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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to hang a chandelier on the ceiling ?

So, you need to replace either zero hang a chandelier in the house.At first glance, this event causes a small concern and it seems difficult for the novice electrician.But everything is much easier than you think, because the installation work lasts no more than an hour and with much effort would be required.

Connection wires SIZami

order to hang the chandelier from the ceiling with his hands, you must:

  • familiarize themselves with safety procedures;
  • prepare tools and materials;
  • to choose the method of fixation;
  • install the product;
  • validate the connection.

now consider in detail each of the stages.

  • Safety
  • Tools and materials
  • Installation Methods
  • Hook
  • bracket
  • back cover
  • Connecting
  • Verification
  • Non-standard situations


Any electrical work not safe, because the person has to deal with a high-voltage shock.In order to connect you do not electric shock, and she wiring is not out of order after a time, be sure to consider the following rules and tips:

  1. Before you hang the lamp on the ceiling, turn off the electricity to the network (it is enough to turn off the circuit breaker in the panel).
  2. Make sure there is no electricity in the room, turn on / off the light.
  3. Check with the help of a screwdriver indicator strain on the veins coming from the ceiling.If the current is not available, get to work.
  4. Perform wiring using terminal blocks."Antiquated" twist insulation is not safe.
  5. not purchase Chinese goods of poor quality, becauseoften they fail.
  6. Make qualitative grounding wiring.

If you comply with these safety measures, to fix a chandelier on the ceiling can be quickly and without any problems.

Tools and materials

In order to carry out installation, you will need these tools:

  • electric drill or a hammer drill;
  • ladder;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • indicator screwdriver;
  • pliers.

From the materials you need to prepare:

  • connection terminals or WAGO terminals (not always, they are included, especially if the product is cheaper);
  • fastening element (hook or anchor);
  • screws with dowels.

Regarding the latter, then there should be clarified.If mount chandeliers will be carried out to a concrete ceiling, it is necessary to acquire an anchor, they are qualitatively installed in the wall.To hang the case on wooden ceiling, you can use self-tapping screws for wood (if a little light weight).By the drywall can only fix if to get on the frame of the profiles using self-tapping screws for metal.

Installation Methods

To own a chandelier hung from the ceiling in the house, you can use one of three methods, each of which is provided in advance by the manufacturer.If the product is not difficult, it can be hung on a hook.With a weight of more than 5 kg must use anchor bolts.The design of some chandeliers require special installation bracket (the bracket).And the last way - to mount the back cover to the fixture directly to the ceiling or wall.Now we have a detailed look at each of the above methods.


easy to install, you can buy an inexpensive chandelier hook with dowel (as shown in the picture) and screw it into the ceiling, and then hang it on a hook loop, provided by lamp design.

Metal hook

Please note that this method is suitable only if the wood or concrete ceiling, asthen it is possible to drill a hole and insert a dowel.If gypsum sheathing, apply this type of installation is forbidden, because the hook is simply throwing up after hanging lamp.

If the chandelier is large and heavy, you can hang it on the anchor hook.Its design is represented in the photo:

Anchor hook

All that is necessary - necessary to drill a hole diameter in the ceiling, and then screw in the hook.Anker "razopretsya" so will create a secure hold even more weight to the product.

This connection can spoil the interior of the room, so it is recommended to buy lamps with a decorative bowl, which will hide all the fixings.


If the manufacturer has provided bladed mount, a little more time will be necessary to spend on the installation.

Bladed mounting fixture

the included metal bracket and 2 screws with nuts.All that is needed - to fix the bracket (the bracket), and then hang the chandelier from the ceiling tightly.

This is more time consuming, but at the same time is not nothing complicated.The main thing is to properly adjust the distance between the screws (it must correspond to the distance between the holes in the luminaire housing).

back cover

If you want to hang the chandelier from the ceiling without drilling hammer, it is necessary to select a special kind of lamp, which cover can be attached with screws.In this case, you need only to twist a few screws through the holes in the rear cover.Most often, this method of attachment is used, if the product is easy and is mounted on the wall (as shown in the picture).


so that you could understand each method of connection, provide appropriate step by step instructions for Dummies.

If you use the hook, enough drill Drill a hole in the ceiling, hammer a dowel in it (or anchor), then screw the hook itself.Next you need to connect the wires between the housing and the lead wires, carefully insulate them (if required) and only then to hang a chandelier on the hook.This is necessary to stop on the details, so that you know how to properly connect the chandelier on the ceiling.

If the design of the lamp does not provide grounding to the case you want to connect two wires - phase and neutral.As a rule, metal lamps provide additional grounding, so in that case you will have to deal with three wires - phase, and ground zero.Each conductor must be connected to the terminal block according to the colors of the wires, as well as symbols.If the body of the luminaire output 4 wires, it means two lights on the chandelier and connect it should be similar to the wiring diagram on the wall lamp two lamps.

Video tutorial on connecting
YouTube Preview

If you carry out wiring from scratch, you must still connect the light switch.Read the technology you can just follow the link.

To exactly hang a chandelier on the bracket, you must first put the screws at a suitable distance.Then fix the bracket using dowels, nails.Next, thread the body through the hairpin, and with decorative nuts securely fix the product on the bar.As in the previous case, the wiring necessary to implement in advance.

Visual guide to this method
YouTube Preview

also like to draw your attention to a very important point.When connecting wires chandeliers must be properly connected: phase to phase, zero to zero, ground to ground.Mixing up the contacts, a short circuit occurs.To avoid this, be sure to check the color-coded wires.

And the last way - to mount the rear cover directly to the ceiling.In this case, the product design has a few holes on the back cover, which simply fixed with screws.Nothing complicated, the only advice that I would like to give - all the holes are not necessarily used.If the light fixture, but provided 4-5 hole, the three self-tapping screws can be enough to hang the body.

recommend that you familiarize yourself with the circuit connection socket and switch, where you visualize the principle of operation of lighting:

Wiring sockets and switches

connection sockets, switches and light bulbs in the junction box


When you have completed the connection electrics, you mustcheck out all the work.First visually - it was not visible to the wires (wires hide in the body).After that you need to sway the lamp to make sure of reliability of fastening.Well, in the end, turn on the machine, and if he does not knock out, and the lamp itself is not sparkling, so everything is done correctly!As you can see, hang a chandelier on the ceiling, you can easily to one person, and even a woman!The main thing to observe all the rules that we have told you and!

Non-standard situations

Above we have provided you with instructions for installing chandeliers in a variety of standard conditions - when the ceiling is smooth and without defects.At the same time sometimes have to carry out mounting in non-standard conditions, which we will discuss in brief.

to hang a chandelier on the suspended ceiling, you can use the bar, as shown in the photo.In this case, the mount can even be carried out if the ceiling is already stretched and also the replacement of the lamp can be done without risk of damaging the coating film.Fixing straps for tension ceilings

If you decide to hang the product on the sloping ceiling, in this case it is better to use hanging on a chain.When, for whatever reasons, have to change the location of the chandelier in the apartment, the main thing is not to get into the wiring when drilling a new hole in the ceiling.It is recommended to use a homemade metal detector, which will show, where the wire.

If the ceiling is already a hole, be sure to use it to not re-drill a hole puncher.Too big a hole you can hide the special plaster bubble, which is sold in most hardware stores.

If the holes are located three wires of the same color, in order to find the phase, zero and earthing have to use a multimeter.With the two-wire wiring things easier - to find the phase and neutral can be a conventional display using a screwdriver (when you touch the bulb lights up phase).

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