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August 12, 2017 18:07

Construction of the roof on the barn : a simple and effective assembly instruction

scheme building on the barn rafters

first created the scheme of the shed, measured area of ​​the roof and then purchased materials.The area is calculated by a simple formula:
S = 2 * (x * y)
S denotes the total area of ​​the roof of the barn
x, y - the width, the length of the room's walls
This formula is used in the simple scheme of the roof of the barn, which has a small slope.When mnogoskatnoy roof requires the use of more complex calculations.
For the installation of the roof will need the following tools and materials:

  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Piles of wood with section 4 of 12 5 of 5 centimeters
  • boards required size

Materials for the construction of the roof

Construction rafters happens so:

  1. mounted Truss.Its board should be firmly fixed on the edge of the roof.They have taken over the width of the shed, plus the length of half a meter eaves
    Installation of rafter installation
  2. following is nailed boards
  3. will need to install at the truss of the wooden crate.Its assembly extends across the rafter boards barn
    crates contained in the presentation video on the n
    ext tab:
  4. Distance obreshetochnyh boards is chosen depending on the type of the most crates.When a sparse interval is half a meter
  5. crate placed on roof decking
    Roof selected in accordance with the developer

What material is used for the roof of the shed?

roofing slate is one of the most common options.It features low cost and long-term use.The negative point is aesthetically pleasing.

The roof of the shed

Follow the instructions on the construction of a slate roof barn:

  1. Purchase nails under the slate
  2. Put slate layers on the bottom edge of the roof, move gradually upward
  3. Do not put slate butt.Laying - lap (about 30 centimeters)
  4. Organize cornices, cautionary damage to walls from rain and wind.Overhang of the roof of a barn at a rate of half a meter.

barn roof from a metal tile

possible variant of use metal.Its properties:

  • strength
  • Ease independent coating
  • Aesthetics
  • presence of a large number of colors

process of fixing metal passes screws with sealing washers.
start putting stuff on the roof of the barn is better with lower-left corner of the building.The layers are attached to the left to the right, following the overlap to remove the barn getting wet.Upon completion of the work on the roof of the shed grounding is necessary.
choosing metal roofing, it is worth remembering about the absence of its insulation.

Quality barn roof covered with roofing material

When laying roofing material on the roof of the barn should be remembered that under the soft types of roof mounted only solid crate.Avoid sagging roof can, decking roofing material in several layers (5 is best).

  1. originally must be removed from the roof of the small dirt
  2. Switch for heating gas burner
  3. With its help to warm the surface of roofing
  4. Reheat material gradually turning roll
  5. The roof is made from the bottom up the inside, molten, surface
  6. Avoid air entrapment andthe formation of bubbles in the roof
  7. Follow this scheme with other layers

note: it is not necessary to lay roofing material overlap in order to avoid unaesthetic appearance of the roof.The choice of roofing

mother to shed selected individually.These options do well with their tasks, and will protect the building from leaks.

Following all the rules , the roof of the barn will meet all expectations

Detailed installation of the roof on the video in the next tab: