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August 12, 2017 18:07

Color and kitchen

Choice dominant palette

interior base in the kitchen - a floor, walls, and kitchen sets.So, in what color they are made, determines the overall tone of the situation.The rest of the furniture, appliances and d├ęcor serve as amplifiers or converters selected palette.The main thing - the harmony, so the atmosphere is bright mute small elements, pastel - make richer.
Love Drive, prefer an energetic way of life?Choose a bright interior to the respective colors.They motivate the active pastime.If you value peace of mind, peace, rest in a comfortable atmosphere, the harmonious atmosphere in bright colors - this is for you.
In addition, note the presence of the sun in the room.The kitchen is on the sunny side looks perfectly in cold tones as rich daylight and compensate for it creates an optimal atmosphere.If the sun's rays do not fall directly into the room, where relevant beige, terracotta, cream, orange ink.

Color and kitchen

color so strongly affect the emotional state that depends on your appetite even from him.Cold s

hades muffle his warm - awaken.
In general, we can draw the following conclusions: bright colors - it is energy, which allows to gain new strength in tranquility and comfort, bright colors - energy, but long pastime in this environment tires.

determined by the specific color palette

consider what effect is expected from the kitchen, decorated in several popular color schemes:

  • Red.It embodies the drive, speed, and even passion.This type of interior suitable for people with a strong energy, active lifestyle, busy life.
  • orange and yellow.These tones convey good mood, awaken the appetite.They are the choice of lively, cheerful and creative people.
  • Green.This is a true anti-stress.Attractive color of nature is the embodiment of peace.It's easy to get rid of the negativity, just relax after a long, hard day's work.
  • Blue.Such a situation exactly like dreamers, romantics.After all, the heavenly light tone creates the right atmosphere for this.
  • Black and white.If the kitchen is made exclusively in black color, it is characterized by the severity, if white - simplicity.The harmonious combination of these radically different tones and proper lighting will create a really stylish, simple furnishings.

Color and kitchen

Do not fill the space of only one color.Harmony several shades - a way to elegance, beauty and cosiness.

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