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August 12, 2017 18:07

As a self- defrost plastic pipe in which cold water

As a self-defrost plastic pipe in which cold water.Instructions

PVC pipes that are in the attic or in the basement, with a high probability can freeze at low temperatures.The advantage is that you have free access to them, which means the problem can be solved easily and quickly.To begin, open your faucets and only then proceed to the defrosting.We offer several ways.

As a self- defrost the plastic pipe

  • first method: Using hot water.
    1. Feel for the coldest section - there is an ice plug.
    2. Take an ordinary piece of cloth.
    3. Wrap the frozen section of tissue (in addition to it, grab the upper and lower area).
    4. Heat the water and watering it frozen section.
    5. Remove the cloth and wipe the pipeline.
    6. shook pipe insulation to prevent re-freezing.
  • Second method: use the heat gun construction.
    1. find ice cap (described above).
    2. Set the minimum temperature hot air gun (to avoid plastic rasplavki).
    3. Move the hot air flow in the pipeline.
    4. shook the pipe insulation.
  • The third way: using electric heating.
    1. winding turns of the frozen sectio
      n of special heating wire.
    2. Connect the cable to the mains.
    3. wrapped warm the pipe insulation.

As a self- defrost the plastic pipe

As a self- defrost the plastic pipe

How to defrost the ice in a plastic tube underground

When plastic pipe under the ground freezes, panic starts among homeowners.After digging his hands frozen ground - it's not easy, but the technique it can do damage to the pipe.We offer several alternatives for the defrosting of underground utilities.

As a self- defrost the plastic pipe

using hot water

  1. Remove the plastic pipe from the tap.
  2. Heat water (best to use reinforced concrete barrel).
  3. Get frozen in a plastic tube hose.The entry is up until you reach the ice cap.
  4. Pour in the hot water pipe (if possible, use a pressure pump).
  5. gradually move the hose forward.
  6. Once the ice gate is melted, pour the water out of the pipe.
  7. Reconnect the tube to the faucet.
  8. Cover the exposed areas of the pipe insulation.

using electricity

  1. Purchase a two-wire cable.
  2. Separate one core and remove from her isolation.
  3. Firmly roll vskrutku bare wire to prevent it from unwinding.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 to the second wire.
  5. Move a couple of centimeters of bare twisted apart.
  6. Start the wire into the tube to ice jams.
  7. Connect the lead to the mains.
  8. As defrost advance the lead forward.
  9. Evacuate the melt water pump or compressor.

few more ways to unfreeze the plastic pipe

There are some rarely used methods.The reason for the rarity - the lack of necessary equipment.

  • Defrost steam generator: an excellent way out of this situation.Fire starter ice passes very quickly and efficiently.steam hose inserted inside to ice jams and couples allowed.
  • Defrost autoclaves (or steamer): Water is heated in an autoclave, after which the device is connected to the hose, the second end of which is introduced into the frozen pipe.When boiling water, steam is injected into and melts the ice.
  • Defrost hydrodynamic machine: due to the increased pressure that produces a given machine, the ice breaks up in minutes.Hose give birth in a plastic tube closer to the ice jam and include the device.