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August 12, 2017 18:07

Building a garage floor with his hands : Tips professionals

Arguments in favor of the wooden floor of the garage

basic requirement for placing the garage - the integrity of the walls and high quality flooring.From their "prosperity" depends on the safety of objects placed in it, the art of working equipment.

Laying the floor from boards

Actual question "For what reason should be used for laying the floor tree?" The answer lies in its advantages over other materials:

  1. as a natural, environmentally friendly, no dangerous health components
  2. not sensitive to acidic elements, oily substances, bases containing gasoline (petrol in garages often spilled on the floor and can corrode the surface coating or leaving nasty stains).
  3. Excellent property fire
  4. hydroresistant
  5. Low cost material purchases
  6. Availability
  7. loads Endurance.Can bear the weight of cars and pressure from the equipment stored in the garage
  8. Tree favorably refers to a variety of stains and dirt.Sometimes enough to wipe the surface with a cloth and spilled liquid is gone

Wood has a huge number of benefits

Building the right floor in the garage:
the choice of material

Run floor construction can absolutely everyone.It is not necessary to involve a specialist and pay for quality.It is important to carefully read the list of the necessary measures.They are as follows:

  1. selection boards.Material selection should be based on quality, durability, reliability and suitable tree
  2. breed When you buy should ask prior storage material term how damage and influences he had been

    Signs of poor quality flooring

  3. surface of the boards, having perfectly smooth features, is considered appropriate.It is important to examine the presence of errors and cracks
  4. Select board should be two meters that do not require mashing and grinding
  5. surface Apply a tree antiseptic

    For the safety of the tree structure is to treat the surface with antiseptic boards

quality wooden floor on

fingers In the absence of a solid foundation of concreteYou can create your own, no less durable option.It is necessary to align the shovel earth, pour sand into 3 cm thick.Make stone flooring.You can use the gravel or expanded clay.Generously cover with water and thoroughly fix the flooring.

Preparatory work

The next step is the construction lags.They are wooden installation, keep all outdoor construction.It is recommended to use a straight board to the floor in order to avoid re-sanding the surface during finishing.All wood construction is better treated with a solution to protect the structure from damage.
installation Rule lags - perpendicular to the floor structure.

Material thickness flooring; - 5 centimeters.Such boards strength to withstand the load of the vehicle.

The thickness of the boards must be 5 centimeters

All wooden materials should carefully handle an antiseptic agent that eliminates the appearance of mold and mildew.For the final painting of the surface used linseed oil and paint it a shade is selected individually.

Ready floor in the garage