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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to connect the RCD ?

RCD (see. Photo below) stands for a residual current device.His main purpose in electrical - wiring protection against leakage.For example, in their negligence you accidentally damage the insulation of the cable and have not noticed this.Any contact with bare wires can result in electric shock.To avoid this, there is just this electrical product, which immediately turns off the electricity to the network when leakage is detected.Construction products

draw your attention to the fact that the leak may also occur because of aging mains.Old insulation simply rassyhaetsya and bursts, so that the leakage current arises.It is therefore necessary time to carry out the replacement of electrical wiring in the home and are sure to make a connection with the RCD ground!

working principle is quite simple: the machine compares the incoming current through itself (phase) with the outgoing (zero).Ideally the difference should not be, when it detects small difference of the product is activated immediately.There are other reasons for tri

pping RCDs that we talked about in the corresponding article!

  • main disadvantages
  • Connection diagram
  • installation rules
  • Step 1 - Turn off electricity
  • Step 2 - Define the installation location
  • Step 3 - Connecting
  • Step 4 - Verification
  • Errorsinstallation
  • Video instruction

main disadvantages

Among the shortcomings protective device should be allocated:

  1. If the protection is set for the entire wiring in the house, at the slightest threat of leakage may turn off electricity throughout theprivate home in a time when you do not.False alarm sometimes causes a lot of problems, for example if you are gone for a few days and turn off the light, then defrost the refrigerator and turn off street lights.
  2. RCD connection to the mains does not solve the problem of short-circuit and overload wiring line.In the case of short-circuit the device simply fails.Therefore, with the product necessarily need to connect the circuit breaker.

Connection diagram

To your attention simple circuit connection to the single-phase two-pole RCD network with their own hands.Please note that the protection must be installed upstream of the meter or after that controls are carried out for the entire wiring.It is also recommended to carry out wiring to each individual circuit path to current shutdown was carried out only for the area where the leak occurs (for example, only a bath in the washing machine or only outlet).

So we figured out the purpose of the device and the circuit breaker it self-installation.Now comes the process of connecting to a network of 220 volts.

Installation Rules Installation

RCD own hands is not nothing difficult, even for the novice electrician.Consider the step by step instructions for connecting the apartment and the house.

Step 1 - Turn off electricity

Please turn off electric power to the network and check its availability with a multimeter or a screwdriver indicator.

Step 2 - Define the installation location

There is already up to you, to connect the product to the counter after it, or on a separate part of the chain.We recommend to carry out the installation immediately after the electric meter, but before the circuit breaker (to protect the device from short circuit currents).

Step 3 - Connecting

It's all very simple - you need to bring and connect the wire strands into the holes (top and bottom).The front panel of each model derived wiring diagram, as well as give the necessary wires.For example, 1-N scheme, 2-N means that wind up on top of the phase and zero, and the bottom is also displayed and zero phase (polarity observe required).If there is no marking on the neutral color, it will be possible to find a screwdriver indicator (lamp does not light up when you touch the core of zero).

Step 4 - Verification

After complete connecting the RCD should check its viability.This can be done with the help of specially bred on the front panel of the test button.When pressed, made an imitation of the leakage current, thus tripping the device should work.If everything worked - the installation is correct.

errors when installing

As in any business, when the electrical work can prevent dangerous mistakes.To you it does not happen, we now describe the most common errors RCD connection with his own hands:

  1. Feeding lived wind up from the bottom of the housing.Doing this is not necessary, sinceeven in the diagram summarizing the product supply wires from the top.When connected incorrectly, the machine may malfunction.
  2. After RCD not set the circuit breaker.As we have said, tripping device is triggered by a short circuit, which can immediately withdraw the product from the system.Therefore be sure to connect the machine to the right place.
  3. In some parts of big power are not set local device protection.As a result, a leak may occur, due to which the power will go off all over the place.

recommend also view a graphic video instruction, in which all connection errors:

Basic errors during connection
YouTube Preview

Video instruction

To your attention the video instructions on connecting the bipolar RCD to the wiring in the house:

A good example of wiring works
YouTube Preview

that's all that I wanted to tell you about this issue.We hope that you now know how to connect a residual current device with their own hands!

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