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August 12, 2017 18:07

Tap water began to flow a small trickle

So, what to do if the tap water began to flow a small stream?

There are several causes of this problem:

  • condition of water pipes;
  • clogged cartridge in a large flow-through filter, if available;
  • If there is not much the filter is clogged by rust or possible small debris filter;
  • If both filters are missing, you need to pay attention to the state of the mixer;Tap water began to flow a small trickle


try in turn to understand the causes and ways to fix it.If you live in a house or apartment of the old buildings, most likely the problem is the poor condition of water pipes.Most often, the old metal pipes have a tendency to rust and thus clogging of rust.In this case, they must be purged special pump pressure.

Another option is to spend a little time and effort to change the tape in a large flow filter.If it does not exist, it is necessary to remove and clean the filter cartridge in the small, which is not far from the gate.To do this, cut off the water and use a wrench to unscrew the filter nut.Then simply clean it of accum

ulated rust and debris and tape in place.

reason could also be the fault of the mixer, which is the main part of sanitary equipment.It consists of a variety of parts, including filters, which tend to clog all sorts of rubbish from the water, which is removed by washing and the cleaning of the unit.Tap water began to flow a small trickle

If water flows poorly, not only in your home but also your neighbors through the riser, but the most obvious reason - it is the water pressure in the water.The only right thing - you need to go with the application in the housing.

What if the cold water from the tap is hot, and the cold from hot.

This problem, unfortunately, too often occurs.And the reasons for this, too few.Most likely - have elementary broken faucet.But if you just recently installed it and have full confidence in its good, but there are several reasons that may cause this problem: Tap water began to flow a small trickle

  • pressure mismatch hot and cold water.Because the hot water pressure is greater than the pressure of cold, then hot a property like "crowd out" cold mixer.Alternatively, the pressure initially incorrectly regulated utilities.In this case, the situation is not self-correct - should be treated in the housing;
  • boiler is not connected properly (if available).The only way out of this situation is to contact someone for help, which is to reconnect the equipment;
  • When replacing the water pipes made a wrong wiring or mixed risers places:
  • Perhaps someone from your neighbors have recently made repairs, too, could something wrong to connect and connect.And because the water system centralized and everything is interconnected to each other, the failure is recognized around the riser or even throughout the home.

Use our tips and your home will never face a "drought".Tap water began to flow a small trickle