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August 12, 2017 18:07

The composite metal tiles

What is a composite tile: specifications

design of complex products in the technological performance, but has almost eternal lifetime.Best roofing modern designers have not yet invented.Let's try to take it apart into its component parts.

  1. basis for your future roof is a profiled steel sheet with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.9 mm.Metal used special strength, product profile provides two important, though, at first glance, and incompatible characteristics: rigidity of the assembled roof at a certain plasticity of the individual elements.
  2. is followed by a layer of aluminum-zinc compound coating composition which everyone has his own producer.Choose a medium: aluminum - 55, zinc - 43, and silicon - 2%.Functions such coverage are clear: anti-corrosion layer, cathodic protection on the sections.The effectiveness of the application of protective layers on the steel profile composite shingles proved 50 years of experience leading companies and is beyond doubt.The thickness antioksidnoy film is only 20 microns (
    total flow rate 190 g / m2).
  3. polymers (usually acrylic primer) on each side of the composite tile - insurance for aluminum and zinc.Spraying may be only 5 microns, but works fine.
    In fact, at this stage of the production cycle, we have the usual metal roofing, which is dyed in a happy set our vacationers.

Composite tiles: design and price

With reliability and durability of its roof in a country house, you've already decided it's time to think about the price and the aesthetics of the engineering structure.Note the photo showing, it might look like composite shingles on the roof of your country house.

The composite metal tiles

We do not encourage you to buy a house, but even in a normal villa and horticultural life beautiful, practical and durable roof of his home has never stopped anyone.Exterior is achieved in a simple manner: an additional layer of acrylate on the outer side of the sheet serves as the basis for basalt aggregate, dyed manufacturers in the most intricate color.Granules of natural stone, covered with another layer of icing, make roofing:

  • immune protection against any weather;even acid rain with hail break the surface layer of the composite shingles are not able (meteorites are not taken into account);
  • guaranteed corrosion-resistant coating, which passed severe tests in aggressive environments;to our climatic conditions and polluted suburban areas the quality is very significant;
  • resistant barrier to ultraviolet light, which on sunny summer months, it is important not only for the owners but also for the roof under which they spend their leisure time;
  • the envy of its neighbors;nothing to be done: psychological clichés.

shades Selecting any collection of the leading manufacturers of composite shingles is enormous, so the designs of the future roof tradition we trust women.Scroll to the collection sites, and you will find in the photo is not only my favorite color, but if you want even liked the profile sheet and tile the texture of its surface.The technical side of the issue can be discussed later, and the final payments to professionals.

The composite metal tiles

We should not forget that any construction begins stage of the preliminary estimates for the materials.The main issue: the cost of a new roof of this remarkable composite shingles.

What composite shingles choose

Summarize responses on the forums quite difficult, composite shingles offer from various manufacturers rolls, price ranges, too.We have tried to make the top 3 most frequently mentioned in a review, brands sold in Russia at reasonable prices and with the widest range of products in this class.

  1. Composite tiles MetroTile (Belgium), which is actively spreading the Russian trading companies.Calling these products can not be completely perfect, but, in the opinion of consumers on the forums is it best suits their needs.Lineup - 8 items.Specifications vary within the width of the sheet 410-415 mm, length 1165 - 1330 profile height 37 -55.The average useful area of ​​the element - 0,45 m2.Price MetroTile composite shingles ranges from 600-800 rubles / pcs, but the most popular is the cheapest variation -.. Brand Metrobond.
  2. Gerard Roofing sheets (New Zealand).The oldest company successfully exports its products to 120 countries.The range Gerard 6 types of composite tiles in 12 colors (there are plenty to choose from), and on the Russian sites prices start from 412, and close to 551 rub. / Pcs.Dimensions 1320h410 element.Composite tiles Gerard is currently the best option when negotiating the price and quality of the raw material (the life) of roofing.
  3. Composite tiles LUXARD.Conventionally, the Russian production, since most of the components manufacturers will inevitably have to buy in the West.The main suppliers are Technonikol Corporation.The collection of 5 types of tiles, the prices of which are close to the import composites (404-451 rub. Per Unit. Commensurate with the area).As you can see, the price variation is very small.

Finally allow yourself a few simple tips:

  • decided to change the roof, buy materials now falling reserve currencies;
  • keep in mind that large retail chains have gained excess inventory and gladly give any discount;
  • finally lay the composite tile is best in the summer;less of a problem for builders and inhabitants of a country house.

Simply put, buy on time and cheap to carry out work involves professionals, then your roof will protect not only you, but your grandchildren.