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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to connect the circuit breaker

We have already discussed how to connect the Emergency circuit breakers, now consider in detail how to connect the circuit breaker in the switchboard with your hands.The process is fairly simple and does not take much time.The only problem - do the right thing, because during electrical connection, many novice allow small errors, which in a short period of time can bring the device out of operation.

Protection of electrical wiring in the home

most frequently when installing wiring, and in particular connecting the machine, the following mistakes are made:

  1. Supply cable is put at the bottom.Despite the fact that the rules of the SAE this option wiring is not prohibited, we do not recommend you to connect the circuit breaker from the bottom, the more so because even on the front panel contains the circuit diagram in which the installation of the fixed contact place - the top (as shown in the photo below).The correct connection of power supply
  2. Contacts too clamped fixing screw.No need to avoid, as a result, you can not only damage the cable core, but also distort the cabinet.
  3. conductors incorrectly connected.Mandatory requirement - the need to connect the phase by phase, neutral for neutral (if you are using a two-pole switch).Immediately suggest reading material: color-coded wires.
  4. two single-pole is used instead of a two-pole machine.It is strictly forbidden, asphase and neutral must be disconnected at the same time.
  5. When fixing wires in the seat falls insulation.Be sure we clean the wire as far as the model requires a passport.If you press down the insulation screw contact conductor weakened, resulting in heating the core, and further adverse effects will occur.For this event we recommend to use a special tool to remove the insulation.
  6. incorrectly selects the circuit breaker, in particular, the product is not able to withstand the incoming load.In this case, it is necessary to begin to calculate the cable cross-section and in accordance with the calculated characteristics to choose the appropriate model.
  7. When calculating the value of a suitable circuit breaker is rounded.For example, you find that the current carrying capacity of the product is 19 Amps.In the simplest logic electricians novices go to the store and purchase the device for connecting the nearest value - 20 Amps.This is a huge mistake, becausethe calculated value is nominal, and it turns out that the security operation will be carried out with a small wiring congestion.It is better to purchase the switch with the figure of 16 amps, so wiring will last longer.

Another important point, on which a lot of discussion is conducted - whether it is possible to connect the machine to the electricity meter, or do so only after it?Answer - it is possible, and even necessary, thing to buy a special box which is sealed and sales representatives.Installation of induction machine before the electricity meter will produce a secure replacement power control device in a private home or apartment.

Here, actually, and there are rules for installation and connection of the electric machine with their own hands.We now turn to the main subject of the article.

  • basic process
  • Connection Diagrams

basic process

Thus, in the initial position we have the electrical panel, which will install the product, as well as all the wires (input and output to consumers).

pole device

Consider instructions for dummies on the example of the connection of a bipolar circuit breaker panel:

  1. first step is to turn off the power and check its availability with a multimeter or a screwdriver indicator.Instructions on the use of a multimeter to the reader!
  2. Machine installed on a special landing DIN-rail and snaps lock.You can do without the din rail, but this is less convenient.
  3. veins of water and the outgoing conductors are stripped of 8-10 mm.
  4. The top two clip you want to connect the introductory phase and zero (do not forget about the recommendations referred to above).
  5. Accordingly, in the bottom two holes are fixed outgoing zero and phase (the ones that go to the electrical appliances, outlets and switches).
  6. need to manually check the reliability After that the connection wires.To do this, carefully take the conductor and move in different directions.If you live will remain in place, then secure the connection, otherwise, be sure to tighten the screw again.
  7. After all electrical voltage is applied to the robot in the network and check the efficiency of the product.

That's the owner of the circuit breaker connection to the single-phase circuit.As you can see, nothing complicated, just need to be careful.Also, be sure to check with the video lessons in which the connection process is described in more detail:
Transparent video guide
YouTube Preview
Installation of low-quality products
YouTube Preview

Wiring diagrams

Just to check out the circuit breaker mounting schemeswith his own hands:

that's all that I wanted to tell you about this issue.We hope that now you are fully learned how to connect the circuit breaker in the house!
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