the connection terminal block.Stripping lived
  6. fix a conductor in accordance with the scheme.Connection terminal block wiring
  7. Fix the housing bolts, with the apparatus as shown in the picture.Mounting bolts housing
  8. Install lampshade using a few bolts.Make it better on top on a ladder, to make it easier to tighten the bolts.
  9. screwed into a light source (usually used halogen and fluorescent lamps).
  10. check the quality of the installation manually: slightly swaying lamps, to know the quality of attachment.If the lamp is "firmly" sitting on the ground, can only sue him stress.
  11. Turn on the circuit breaker and check the operation of the product.If nothing sparks, and light is not flashing, it means everything is done correctly.The result of the executed works
Transparent Video instructions on wiring (Example №1)
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second example of electrical work
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That's all you need to know about how to install the lamps with their own hands.As you can see, it's pretty simple!We recommend this option to place the lamp in the bathroom (to illuminate the mirror), kitchen, bedroom (above the bed) in the living room (above the bed) and in the corridor (near the mirror, too).
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