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August 12, 2017 18:07

Installation instructions for the different castles

most common types of locks

Castle in the front door carries a protective function, preventing unauthorized people get into your apartment.To ensure the safety of your house should be set not one but two castles, the distance between them should be not less than 350 mm.By following these rules, you will seriously complicate the task of "uninvited guests".But the castle interior door is more a means of decoration, rather than security.The most common types of locks are:

  • Rim locks (mainly used in wooden doors, not always harmoniously look at the inside of the door)
  • Mortise locks (mortise locks are located inside the fabric that serves as their protection and strengthening)
  • Magnetic locks(used in doorway entrances, large enterprises and offices)

tools required to install the lock


to manually set the lock, need such tools:

  • screwdriver
  • Jigsaw
  • Electric drill
  • chisel with a width of 20 mm and 40 mm
  • line
  • Roulette
  • Self
  • Screws
  • Scotch

installation instructions overhead l

Rim locks used in entrance doors made of different materials, as it is quitereliable and convenient form of locks.Guide will help you set yourself a castle.

  1. Please carefully read the installation instructions, if any.
  2. Then put the lock on a piece of paper and otcherchivaem its contours.
  3. on the template mark the location of the keyhole and holes for fasteners.
  4. We put the template to the door, using adhesive tape, pencil and direct the attachment points and the cut hole.
  5. Fasten the guide key to the keyhole body and set it on the door with the help of self-tapping screws for wooden doors or pins for metal.If
  6. decorative prikladka one lock, it is mounted on the outer side of the door, if the two - that on both sides.
  7. having turned the key twice and scroll set locking bolt.
  8. To find out the location of mating strips, lubricate the ends of the crossbars charcoal or paint.Then, with the door closed cranking the key several times.When you open the door to mounting plates remain traces.
  9. Carefully note the hole centers and drill them to a depth equal to the length of the crossbars.After, it is desirable sometimes to apply feedback to control the bar placement of the lock.
  10. After all the previous paragraphs are met, install mounting plate and check the operation of the castle.If when turning the key deadbolts come free - the work is finished, but if not, you should grind edges of the holes on the mounting plate with a file.

Castle in the front door

Installation Instructions castle interior doors

main materials for the manufacture of doors between the rooms is wood or materials similar to it in quality.Using these instructions, you can set the lock in the interior doors, without the hassle and cost.

  1. First you need to install the door leaf on the end.
  2. Next you need to mark the place of the castle accommodation.Basically it is 1000 mm from the floor, but you can choose any convenient height you.
  3. Spending markup, since previously marked point.It is advisable to use a square to the line was flat.
  4. Otcherchivaem lower and upper limits, with the help of portable triangle marking on the end of the door and sticking masking tape to limit job router.
  5. Then with the help of the router cut out wood for the markup.To prepare the socket lock, using a drill, drill holes as close as possible to each other.
  6. eliminate excess trees with a hammer and chisel size.First you need to use a chisel larger, and then later a little.
  7. Focusing on already deposited markup, it should be noted the installation site handles, as well as for the well of the castle.
  8. The pre-drilled socket set the lock and fasten it with screws.Install straps and fasten the handle.

Castle interior door

Installation of magnetic lock on the door with his own hands

magnetic lock installation ensures high security and convenience.It is used in the entrances of apartment houses, as well as in various enterprises and offices.

Tools required for installation of the castle:

  • electric
  • set of drill bits for metal
  • sander
  • Roulette
  • screwdriver or screwdriver
  1. At the end doors outline the lock body and by means of grinder to cut a hole whereinsert lock.Along the edges of drill holes for screws for metal.
  2. note the holes for the handle, using a marker or pen, and drilled them on both sides.Also drill a place in the keyhole.
  3. further notes crossbars holes in mounting plates and cut them grinder, grind the sharp edges with a file.The openings should always be below the entrance level crossbars of a few millimeters, otherwise your door can jam.

Magnetic lock