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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wooden windows with glass : a new lifestyle

Materials and construction of wooden double-glazed windows

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mass resettlement of the Russian middle class on the nature and excessive environmental boom brought back to life many forgotten natural materials and structural elements of the elite suburban buildings.Plastic and metal profiles with double-glazed windows were dusty cities, the soul again demanded relatives of wooden windows, but quite a different quality level.

device types of wooden windows:

  1. main window profiles;
  2. single chamber or double-glass;
  3. wooden bead;
  4. colorless silicone sealant;
  5. polyurethane sealant thermal and acoustic insulation;
  6. sealing contour of the hollow rubber tubes;
  7. drainage from aluminum.

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The assembled a wooden window with double or triple glazing not only provides an absolute protection of all its structural elements, but also guarantees you a reliable insulation from cold air outside noise, dust, and natural disasters.

wooden windows are made basically of the three types of wood (pine, larch,

oak) and their derivatives glued, with prices of such products, even in the simplest models is about three times higher than that of plastic counterparts.For information: simple hollow window unit size 1500h1200 mm, made of pine 3 categories can be 11.7 and 17.6 thousand the oak version.Note that the properties of these woods a little comparable, so the surcharge for valuable species makes economic sense.

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Advantages and disadvantages of wooden windows with double-glazed

  • lifetime.Wooden frames centuries passed the test to which triple-glazed windows and a three-chambered plastic still live and grow.Suhl photo, modern technology made it possible to solve many problems of our old windows, providing reliable thermal, acoustic and waterproofing of premises.
  • Environmental cleanliness.It is now a lot of talk, but the return to natural materials in a new design and engineering design of objects around us frankly pleases.
  • Mechanical and technical characteristics.Wood has the lowest thermal conductivity among the materials used in the manufacture of window frames.Specific design weight is small, and the surface mechanical strength higher than that of plastic.
  • interior and exterior design.The aesthetic quality of wood windows, made with a decorative layout, especially for glazing porch, balcony or porch, perfectly visible in the photo.But the usual city apartment, too, has something to show off to friends.
  • certain negativity can only call the economic side of the issue.We have already said that the average price for comparable units (say 1500h800) wood and PVC, respectively, equal to 2800 and 6500 rubles.

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What to look for when purchasing and installing

Here are some simple guidelines that will help you make the right choice of wooden double-glazed window and then regret the money spent.

  • Decide on the conditions in which your new window will be "live".House for permanent residence with good heating and winter-frozen cottage - two big differences.Wood does not like when it is subjected to large fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
  • Choose the best in quality material (costs will be repaid).For the majority of Russian regions is ideal larch, in economy class - quality pine windows, for example, such as in the photo.
  • Check out the photo galleries of the leading manufacturers and choose the design of the future of wooden windows with double-glazed windows for your home.
  • Pay attention to detail: furniture, window sill, layout, transoms.The presence of low tide, the seals, the slope required.The quality of these components will depend on the reliability and longevity of your glass.
  • installation of glass better leave it to professionals, but before that, try to understand how such work can be done by hand.It will be easier to control the process.

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