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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to pay over the Internet


subscriber Cabinet After registration you get an opportunity to enter the subscriber's office savings bank and see all the information on his own personal account, in particular: How to pay over the Internet

  • - transfers between your accounts, cards, deposits;
  • - payments on loans and credit cards;
  • - replenishment of electronic purses;
  • - transfers to the accounts of customers of the Savings Bank and other banks;
  • - Payment services in one click with templates created by you;
  • - automatic regular payments for the apartment, internet, cell phones and other services;
  • - permanent access to the discharge of all accounts and transaction history;
  • - information about the personal bonus account "Thank you from the Savings Bank";
  • - have deposits with high interest rates and accounts in precious metals.How to pay over the Internet

How to register a user account on and pay rent and utility bills.

So, to access the subscriber's account on the website of Sberbank of Russia, you must first obtain a bank Sberbank card w

ith the connected service "Mobile Banking" and register.Follow the instructions: How to pay over the Internet

At the entrance to the site can see right inscription Sberbank Online and below Login and Registration.Beginners should choose the button "Register┬╗

window will open then, where it will be necessary to enter the number of Sberbank card and the phone is connected to mobile banking, it will come sms-password, which you will need soon.

need to select the input in "Sberbank Online" to pay for services.Next, select the mobile operator in the sidebar on the left or in the category "Mobile Communication" in "Payments and transfers".In the window that opens, select the write-off account and enter the amount of payment.Then be sure to check the correctness of the information and click "Confirm."Then enter the password that you received in the sms-message to confirm the operation, if the payment is made successfully, you can save as a template and print the check.

Be very careful not to run into a scam, and so never enter a password to cancel or cancellation of operations.Employees of the bank in any case did not call to ask for the cancellation or cancellation of the operation, it can only do scammers.

Never use a passport number, phone, and other personal information to confirm operations or entering Savings Online.

Always be careful when reading the sms-messages and check the details you have entered for the transaction.If suddenly you have received the message that you have done what any deduction, but in fact nothing like you do, in no case do not enter your password, never bankers will not call you to cancel or terminate any or action.

Remember!To access the user account requires only a one-time ID and password.In the event that you are required to enter kako or other information, whether the passport number, phone number, or anything else you need to immediately suspend all activities and communicate with the bank, and put the staff aware of what happened to you, you will be giveninstructions on how you behave on.How to pay over the Internet