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August 12, 2017 18:07

Insulate pipes with your hands : the choice of insulation and methods of its mounting

Ways of warming water disposal system in a private home

One of the simplest and most affordable ways of warming of the sewerage system is burying it in the ground at the stage of installation of most utilities.Depth of laying pipes in trenches should be below the level of soil freezing.

Methods of insulation of drainage system in a private home

And what if you bought a house with an existing sewer.In this case, it can be applied not very economical, but the most efficient way of heating - the electrical cable.It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.However, the big bills for consumed electricity are significantly hit the pockets of owners of the house.

Only one thing - buying high-quality insulation material that will last for many years and with dignity to protect your pipes from freezing.

types of heaters and the basic requirements to them

In our time in specialty stores or on the construction markets provided a sufficiently wide range of different insulation for communications systems.Each of them has certain advantages and scope.

most popular and in-demand materials are:

  • Fiberglass;
  • Basalt fiber;
  • foam.

glass fiber (glass) made of silica sand with the addition of steloboya.Such material has a sufficiently low density and high temperature intolerant.Most often used for thermal insulation on the outside of buildings and provides additional isolation as a roofing material.This fact is a disadvantage of this heater, as this greatly increases the cost of the insulation.

Basalt fiber (wool) - is based on bazaltosoderzhaschih rocks.A distinctive feature - a low thermal conductivity and long service life.The main advantage of this heater - the ease and convenience of installation.The disadvantage is the high price, which, unfortunately, covers the advantages of this insulation.

shell foam (Styrofoam).It is this form of the product is the most popular foam for insulation of sewage pipes.It is used both inside buildings and outside.

in favor of what material to make a choice - you decide.

Types of heaters and the basic requirements to them

However, there are key points that you should pay attention when buying heaters Sewer:

  • fire resistance;
  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • Waterproof;
  • Long service life;
  • The need for additional insulation materials;
  • resistance to aggressive chemical and biological environments.
  • The ease and simplicity of installation;
  • Affordable price.

Types of heaters and the basic requirements to them

Warming sewer pipes: the process of mounting

easiest installation is made of glass wool.It's enough to unwind a roll, cut it into pieces, which are wound on the pipe and secured.

Styrofoam shell mounted on the type of the constructor as follows:

  • Installation is carried out on the entire pipe without mechanical damage and leaks;
  • shells overlap so that there were no gaps between them;
  • joints are sealed foiled special or conventional mounting tape;
  • If you want to further consolidate the items, use clamps or conventional wire that is wound on top of the structure.

Warming sewers carrying out the installation process

Just a little effort and ingenuity required to produce strong and durable design.